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Best Wedding Venues in Colorado: The Stanley Hotel

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The Stanley Hotel, located in Colorado, is renowned for its picturesque beauty and historical charm, making it one of the best wedding venues in the region. Its stunning architecture, breathtaking views, and impeccable service create an unforgettable experience for couples looking to tie the knot in a truly extraordinary setting.

History of The Stanley Hotel

Built in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley, The Stanley Hotel holds a rich history that adds to its allure. The hotel has served as a prominent landmark in Estes Park, Colorado, and has hosted numerous notable guests throughout the years. Its fascinating past and timeless elegance make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a wedding venue with a touch of grandeur.

The Charming Setting of The Stanley Hotel

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, The Stanley Hotel offers a captivating backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The natural beauty surrounding the venue enhances the romantic atmosphere, creating an enchanting ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on guests. From the manicured gardens to the sweeping views of the Colorado landscape, every aspect of The Stanley Hotel exudes charm and elegance.

Wedding Venues at The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel boasts a variety of stunning wedding venues to suit different preferences and party sizes. Whether couples envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the hotel has options to accommodate their needs.

1. The Concert Hall

The Concert Hall is a popular choice for couples who desire a majestic and elegant space for their wedding ceremony. With its high ceilings, ornate detailing, and exquisite craftsmanship, the Concert Hall offers a sense of opulence and grandeur. The venue can comfortably seat a large number of guests, ensuring that everyone can witness the couple’s union in style.

2. The MacGregor Ballroom

For couples dreaming of a classic and sophisticated ballroom wedding, The MacGregor Ballroom is an excellent choice. The ballroom features timeless decor, including crystal chandeliers and intricate moldings. Its spacious layout can accommodate both the wedding ceremony and reception, creating a seamless flow between the two events.

3. The Pavilion

Ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, The Pavilion provides a picturesque setting with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Exchange vows under a beautifully decorated gazebo while the stunning scenery serves as a backdrop. The Pavilion offers a romantic and intimate atmosphere, perfect for couples who appreciate nature’s beauty.

4. The Veranda

The Veranda is a charming outdoor space that combines rustic charm with modern amenities. With its cozy fireplace and comfortable seating, it provides an intimate setting for smaller weddings and cocktail receptions. The Veranda’s relaxed ambiance and breathtaking views make it a sought-after choice for couples seeking an outdoor wedding experience.

Catering and Services

The Stanley Hotel offers an exceptional culinary experience for wedding celebrations. Their talented team of chefs specializes in creating delectable menus tailored to the couple’s preferences. Whether couples desire a formal plated dinner or a more casual buffet-style reception, the hotel’s catering services ensure that every culinary aspect of the wedding is flawless.

In addition to catering, The Stanley Hotel provides comprehensive wedding planning services. Their experienced event coordinators assist couples in every step of the planning process, ensuring that all details are meticulously taken care of. From selecting vendors to coordinating timelines, their professional team works closely with couples to bring their vision to life.

Accommodations for Guests

As a luxury hotel, The Stanley Hotel offers comfortable and elegant accommodations for wedding guests. The hotel features a range of room options, including spacious suites and cozy guest rooms, allowing guests to relax and indulge in the hotel’s amenities. The well-appointed accommodations provide a comfortable retreat for guests before and after the wedding festivities.

Activities and Attractions

Apart from the wedding celebrations, The Stanley Hotel offers a plethora of activities and attractions for couples and their guests. Located near Rocky Mountain National Park, guests can explore the park’s breathtaking trails, take scenic drives, or enjoy wildlife sightings. The hotel also provides various recreational amenities, including a spa, fitness center, and outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding.

Tips for Planning a Wedding at The Stanley Hotel

  1. Book in advance: The Stanley Hotel is a popular wedding venue, so it’s advisable to secure your preferred date well in advance.
  2. Visit the venue: Schedule a visit to experience the charm and ambiance of The Stanley Hotel firsthand and discuss your wedding plans with their event coordinators.
  3. Customize your menu: Take advantage of the hotel’s culinary expertise by creating a personalized menu that reflects your tastes and preferences. If you contact Candid Studios Photography and Videography we will help you build a schedule a wedding timeline from start to finish.
  4. Consider nearby accommodations: In addition to The Stanley Hotel, explore nearby lodging options to accommodate all your guests comfortably.
  5. Embrace the surroundings: Incorporate the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains into your wedding decor and theme to enhance the overall experience.


The Stanley Hotel in Colorado offers a truly magical setting for weddings, combining historical charm, breathtaking landscapes, and exceptional service. With its range of elegant venues, dedicated event coordinators, and luxurious accommodations, couples can create an unforgettable wedding experience for themselves and their guests. Say “I do” amidst the beauty of the Rocky Mountains at The Stanley Hotel, where dreams become reality.


1. Can I have both the ceremony and reception at The Stanley Hotel?

Absolutely! The Stanley Hotel offers versatile venues that can accommodate both the ceremony and reception, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for you and your guests.

2. Is there parking available for wedding guests?

Yes, The Stanley Hotel provides ample parking spaces for wedding guests, ensuring convenience and ease of access.

3. Can The Stanley Hotel assist with wedding planning and vendor recommendations?

Yes, The Stanley Hotel has experienced event coordinators who can guide you through the entire planning process and recommend trusted vendors to make your wedding day truly special. We recommend checking out our recommended vendor listing for some additional information and insight.

4. Are there activities for guests to enjoy during their stay?

Yes, guests can indulge in various activities, including exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, enjoying spa services, and engaging in outdoor adventures like hiking and horseback riding.

5. How far in advance should I book my wedding at The Stanley Hotel?

It is recommended to book your wedding at The Stanley Hotel as early as possible, as dates tend to fill up quickly due to its popularity as a wedding venue.

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