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A family of four posing outdoors in coordinated outfits with a scenic backdrop.

10 Stunning Family Photo Outfit Ideas For Family Pictures

A family of four posing outdoors in coordinated outfits with a scenic backdrop.

Deciding what to wear for family photos can be stressful, but knowing the perfect outfit ideas can make the process easier. We understand—picking outfits that make everyone look their best isn’t easy. After countless family photo sessions, we’ve gathered some valuable tips.

In this article, we share 10 stunning outfit ideas to simplify your next family photo session. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Choose complementary colors for balanced family photos. Avoid overly bright or clashing shades to let smiles shine; consider outfits for your family that complement each other.
  • Mix textures like denim, knit, and cotton for added depth and warmth. Layering outfits can create a dynamic look in pictures, which is ideal when deciding what to wear in family photos.
  • Select seasonal colors: warm oranges and browns for fall; soft pastels for spring.
  • Use bold patterns selectively during festive holidays while opting for solid hues to keep the focus on faces.
  • Enhance outfits with subtle accessories like jewelry, scarves, and matching shoes to tie everything together seamlessly.

Coordinating Colors for a Harmonious Look

A family of four in coordinated outfits poses in a green park.

We should pick colors that look good together for our family photos, ensuring they are the perfect outfits for your family. Let’s skip bright or clashing shades, so our outfits don’t steal the show from our smiles.

Opt for complementary colors

Choosing complementary colors creates a balanced family photo. Green Mommy + Me dresses pair well with green bow ties for boys. Hunter green velvet dresses from Ivy City Co. offer a classy look, especially for Christmas.


Black works well with all backdrops.


Matching outfits enhance the picture’s overall feel. For fun and practical pictures, go for matching Christmas pajamas like red and green stripes or Target’s gray striped sets.

Avoid overly bright or clashing colors

Bright colors and clashing shades can distract in family photos. Stick to soft, neutral tones like beige, cream, or gray for a timeless look. Floral dresses with solid color accents work well too for a family session.

We always suggest avoiding neon yellows or intense reds as they compete for attention.

Instead of bright hues, select complementary colors that blend well together. For example, if dad wears blue jeans and a light shirt, others could wear muted shades like khaki or soft pinks.

This way everyone looks cohesive without overwhelming the photo.

Incorporating Textures and Layers

Add textures and layers for a fun look. Try pairing denim with cotton or knit fabrics.

Mix textures like denim, knit, and cotton

Denim jackets, soft knit sweaters, and cotton shirts create a balanced family photo outfit. Denim adds a classic touch that works well with virtually anything. Knit pieces bring warmth and coziness to the pictures.

Cotton keeps it airy and light for the rest of the family.

We love using textures like ruffles, ties, scarves, and vests for added depth. Imagine pairing rust-colored pants with a khaki shirt and denim jacket… stunning! These fabrics together make photos visually interesting without overwhelming the eye.

Layer outfits for a dynamic look

Layers can make our family pictures pop! Adding jackets, vests, or cardigans to outfits creates depth. We might choose a denim jacket over a floral dress for mom and a cozy sweater for dad.


Layering brings both style and warmth.


Think about using mix-and-match layers on the kids too. A button-up shirt under a knit sweater looks sharp on boys. Girls may shine in layered skirts with tights. This not only adds texture but also keeps everyone comfy for outdoor shoots!

Seasonal Inspiration for Outfits

Look at the season for outfit ideas. Choose warm tones in fall and light colors in spring.

Fall: Warm oranges, browns, and creams

Warm oranges, browns, and creams create the perfect fall family photo outfits. Let’s choose rust sweaters for some of us and cream tops for others. Brown pants work well with this color palette too.

Ivy City Co.’s holiday plaid sets in red and navy might add a festive touch if desired.

Our outfits should blend while keeping it comfy yet stylish. Think khaki pants paired with denim jackets or cardigans in these colors. We can mix textures like corduroy pants or knit scarves for added flair, sure to make our family photos pop against autumn backgrounds.

Spring: Soft pastels and light fabrics

Light pastels are perfect for spring family photos. Soft blues and pinks look great in pictures. Try wearing blue floral dresses or an amber floral shirred dress by Ivy City Co. These colors add a romantic touch to our outfits.

Choose light fabrics like cotton or linen. They keep us cool and comfortable during the session. Flowy dresses and solid color accents make everyone stand out without overwhelming the photo’s focus on faces.

Patterns vs. Solids

Patterns and solids can set your family photo apart. Bold patterns add flair, while solid colors keep the focus on faces.

When to choose bold patterns

Bold patterns shine in family photos during fun holidays or themed sessions. They suit times like Christmas when everyone is going to wear matching pajamas. Ivy City Co.’s holiday plaid set in red and navy is a great choice for festive snaps.

Patterns also work well if one person stands out while others wear neutral colors. This ensures the focus remains balanced on all faces without any distractions from overly bright or clashing colors.

Opting for solids to keep focus on faces

Bold patterns can stand out, but solid colors keep the focus on faces, making them perfect outfits for your family. Family picture outfits look best with simple, solid hues. Floral dresses and solid color accents create a romantic vibe.

Solid colors don’t distract from our expressions in family photoshoots, making them great outfits for family pictures. Black velvet Mommy and Me Christmas dresses or floral maxi dress with burgundy accents are great options for any season.

These choices make sure all eyes are on us, making for memorable family portraits.

Accessories to Enhance the Outfits

Accessories can make our outfits pop. Think about adding hats, belts, or cozy scarves for a special touch.

Subtle jewelry and scarves

We can add a touch of elegance to our family photo outfits with subtle jewelry and scarves. Think delicate necklaces, small earrings, or thin bracelets. A light scarf can also bring color without stealing the spotlight.

Simple pieces work best for everyone in the family. They help us look polished and let our faces shine in the pictures. Matching shoes can tie it all together for a cohesive appearance.

This attention to detail makes a big difference in how our photos turn out!

Matching shoes for a cohesive appearance

Shoes can tie outfits together. Matching shoes make everyone look connected. For a Christmas photo, black velvet heels for moms and matching bow ties for dads work well.

Try burgundy or wine-colored shoes to complement matching Mommy + Me dresses. If you want a fun feel, choose matching Christmas pajamas and slippers for the whole family.


Choosing the right outfits can make family photos amazing. Try different textures and layers for a rich look. Pick colors that match each other and fit the season. Consider patterns or solids to highlight faces.

Use simple accessories to complete the style.


Q: What are some popular family photo outfit ideas?

A: Some popular family photo outfit ideas include coordinating colors, neutral color palettes, wearing fall colors like khaki and florals, and choosing outfits with patterns.

Q: How should I plan outfits for a family photoshoot?

A: When planning outfits for a family photoshoot, consider coordinating colors, choosing a theme or color palette, and making sure everyone’s clothing complements each other.

Q: What are some best colors to wear for family pictures?

A: Some best colors to wear for family pictures are earth tones, pastels, and colors that complement each other such as blues, greens, and neutrals.

Q: Should everyone in the family wear the same color in photos?

A: While everyone wearing the same color can create a cohesive look, it is not necessary. Coordinating colors or a color palette can also create a unified and visually appealing family photo.

Q: What should I consider when choosing outfits for a family photoshoot?

A: When choosing outfits for a family photoshoot, consider the location, season, and style preferences of each family member and coordinate outfits around these factors. Opt for comfortable yet stylish clothing that reflects your family’s personality, ensuring everyone is looking for what to wear.

Q: How can I make sure our family outfits look cohesive in photos?

A: To make sure your family outfits look cohesive in photos, choose a color scheme or theme and coordinate outfits based on that. Avoid clashing patterns or colors that may distract from the overall look.

Q: What type of outfits are ideal for a fall family photo shoot?

A: Ideal outfits for a fall family photo shoot include layers, textures, and fall colors such as rust, mustard, burgundy, and olive, which are great family picture outfit ideas. Cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots can add a seasonal touch to your family photos.

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