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A family of four poses in coordinating outfits for a photo in a park.

Tips On What To Wear For Family Photos and Outfits To Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot In 2024

A family of four poses in coordinating outfits for a photo in a park.

Choosing outfits for a family photo shoot can be quite stressful, and we totally get it. Especially if you need to wear a bra that complements your outfit, check your pinterest board for style tips. That’s why we’ve put together some expert tips to help everyone look fantastic and feel at ease during the family photoshoot. Whether it’s a fancy dress or casual attire, we’ll help you choose the right look.

Our guide covers everything from selecting the right colors to smart accessorizing. Let’s make your next family session truly unforgettable!

Key Takeaways

  • Choose colors that complement each other and avoid matching exactly, especially when deciding what to wear for a family photo. Neutral shades like ivory, olive green, and pastel hues work best for spring and summer; richer tones suit autumn photos.
  • Dress according to the season and location of the photo shoot. Light fabrics are ideal for hot days or beach settings while darker tones fit urban scenes.
  • Add layers and mix textures such as knit sweaters or linen dresses to create depth in your outfits. Avoid clothes with large logos, which can distract from the overall look.
  • Prioritize comfort by picking well-fitting clothes that allow easy movement. Comfortable shoes help everyone feel at ease during the shoot.
  • Select simple accessories like small stud earrings or plain belts to keep focus on family members rather than on flashy items.

Choosing the Right Colors and Patterns

A beautiful garden filled with colorful flowers posted on Facebook in 2019.

We should pick colors that look good together. A pop of pattern can make the photo fun and unique.

Neutral and natural shades

Neutral and natural shades look great in family photos. Colors like ivory, light cream, olive green, and pastel hues work well for spring and summer family photography. Richer colors such as mustard, teal, rusts, claret, camel, taupe are fitting for autumn photo sessions.


Less is more when it comes to color choice, says our favorite family photographer.


Choosing these shades flatters everyone without overpowering the scene, enhancing the usual style you’re wearing. They help create a classic look that never feels outdated. Wearing a dress can also enhance this timeless appeal.

Coordinate but avoid matching exactly

Let’s coordinate our outfits, but avoid matching exactly. Matching can look stiff and overly planned, unlike the effortless look from what you usually wear. Instead, we should aim for a cohesive appearance. Choose colors that complement each other rather than wearing the same color.

For instance, if one person wears a pink dress, others can wear neutral shades like beige or gray.

It’s fun to mix in subtle patterns too. Just be mindful of what is best avoided, such as overly busy prints. Imagine one family member in a floral dress while the rest of us stick to solid colors. This keeps things balanced and visually interesting without clashing prints everywhere.

By doing this, our photo will have variety but still feel well put together. For a maternity shoot, this tip is especially useful.

Feature a pattern subtly

We can pick one person to wear a striped shirt or floral dress. This adds interest without overwhelming the photo. Everyone else should wear solid colors that match the chosen pattern.

Adding textures like knit sweaters or vest will make the whole picture more dynamic. It’s best to avoid clothes with large logos since they draw too much attention.

Considering the Season and Location

We should dress for the weather. Choose clothes that match the location of our photo shoot, reflecting your personal style from your pinterest board or what you usually wear.

Dress for the weather

Choose clothes that fit the weather. If it’s autumn or winter, avoid white tights, and go for darker colors instead. Make sure your clothing is warm enough for cold days. For hot days, wear light fabrics to stay cool.

Try on outfits beforehand to ensure they allow easy movement and no undergarments are visible during the photoshoot. It’s vital children’s trousers fit well and cover their nappy completely.

– Style according to the photo shoot location

Style according to the photo shoot location

For a beach shoot, we should wear light and flowy clothes. Avoid bright colors like neon that clash with nature when deciding what to wear. Soft pastels or white look amazing against the sand and sea.

In urban settings, think chic but casual, especially when deciding what to wear for a family photo. Use your pinterest board for inspiration. Jeans with nice blouses work well, especially with florals to add an elegant touch. Darker shades blend nicely with city landscapes, complementing whatever you’re wearing. For park shoots, pick earthy tones and simple patterns to match the greenery around us.

Layering and Textures

We can add layers to make our outfits look interesting. Mixing different fabrics gives photos more depth.

Add layers to create depth

Adding layers to your outfit creates depth and interest. We can mix things like jackets, scarves, or knits. This makes our outfits stand out in photos. For an outdoor family shoot, try a light sweater over a dress or pair of leggings with a long cardigan, as you would normally wear.

Incorporate different textures for more dynamic looks, like adding a romper or floral patterns. Think of ideas for what to wear to help guide your outfit choices. Soft fabrics like cotton pairs well with what you’re wearing. Mixed with chunky knits or smooth leather jackets, these can be great ideas for what to wear to your next family shoot. These combinations add visual appeal without taking away from the main subjects: us!

Incorporate textures for a dynamic look

To make your family portraits pop, try adding texture with fabrics like linen, wool, or lace. These materials photograph really well and give depth to the picture. A flowy dress in a plain color can look stunning against a natural backdrop. This is a great idea for what to wear for both maternity and regular shoots.

Layering clothes also helps add texture. Think of wearing a cardigan over a blouse or adding a scarf. For maternity shoots, layering can be particularly flattering. This not only creates interest but makes you look more dynamic in the family photoshoot, showcasing what you normally wear.

especially useful during fall family shoots! Dress for the weather next—being comfortable ensures natural poses!

Comfort and Fit

We should pick clothes that fit us well. Comfortable outfits will help us pose naturally during the shoot.

Choose clothes that fit well

Clothes that fit well make a huge difference in family photos. Pick outfits that hug your body nicely but aren’t too tight. This is best avoided, especially in a maternity or newborn photo shoot. Tight t-shirts can look awkward, and down jackets add bulk.

Also, avoid white tights for cooler seasons like autumn or winter; darker colors work best. Choose pieces allowing easy movement to help you feel relaxed during the photoshoot. Your comfort matters as it shows in natural poses and smiles. If you wear glasses, consider the reflection in photos for a more natural look.

Prioritize comfort to ease natural poses

We need to choose clothes that fit well and are comfortable. This helps everyone feel at ease, which makes natural poses easier during the shoot. Comfortable shoes are a must! Avoid new ones to prevent blisters.

Children fuss less with fewer outfit changes. Pick soft fabrics that breathe—the whole family will thank you for it later. Soft cottons or stretchy materials work best for adults and kids alike. Maternity options in these materials are also very comfortable.

Accessories and Footwear

Small accessories can add a nice touch to your outfits. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and fit the setting.

Select understated accessories

Choose simple jewelry like small stud earrings and delicate bracelets. This keeps the focus on us, not the baubles. Scarves can add a splash of color without being too bold. If you usually wear glasses, choose frames that complement your outfit colors.

classic watch or plain belt works well for men. Avoid large bags and hats that hide our faces. Use items you usually wear to stay consistent with your style. Less is more with accessories; it makes photos timeless.

Choose appropriate footwear

Let’s discuss footwear for your family photoshoot. Choosing comfortable shoes prevents blisters. Avoid brand new shoes; you want to wear ones that are comfortable and broken in. This will help you move easily and feel natural during the shoot.

Consider the weather and location too. Wellies work great for kids in autumn or winter photoshoots. Choose neutral shades to blend seamlessly with outfits but avoid overly flashy colors or styles that might draw unwanted attention to your feet instead of your faces in those precious family moments!


We can make family photo shoots fun and memorable. Choose clothes that fit well, feel comfy, and look stylish. Layering adds depth; textures add charm. Simple accessories work best, especially when deciding what to wear. Try to incorporate items you normally wear.

Consider the location and season too. Whether it’s an in-home shoot or outdoors, adapt your usual style. Finally, everyone should feel their best in their outfits! Whether it’s something you usually wear or a special choice, comfort is key.


Q: What should we wear for a family photo shoot in 2024?

A: It’s best to choose outfits that coordinate but don’t match exactly. Opt for a mix of colors and textures that complement each other.

Q: How can I prepare my family for a photo session?

A: Make sure everyone is comfortable in their outfit choices and feel confident. You can also coordinate colors and styles beforehand.

Q: Should we all wear fancy dresses for the photo shoot?

A: Fancy dresses are not necessary, but opt for outfits that make you feel good and reflect your personal style.

Q: Can I wear glasses during the family photo shoot?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to wear glasses if that’s a part of your everyday look.

Q: What are some clothing ideas for an outdoor family photo shoot?

A: Choose outfits that are suitable for the location and weather. Flowy dresses, linen shirts, and comfortable trousers are good options.

Q: Do I need to book a session with a family photographer in advance?

A: Yes, it’s recommended to book your family photo session in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

Q: Any tips for maternity clothing for a family photo shoot?

A: Opt for outfits that flatter your baby bump and make you feel comfortable and confident. Flowy dresses and tops work well.

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