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14 of The Best Denver Photoshoot Locations in 2024

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A couple embracing in Larimer Square under string lights.
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    Discover The Best Denver Photoshoot Locations For Your Next Session

    A stunning sunrise over Red Rocks Amphitheater captured with a wide-angle lens.

    A stunning sunrise over Red Rocks Amphitheater captured with a wide-angle lens.
    A stunning sunrise over Red Rocks Amphitheater captured with a wide-angle lens.

    Choosing the ideal setting for your next photoshoot in Denver feels daunting, right? We completely understand the struggle—you’re tirelessly scrolling through options, yet nothing strikes that chord of excitement.

    But fret not! After exploring many spots and blending urban vibes with Nature’s elegance, we’ve handpicked various locations to frame your memorable moments perfectly.

    So, let’s embark on this visual journey together; our guide is brimming with enchanting nooks and breathtaking vistas that’ll stir emotions and etch your experiences in time. Ready to be wowed? Let’s dive in!

    Key Takeaways

    • Denver offers a mix of urban and natural photoshoot locations, like the historic Union Station and the serene Washington Park.
    • Unique spots such as RiNo Art District and International Church of Cannabis provide colorful murals for vibrant backgrounds and are among Denver’s best places to take pictures.
    • Some locations may require permits, so planning is essential to secure the perfect spot.
    • Hidden gems around Denver include Larimer Square, with its twinkling lights, and Officer’s Gulch, with mountain views, offering great photo opportunities in the city.
    • Variety is vital in Denver, from the artistic settings at the Denver Selfie Museum to nature-filled scenes at Red Rocks Park.

    Denver’s Top Photoshoot Locations

    A couple embracing in Larimer Square under string lights.
    A couple embracing in Larimer Square under string lights.
    A couple embracing in Larimer Square under string lights.

    We know you’re on the hunt for that perfect spot to capture your love story and trust us—Denver’s got a treasure trove of locales just waiting to frame your memories. From the historic charm of Union Station to the natural beauty that sprawls across Washington Park, each backdrop promises photos as unique and vibrant as your relationship.


    1. Union Station

    The grand facade of Union Station captured with a wide-angle lens.

    The grand facade of Union Station captured with a wide-angle lens.
    The grand facade of Union Station captured with a wide-angle lens.

    Union Station is a perfect backdrop for your special moments. Its elegant architecture combines the charm of history with sleek, modern design. Imagine you and your partner against the grandeur of this iconic spot – it’s no wonder Union Station is among Denver’s top ten Instagrammable places.

    Let’s capture timeless memories in a place that has stood the test of time. You’ll find endless photo opportunities both inside and out. The station’s beautiful design adds a touch of class to any photoshoot, creating images as lasting as your love for each other.

    Plus, its central location means we can easily explore other stunning sights around Mile High City after snapping those gorgeous shots by the tracks!

    2. Commons Park


    A wide-angle shot of lush greenery at Commons Park for nature photography.
    A wide-angle shot of lush greenery at Commons Park for nature photography.
    A wide-angle shot of lush greenery at Commons Park for nature photography.

    Let’s head to Commons Park, nestled right in the heart of Denver. This spot is a dream for us with its lush lawns and towering trees – it’s like Mother Nature rolled out her green carpet just for our photoshoots! Imagine exchanging sweet glances on the iconic Millennium Bridge; it frames every shot perfectly with sleek lines against the Denver skyline.

    We need to check if we require a permit here. Some places ask for one, and we’d hate to be turned away when we’re all dolled up and ready for those magical shots. Once our backdrop at Commons Park has captured our love story, why not add an urban twist at RiNo Art District? It’s next on our list, offering bold colors and striking murals as unique canvases for our memories.

    3. RiNo Art District

    We know how unique your engagement is, and finding the perfect backdrop for your photoshoot adds to that magic. RiNo Art District stands out with its stunning murals and urban charm.

    Its colorful walls breathe life into every photo, creating memories as vibrant as the art itself. Imagine walking hand-in-hand past trendy bars and unique galleries, each corner offering a new canvas for love.

    The RiNo Art District isn’t just another spot on the map; it’s a haven for couples who want their love story told against an artistic tapestry. Photographers adore this area because it mixes modern architecture with street art flair, ensuring every shot is uniquely yours.

    Capturing moments here means forever having a piece of Denver’s creative heart in your album.

    4. Washington Park

    After exploring the vibrant murals in RiNo, let’s head to the peacefulness of Washington Park. This spot is perfect for capturing love in every photo. Picture yourselves walking hand-in-hand by the lake or stealing a kiss near the boat house.

    The flower gardens offer a rainbow of backdrops for that dreamy engagement session. It’s no wonder Washington Park is on every Denver photographer’s list!

    Remember, planning can save time because some spots might need a permit. With its versatile landscapes, Washington Park gives us plenty of options to create stunning images you’ll treasure forever.

    Whether under the shade of old trees or among blossoming flowers, your love story deserves this beautiful setting. Let’s make magic happen here!

    5. Denver Botanic Gardens

    The Denver Botanic Gardens is where we’ll capture your love among year-round blooms and serene landscapes. Picture yourselves strolling through gardens filled with native and exotic plants, nestled right here in the heart of Denver.

    It’s perfect for creating diverse photo albums with its array of backdrops. You can pose by colorful flower beds, under shady trees, or along dreamy water features.

    Parking is easy, so you’re off to a stress-free start on your photoshoot adventure. Snagging a photography permit at the Gardens also gets us into Cheeseman Park for shots with a different vibe—think open lawns and classic architecture as your backdrop.

    This spot brings variety without the extra travel time! Next up: more unique spots sure to wow in your wedding album.

    Unique Photoshoot Locations

    A couple in colorful costumes at Meow Wolf using wide-angle lens.

    A couple in colorful costumes at Meow Wolf using wide-angle lens.

    A couple in colorful costumes at Meow Wolf using wide-angle lens.

    Imagine exchanging a tender look with your beloved amidst the psychedelic splendor of the International Church of Cannabis or capturing your love story against the avant-garde backdrop of Meow Wolf’s mind-bending installations—Denver brims with photoshoot spots that are anything but ordinary.

    Seek out these one-of-a-kind locales for memories framed in pure originality and vibrant charm.


    6. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

    We adore Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre for its incredible red sandstone formations. It’s just a quick drive west of Denver and perfect for those epic outdoor shots you’re dreaming of.

    Imagine your photos backed by massive rocks and open skies that blaze with color at sunset! This place is a favorite in the fall, where warm hues blend beautifully with wedding attire.

    Make sure to plan because you’ll need a photography permit from the park. The theater also adds an extra touch of grandeur to every photo session. Think about how amazing it will feel to have your love captured amidst such natural beauty and impressive scenery – Mother Nature herself is blessing your union! And let’s not forget those Rocky Mountain vibes; they add so much drama to every shot without overshadowing the real stars—you two!

    7. The International Church of Cannabis

    The International Church of Cannabis’s jaw-dropping murals and bold colors stand out. For couples looking for something unique, this place wraps creativity and self-expression into every shot.

    Its psychedelic artwork leaps out from the walls, giving your photos a splash of vibrancy that’s hard to find anywhere else.

    Imagine capturing moments with your love amidst an explosion of color that reflects your journey’s fun, artistic side together. This church isn’t just about stunning visuals; it embodies a spirit of culture and spirituality that adds depth to each photo.

    It’s more than just a backdrop—it’s a statement that says you’re an adventurous soul ready to make your own rules.

    8. Dairy Block

    We know you’re looking for a place that screams originality, and Dairy Block is it. Imagine standing in an alley, but not just any alley. This one’s alive with vibrant murals and glowing neon lights that turn your photoshoot into a masterpiece.

    You’ll find yourselves surrounded by unique art installations that make every shot stand out.

    Think of the rustic charm of brick walls mixed with sleek wooden counters – Dairy Block has them both! Each corner offers a new backdrop, perfect for showing off that engagement glow.

    With lights that dance around you as you walk through, your love story gets the whimsical setting it deserves right here in Lodo’s heart.

    9. Denver Art Museum

    Let’s capture your love of art and architecture at the Denver Art Museum. Imagine exchanging sweet glances surrounded by inspiring works of art. It’s a canvas of creativity for engagement photos that tell a story as unique as your romance.

    Modern angles meet old-world charm here, offering a dynamic backdrop for those special moments.

    Picture this: hand in hand, you two strolling through the museum’s sleek spaces with stunning sculptures nearby. Each gallery brings its vibe, from vibrant contemporary pieces to classic exhibits that add elegance to every shot.

    Trust us; it’s an artistically enriching experience that will shine through in every photograph!

    10. Denver Selfie Museum

    We know you want your engagement photos to pop with personality and color. Look no further than the Denver Selfie Museum for that. It’s a playground of creativity with over 30 exhibits made by local artists.

    Here, you can pose with fun accessories and pick from vivid backdrops showing your unique style.

    The museum isn’t just about snapping casual shots; it sets the scene for unforgettable moments captured in photos. It even offers custom event packages to ensure every aspect of your experience is picture-perfect! This spot is about letting imagination lead the way—making it an ideal choice for couples eager to showcase their love story in a fresh, dynamic setting.

    Ready for something different? Let’s stroll through another unexpected venue: Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

    Hidden Gem Photoshoot Locations

    A couple standing in Larimer Square under twinkling lights.

    A couple standing in Larimer Square under twinkling lights.

    A couple standing in Larimer Square under twinkling lights.

    If you fancy a backdrop that’s less trodden but equally stunning, we’ve got the inside scoop on Denver’s hidden gem locations—a photographer’s delight away from the bustling crowds.

    Whether it’s Larimer Square’s twinkling lights or Officer’s Gulch’s mountain serenity, these spots are charming and waiting to add that unique touch to your photoshoot.


    11. Larimer Square

    Larimer Square whispers stories of old Denver right in the heart of downtown. We love this spot for its unique blend of history and romance, making it perfect for engagement photos that truly stand out.

    Imagine yourselves strolling hand-in-hand under twinkling lights, with aged brick buildings creating a timeless backdrop. The square’s energy is infectious, with shops and restaurants adding vibrant life to your shots.

    We recommend Larimer Square at dusk when the lights sparkle just right—it’s pure magic. You’ll capture not just images but the feeling of starting your journey together amidst Denver’s first historic district.

    This location isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s an experience—a bustling urban fairytale set against Colorado’s storied past.

    12. City Park

    We’ve found a treasure in City Park for your photoshoots, brides! It’s only 45 minutes from Denver and has a palette of stunning backdrops. You can pose by artistic murals or stand against the grandeur of architectural features.

    Imagine yourselves amidst lush landscapes that will make your memories pop.

    Remember that some spots in City Park may need a permit. Plan to snag that perfect location without any hitches. Picture it: you, your partner, and the endless beauty of Nature mixed with human creativity—all captured forever in gorgeous photos.

    13. Chautauqua Park in Boulder

    Imagine exchanging sweet glances with your love, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Chautauqua Park in Boulder. This park is a treasure waiting for you and your partner to explore.

    Its peaceful ambiance and stunning views make it a perfect spot for those priceless engagement photos. Capture the love you share against a backdrop of unique rock formations and the beauty of Nature.

    Let’s head 45 minutes out from Denver to this serene escape. You’ll find yourself among landscapes that whisper tales of romance and adventure—ideal for capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

    Picture yourselves nestled in an environment where every photo tells its story, framed by the grandeur of rolling mountains or under the vast Colorado skies. Chautauqua Park isn’t just another location; it’s a chapter in your love story waiting to be photographed.

    14. Officer’s Gulch

    Let’s talk about Officer’s Gulch, just 45 minutes from Denver. This spot is a treasure for couples wanting Rocky Mountain magic in their photos. It’s peaceful and offers stunning views that scream Colorado’s beauty.

    We love this place because it lets us capture your love story with the grandeur of towering peaks as the backdrop.

    Officer’s Gulch isn’t on every photographer’s radar so that we can create unique, intimate moments without crowds. Trust us; the natural vistas here provide a serene setting to make your engagement pictures stand out.

    It’s one of those unique spots where you can breathe in the mountain air and get amazing shots—we’re all about finding these hidden gems for you!


    A stunning mountain scenery with colorful autumn foliage.

    A stunning mountain scenery with colorful autumn foliage.

    A stunning mountain scenery with colorful autumn foliage.

    We’ve shared a treasure trove of Denver’s finest photo spots – iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Whether you capture love stories or family milestones, these locations promise stunning backdrops.

    Remember to check for permits and plan; a little prep gets you those dream shots! Embrace the beauty, snap away, and watch as your photos tell tales against Denver’s dynamic canvas.

    Happy shooting at these go-to spots that make every click count!


    Q: What are some of the best Instagrammable photoshoot locations in Denver?

    A: Some of the best Instagrammable photoshoot locations in Denver include Union Station, City Park, Red Rocks, Denver Botanic Gardens, and Downtown Denver.

    Q: Where can I find the best places to take photos in Denver?

    A: You can find the best places to take photos in Denver at popular spots like the Denver Art Museum, Denver Union Station, and the Denver Museum of Nature.

    Q: What are some of the most Instagrammable spots in downtown Denver?

    A: Downtown Denver offers a variety of Instagrammable spots, such as Union Station, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver International Airport.

    Q: What are the best photo locations near Denver?

    A: Some of the best photo locations near Denver include the scenic Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre and the picturesque City Park.

    Q: Where can I find the best photography spots outside of Denver?

    A: If you’re looking for photography spots outside of Denver, consider exploring locations south of Denver or surrounding areas for stunning shots.

    Q: What are the best times of day for photoshoots in Denver?

    A: The best times of day for photoshoots in Denver are during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset when the lighting is soft and warm, creating perfect conditions for capturing beautiful images.

    Q: What are some of the best locations for photoshoots in Denver and the surrounding areas?

    A: Some of the best locations for photoshoots in Denver and the surrounding areas include picturesque parks, historic landmarks, and scenic outdoor spaces that provide a variety of backdrops for your photos.

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