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30 Best Locations In Colorado For Engagement Photo Locations

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A man and woman embrace on a mountain overlook at sunrise in a bustling atmosphere.
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    30 of The Best Colorado Engagement Photo Locations in Denver


    A man and woman embrace on a mountain overlook at sunrise in a bustling atmosphere.

    Selecting the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos goes beyond just ticking a box on your pre-wedding checklist; it’s about beautifully capturing the unique tale of your romance against an awe-inspiring canvas.

    As seasoned Colorado photographers, we’ve been fortunate to see how the right setting can transform these precious moments into timeless masterpieces overflowing with emotion and splendor.

    This treasure chest, brimming with nature’s wonders, offers a myriad of sceneries, from rugged peaks to serene lakesides, each scene weaving its own story beneath the expansive Colorado skies.

    We’re excited to help you navigate through 30 breathtaking locations where Colorado’s grandeur sets the stage for your love story. Picture yourselves wrapped in Maroon Bells, a fantastic choice for a front-range engagement session.‘ vibrant fall colors or clasping hands beside Rocky Mountain National Park’s mirror-like Dream Lake aren’t just photo opportunities; they’re memories waiting to be captured for eternity.

    Get ready to explore landscapes that offer stunning engagement photographs as individualized as your path together. Shall we embark on the quest for that flawless vista at the best Colorado engagement locations year-round?

    Key Takeaways

    • Colorado offers a variety of engagement photo spots, like Maroon Bells and Rocky Mountain National Park.
    • Some places to take engagement photos in Colorado need permits—Dream Lake costs $50, and others might be free.
    • Engagement photos can be taken in urban Denver areas or against mountain backdrops.
    • Locations such as Garden of the Gods don’t require extra fees for shooting.
    • Plan for spots with limited parking or popular spots to avoid crowds.

    Top 5 Colorado Engagement Photo Locations

    A man and a woman embracing on a mountain peak at sunrise in a cinematic landscape photograph.

    We’ve explored every nook and cranny of Colorado to bring you the most breathtaking spots for your engagement memories. Let’s dive into our top picks, which promise stunning backdrops and magical moments, perfect for capturing the love and excitement of your new journey together.


    Maroon Bells

    A photo of the iconic Maroon Bells with a bustling atmosphere and stunning mountain backdrop.

    Imagine standing with your love among the Maroon Bells, where nature’s magic paints a perfect scene for engagement photos. This spot is famous for good reason! The reflecting lake and towering peaks create an iconic Colorado backdrop.

    Imagine the two of you there, in the heart of such beauty, capturing moments that will tell your love story for years.

    Choose this place and get lost in its romance during the golden hour when the light right makes everything look like a dream. Couples flock to Colorado Springs engagement locations because they are more than just beautiful—they are timeless and memorable.

    Trust us: having your engagement session at the Maroon Bells means you’re setting yourselves up for truly enchanting photos that embody Colorado’s grandeur.

    Dream Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

    A couple standing by Dream Lake in the Rocky Mountains, with different outfits and natural surroundings.

    Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is a breathtaking spot for your engagement photos. With just a one-mile hike from the Bear Lake Parking lot during the best times for photos in Colorado, you and your love can stand before an alpine lake surrounded by high peaks.

    Remember to get your photography permit first—it’s $50 but well worth it for such stunning backdrops. The calm waters reflect the beauty of nature, perfect for capturing your special moment without too much effort.

    Next up on our list of the best places to take engagement photos in Colorado is Boulder Flatirons, an iconic landmark that promises to add grandeur to your engagement album. Let’s head there and see what magical scenes we can create together!

    Boulder Flatirons

    A couple exploring the Boulder Flatirons in a bustling natural atmosphere, captured in crystal clear detail.

    Leaving the serene waters of Dream Lake behind, we head to the iconic Boulder Flatirons. These massive rock formations will take your breath away and make for stunning engagement photos.

    The Flatirons boast a backdrop of dramatic angles and nature’s artwork perfect for those looking to capture Colorado’s rugged beauty.

    Remember, if you want to snap pictures here, you need a photography permit. It costs $50 but is well worth it because this spot is super popular! Hiking trails twist around these giants, offering many places to stop and pose.

    Rock climbers dot the landscape, too, adding an adventurous vibe to your shoot. We’ll help you find that sweet spot along Trail Ridge Road, where the light hits just right for unforgettable memories amidst these ancient stones.

    Guanella Pass

    A couple embracing in front of vibrant aspen trees in nature photography.

    Guanella Pass offers a magical backdrop for engagement photos, especially in autumn. Imagine being surrounded by aspen trees with vibrant colors without a photo permit.

    You’ll have the wildflower meadows and rich fall foliage at your fingertips, offering endless scenic options. It’s perfect for those candid shots where love pours out of the image.

    We find it easy to get to Guanella Pass, and there is plenty of parking. This means less stress on picture day! The mountain views are sweeping at the best Colorado engagement photo locations, and the alpine lakes add charm to every shot.

    Your love story deserves a setting that’s just as unique – let Guanella Pass be that place.

    Ready for an adventure in color at Trail Ridge Road for your next engagement photo shoot? Next up is Paint Mines – imagine the stunning hues that await!

    Paint Mines

    Leaving the mountain views behind, let’s head to an out-of-this-world wonderland of color. Paint Mines Interpretive Park offers a backdrop unlike any other, with its vibrant layers of earth revealed through erosion.

    Imagine standing hand in hand among the delicate spires and hoodoos, painted in striking shades by oxidized iron compounds.

    We must grab our cameras and capture the enchanting hues – red, purple, orange, and white – for an extraordinary engagement photo session. Before we go, we’ll arrange the required photography permit to keep this magical place pristine.

    Just picture it: your love story framed by these ancient geological formations during a winter engagement will surely be an album standout!

    Similar Engagement Session Locations

    A couple embracing in a lush, flower-filled meadow in a nature photography setting.

    As we continue to uncover Colorado’s treasures, let’s not overlook these gems off the beaten path that offer just as much charm and romance for your engagement snaps. Each spot boasts its unique backdrop, perfect for capturing the love and excitement of your journey together.


    Red Rocks Amphitheatre

    A diverse group of people in different outfits are seen against the natural rock formations at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

    We know you want your engagement photos to be as unforgettable as your love story. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a place where magic happens. Imagine standing with your loved one among the giant red rock formations.

    The theater’s striking views become the perfect canvas for capturing those tender moments during your Colorado engagement session.

    At Red Rocks, every shot tells a part of your tale against a backdrop of awe-inspiring beauty. Let the natural grandeur of these famous stones frame your smiles and embraces. You’ll leave with more than just stunning pictures; you’ll have memories that echo the timeless nature of this iconic Colorado venue.

    Flatirons Vista Trailhead

    A couple embracing with the iconic Flatirons in the background captured in high-quality photography.

    Let’s talk about the magic of Flatirons Vista Trailhead. This spot is a treasure for capturing your love story with breathtaking views. Picture yourselves standing hand in hand with the iconic Flatirons as your backdrop.

    You can wander through open fields, find secluded spots in the forest, or climb rocky outcrops for that perfect shot. And if you time it right, the sunset will paint skies in vivid colors that make your heart skip a beat.

    Imagine ending your photo session with an embrace as dusk falls over Colorado’s front range. The natural beauty here is unmatched, and there are such a variety of scenes within walking distance of one another.

    Trust us, photos at Flatirons Vista Trailhead during the summer months are ones you’ll cherish when reminiscing about where your journey to your Colorado wedding began.

    Garden of the Gods

    A couple embracing with the Garden of the Gods rock formations in the background.

    Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is a breathtaking spot for your engagement photos. Imagine posing with the one you love among towering red rock formations under a vast blue sky, one of the many Colorado engagement session locations you could consider while planning your engagement. We can wake up early and catch the soft glow of sunrise or wait for the golden hues at sunset.

    The state park is open from dawn to late evening, so we have plenty of time to find that perfect shot for your engagement session.

    With its majestic landscapes, Garden of the Gods, one of the top engagement locations, never fails to amaze. Trails wind through striking scenery, offering countless angles and backdrops for our session. Best part? The best times for a Colorado engagement session are all year round! There’s no need to worry about permits here; it’s ready for us anytime without extra fees.

    We’ll want to plan though,h – this place is loved by many and can get busy. But trust us, with incredible views, it’s worth mingling with other nature admirers for those once-in-a-lifetime shots!

    Sprague Lake

    A couple strolling along the tranquil shores of Sprague Lake at dusk.

    Moving from the striking formations of Garden of the Gods, let’s head over to Sprague Lake. Nestled in Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake offers a serene setting that will make your engagement photos look enchanting.

    Picture yourselves with reflections of towering peaks on the calm water and lush greenery as your backdrop – it doesn’t get more romantic than this.

    We need to grab a photography permit before capturing these moments, though. It’s $50 but worth it for pictures at this dreamy location. Imagine walking hand-in-hand along the easy trail around the lake.

    The soft glow of dawn or dusk at this session location in Colorado gives everything a touch of magic here. Your love story deserves scenes like these, framed by nature at its best in Estes Park, Colorado.

    Moraine Park

    A scenic photo of Moraine Park's serene river surrounded by lush greenery and different people enjoying the atmosphere.

    We can’t get enough of Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park for engagement photos. Picture this: you two, hand in hand, with the Rockies soaring high above and a gentle river flowing behind you.

    This place is a treasure because it’s drop-dead gorgeous and super easy to get to. There is no need to hike miles; breathtaking beauty awaits where the car stops.

    Imagine cuddling up close on the lush green grass or strolling beside the serene river as your wedding photographer captures every perfect moment against nature’s grand backdrop. Wildlife might even join in—how incredible would having deer photobombing your engagement shoot be? Trust us, Moraine Park brings that ‘wow’ factor without fail.

    Denver Engagement Photo Locations

    A couple embraces in front of the Denver skyline at sunset in a bustling atmosphere.

    Venture into the heart of Colorado’s urban landscape for engagement photos that blend the city’s vibrant energy with your love story. Denver offers a unique backdrop where architectural charm meets natural beauty, capturing every shared glance and smile amidst its iconic settings.


    Downtown Denver – RiNo

    A couple kissing in front of a vibrant graffiti wall in a bustling city district.

    We love the RiNo area in downtown Denver for engagement photos. The neighborhood bursts with colorful graffiti that makes every picture pop. It’s a place where art meets love, and your photos will be as unique as your relationship.

    Walking through RiNo, you’ll find local breweries and artist studios around every corner. Remember to get a photography permit before snapping pictures at the best Colorado engagement locations.

    Next is Union Station, another gem in downtown Denver that offers a blend of urban vibes and historic charm. Let’s head there for more stunning photo opportunities!

    Union Station

    The grand architecture of Union Station surrounded by a bustling urban atmosphere and diverse individuals.

    Union Station is one of the best places in the Denver metro area for an engagement session. This popular location, based in Denver, takes us back to the 1920s. Its historic charm adds a touch of elegance to any engagement shoot. Imagine yourselves among its grand architecture—urban and vintage, perfect for capturing your love story.

    Just picture the two of you, hand in hand, with the buzz of the city around you, an ideal engagement session location.

    Remember that if your party is more significant than five people, you’ll need a photography permit for Union Station. But don’t worry; this spot isn’t just about what’s inside! Step outside and explore nearby parks and landmarks for even more photo magic.

    The area around Union Station can be your canvas as we help you create those romantic moments together.

    Mt Falcon

    We know you want your engagement photos to capture the heart and soul of your love story. That’s why Mt Falcon in Morrison is such a fantastic choice! Its rich forest settings and mountain vistas give your pictures that magical ‘forever’ vibe.

    Remember, you’ll need to grab a permit for this gem—it’s $100 for an entire year, but trust us, it’s worth every penny.

    Let’s head over to Lookout Mountain next. Get ready for some breathtaking panoramas that will add that ‘wow’ factor to your snapshots!

    Lookout Mountain

    Leaving the rugged paths of Mt Falcon, we find ourselves gazing up at Lookout Mountain, a favorite engagement photo location in Colorado. This gem near Golden, Colorado, gives us breathtaking views of Clear Creek Canyon and a western vista that’s hard to beat for an engagement session.

    Picture this: you and your partner standing hand in hand, with the whole world stretching out below—a stunning canvas for your love story.

    Hiking up to Lookout Mountain might get your heart racing in more ways than one. Once you reach those panoramic scenes of Denver and the peaks beyond, the climb is steep but oh-so-worth-itd.

    It’s not just about getting great photos at beautiful locations; it’s about capturing moments surrounded by nature’s grandeur that are as timeless as your commitment to each other in your Colorado Springs engagement. Trust us: when choosing a location that reflects the magnitude of your journey together, Lookout Mountain is a top contender!

    Lake Dillon/ Dillon Reservoir

    After soaking in the panoramic views from Lookout Mountain, let’s journey just over an hour from Denver to embrace the tranquility of Lake Dillon. Here, the splendor of mountains and forests meets the calmness of a lake—a perfect combo for engagement photos that scream romance.

    Imagine yourselves snuggled up close with water reflections dancing around you or walking hand in hand along forest trails—all with those majestic Colorado peaks rising in the background.

    We adore how Lake Dillon, a popular engagement session location, sets a scene that feels straight out of a fairytale. With each click of the camera, your love story gets framed by nature at its most serene. And getting here is easy! This makes planning less stressful and more about enjoying every second together.

    Trust us; your love will shine bright against this picturesque backdrop. Lake Dillon waits to tell your unique tale through stunning photographs that will last forever.

    Best Colorado Engagement Locations with Mountain Views

    A couple embracing on a mountain peak with a stunning sunset backdrop.

    For those seeking adventure and breathtaking backdrops, Colorado’s mountains offer a canvas of endless possibilities for your engagement photos. Imagine yourselves nestled in the heart of nature with towering peaks and serene alpine lakes framing each moment, creating snapshots as majestic as your love story.

    Blue Lakes

    Come to Blue Lakes near Breckenridge in Colorado for stunning engagement photos. Imagine us standing by the shore of an alpine lake with crystal-clear blue water, perfect for romantic shots.

    The backdrop? The best Colorado engagement photo locations where romance meets nature’s magnificence. Majestic mountains and a charming waterfall add drama to each photo. We’ll capture love in every frame at your elopement location amidst natural beauty that takes your breath away—especially during the summer months of your Colorado engagement session.

    We know adventure adds spice to life, just like it does to engagement sessions at Blue Lakes. It’s not just about the pictures; it’s about the experience of being surrounded by nature’s splendor.

    Think of holding hands and exploring trails as we find that ideal spot where light dances on the water—a serene setting that speaks volumes of your journey together.

    Loveland Pass

    We know you want your engagement photos to be unforgettable. That’s why we suggest heading up to Loveland Pass. This place has sweeping 360-degree mountain views and the awe of standing atop the Continental Divide.

    It’s a scene that shouts love from every angle; the best Colorado engagement photos are always picturesque.

    Imagine wearing your favorite outfit with the one you love, surrounded by Colorado’s majestic peaks at Loveland Pass. The crisp air, open skies, and natural beauty create a stunning backdrop for those special moments between you two.

    And don’t worry about timing; this top engagement location is ready for your close-up any season of the year. Your engagement pictures here will be nothing short of epic—a testament to your adventure together as a couple starting their journey in life side by side.

    Shrine Pass

    Imagine driving just 20 minutes south of Vail to find the perfect spot for your engagement photos. That’s Shrine Pass for you, with its mountain views and wildflower meadows in full bloom during the summer.

    You won’t need a permit here, which makes planning your photo shoot hassle-free.

    This serene location is like stepping into an expansive natural canvas that changes with every turn. It’s easy to get to by car and offers a blend of rustic charm and panoramic backdrops tailored for couples who love the outdoors.

    With Shrine Pass as your elopement or engagement session location, each photograph captures a moment of authentic Colorado beauty that tells a unique part of your story together.

    Now, if you’re craving more alpine magic and tranquil lakeside settings, let’s talk about Lake Isabelle and Brainard Lake next.

    Lake Isabelle/Brainard Lake

    Leaving the stunning vistas of Shrine Pass behind, we venture towards Lake Isabelle and Brainard Lake, ideal Colorado engagement session locations. Here, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery, perfect for your engagement photos.

    These spots offer epic views and a romantic setting with crystal-clear waters and lush foliage.

    For a more intimate scene, choose Lake Isabelle. It’s less crowded, especially in winter, when snowshoes bring an adventurous touch to your shoot over the 13.5-mile round trip from the winter parking lot after Brainard Lake’s primary gate closure.

    If you’d rather have easy access, Brainard Lake is only complicated during peak times due to parking limits and reservation slots – plan! Both locations promise a magical backdrop where love shines as bright as the Colorado sun against the majestic peaks.

    Great Sand Dunes National Park

    We love the idea of taking engagement photos at Great Sand Dunes National Park. Imagine standing together with those majestic dunes rising behind you. The light and shadows play on the sands, creating an unforgettable scene for your special moment.

    This place isn’t just about sand; it’s a canvas on which your love story can be captured in the most dramatic way.

    The state park is close to Alamosa, making it an accessible photography location for a photo shoot. You’ll find endless opportunities for breathtaking shots with a mix of mountains and desert that stretch all around.

    Trust us: the natural beauty and unique landscape at the best Colorado engagement locations will make your engagement pictures stand out beautifully. Your friends won’t stop talking about them!


    A couple embracing in the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park.

    We’ve explored Colorado’s most breathtaking spots for engagement photos. Every location promises stunning backdrops, from the iconic Maroon Bells to the unique Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

    Imagine capturing your love amidst these scenic views! Remember, some spots need permits, so plan. Now, grab your partner and pick an easily accessible place that tells your story – your perfect photo awaits in the best Colorado engagement locations!


    Q: What are some popular engagement photo locations in Colorado?

    A: Some popular engagement photo locations in Colorado include Chautauqua Park, Colorado Springs, the Front Range, near Denver, Boulder, and various mountain locations.

    Q: Where are the best locations for engagement photo sessions in Colorado?

    A: Some of the best locations for engagement photo sessions in Colorado are Chautauqua Park, the Front Range, near Denver and Boulder, and other picturesque spots with stunning views.

    Q: Are photo permits required to shoot engagement photos in specific locations in Colorado?

    A: Yes, some locations in Colorado do require a photo permit to shoot engagement photos. It’s essential to check the specific requirements for each area before planning your photo session.

    Q: What are some mountain engagement photo locations in Colorado?

    A: Some mountain engagement photo locations in Colorado include scenic spots in the Colorado mountains that offer breathtaking views and a picturesque backdrop for engagement photos.

    Q: Where can I find Colorado’s most iconic locations for engagement photo sessions?

    A: Some of the most iconic locations for engagement photo sessions in Colorado are Chautauqua Park, Colorado Springs, the front range, near Denver, near Boulder, and various mountain locations that offer stunning views.

    Q: What are some adventurous engagement photo locations in all of Colorado?

    A: There are several adventurous engagement photo locations in Colorado, including spots in the mountains, near Denver, near Boulder, and other scenic areas that provide a perfect backdrop for adventurous photos.

    Q: What makes for a great engagement photo location near Denver?

    A: An excellent engagement photo location near Denver offers stunning scenery, beautiful landscapes, and a picturesque backdrop that captures the natural beauty of Colorado.

    Q: Where can I find the best engagement session locations in Colorado?

    A: The best engagement session locations in Colorado are Chautauqua Park, Colorado Springs, the Front Range, near Denver and Boulder, and various mountain locations that offer picturesque settings for engagement photos.

    Q: Which locations near Boulder are perfect for engagement photo sessions?

    A: Several locations near Boulder are perfect for engagement photo sessions, including mountain spots, scenic areas, and beautiful landscapes that enhance the beauty of the engagement photos.

    Q: What are some stunning mountain engagement photo locations in Colorado?

    A: Numerous stunning mountain engagement photo locations in Colorado offer breathtaking views, beautiful scenery, and a romantic backdrop for capturing memorable engagement photos.

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