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Top Things To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

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    Things To Look For When You Hire A Wedding Photographer and How To Choose A Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

    A happy couple sharing a loving glance at a scenic outdoor wedding venue.

    A happy couple sharing a loving glance at a scenic outdoor wedding venue.

    A happy couple sharing a loving glance at a scenic outdoor wedding venue.

    Choosing the right wedding photographer might seem as overwhelming as finding a needle in a haystack, but with the right advice on how to choose, you can find your perfect match. Yep, we know how massive that haystack feels! After diving into heaps of research, it turns out couples usually allocate 10-15% of their wedding budget to photography.

    Consider this article your guiding light – shining the way toward photographers who not only see your vision but feel the vibe of your big day just as intensely as you do. From pinpointing your ideal photography style to sealing the deal with a booking, our actionable advice is here to guide you step by step.

    Are you ready to meet your match?

    Key Takeaways

    • Decide on your photography style first. It helps you find a photographer who matches what you want in your photos.
    • Research photographers online and ask friends for recommendations. Look at their portfolios and read reviews to narrow down your list.
    • Talk to photographers before booking them. Ask about their experience, how they handle weddings like yours, and understand their packages.
    • Check the contract carefully before signing it. Make sure it covers everything from the shoot day details to how you’ll get your final photos.
    • Think about your budget but remember the value of quality photographs that capture your special day perfectly.

    Identifying Your Preferred Wedding Photography Style

    The wedding venue was elegantly decorated with landscape photography and soft lighting.

    The wedding venue was elegantly decorated with landscape photography and soft lighting.

    The wedding venue was elegantly decorated with landscape photography and soft lighting.

    Finding the right photography style is key in choosing your wedding photographer. Think of it as the flavor of your big day captured in photos. Do you love light and airy images that speak of whimsy and romance, or are sharp, vibrant colors more your style? Perhaps you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of black-and-white photography.

    Understanding these preferences will guide you through booking a photographer whose work resonates with your vision for the wedding.

    Exploring different photography styles opens up a world of possibilities. From candid shots that capture raw emotions to carefully staged compositions artfully framing every detail, each approach tells a unique story.

    The perfect wedding photographer for you knows how to blend their expertise with your personal tastes, ensuring those fleeting moments become everlasting memories crafted just how you’ve imagined.

    So pay attention to what pulls at your heartstrings—your preferred style holds the key to finding not just any photography team but the one that will bring your dream wedding album to life.

    Creating a List of Potential Photographers

    A serene forest with vibrant autumn foliage captured in nature photography.

    A serene forest with vibrant autumn foliage captured in nature photography.

    A serene forest with vibrant autumn foliage captured in nature photography.

    Let’s start by making a list of photographers who catch our eye. We’ll dig into online galleries and ask friends for their go-to pros, keeping an eye out for styles that speak to us.

    Online Research

    Starting your online research for the perfect wedding photographer can feel like a treasure hunt. First, scour websites like WeddingWire and The Knot where photographers showcase their portfolios.

    These sites give you a feel for different photography styles—whether you’re drawn to classic, moody, or candid shots. Your mission is to find someone whose work makes you say, “Yes! That’s exactly how I want to remember my big day.”.

    Next step? Dive into social media platforms. Instagram and Pinterest are goldmines for discovering wedding photography trends and getting a sense of the photographer’s vision beyond what’s in their official gallery.

    Don’t forget to read reviews from other couples. Their experiences provide valuable insights that can help narrow down your list of potential hires before reaching out.


    Gathering recommendations is like finding hidden treasures in your wedding planning adventure. Friends, family, and even acquaintances can offer invaluable insights into photographers they’ve hired or seen in action.

    It’s a chance to hear first-hand about their experiences—what they loved, what they didn’t, and if they’d make the same choice again. Don’t forget to ask your wedding venue for suggestions too; they’ve seen countless photographers come through their doors and know which ones capture the magic of a wedding day just right.

    Also consider leveraging social platforms like WeddingWire or looking at local groups on Facebook dedicated to weddings in your area. These places are goldmines for honest reviews and feedback on photographers’ work ethic, style, and how well they mesh with couples on their big day.

    Connecting with other brides online gives you access to personal stories and advice that can guide you toward making an informed decision when choosing your wedding photographer.

    Detailed Research on Shortlisted Photographers

    A vintage camera and lens on a stylish photographer's desk in a still life setup.

    A vintage camera and lens on a stylish photographer's desk in a still life setup.

    A vintage camera and lens on a stylish photographer's desk in a still life setup.

    Once you’ve made a list of potential photographers, it’s time for some detective work. Look carefully at their galleries and ask about their experience to see if they match your vision for the big day.

    Reviewing their portfolio

    Reviewing a portfolio is like taking a sneak peek into your wedding day through someone else’s lens. You want to see a range of moments – from the tears on a father’s face to the laughter during the reception.

    Each wedding photographer has a unique way of capturing these moments, and their portfolio gives you clues about their style and approach. We always make it a point to ask for full galleries from real weddings they’ve covered. This gives us a comprehensive look at the photographer’s work.

    This step is crucial because it shows not only the best shots but also how they handle every part of the wedding day.

    Understanding what you’re looking for in these portfolios can help narrow down your choices. Are crisp, vibrant photos that catch every detail more your vibe? Or maybe you lean towards warm, moody images that feel intimate? That’s an important thing to look for when hiring a wedding photographer. Checking out different photography styles among photographers will guide you toward finding that perfect match for your big day. It’s an essential step in how to find a wedding photographer.

    Remember, this person will capture memories you’ll cherish forever, so take your time reviewing their work and ensure they align with your vision for the day.

    Understanding their experience

    Experience matters a lot when choosing your wedding photographer. We always make sure to dive deep into the experience a photographer brings to our big day. It’s one of the crucial things to consider when you hire a photographer. Less about counting the years, we focus more on how comfortable they make us feel and their ability to capture our vision for the wedding.

    It’s essential that they’ve handled weddings similar in size and style to ours because every wedding is unique.

    We ask potential photographers about not only their own journey in photography but also look closely at weddings they’ve covered in their portfolio. This gives us insight into how versatile they are with different photography styles and settings.

    Whether it’s an intimate beach ceremony or a grand ballroom affair, seeing evidence of their adaptability reassures us. And let’s not forget about post-wedding deliverables—we ensure we’re clear on what to expect once all is said and done, from full galleries to engagement session photos included in the package.

    A higher price usually means more professionalism and preparedness for any situation, which puts us at ease knowing our memories are in skilled hands.

    Contacting the Photographers

    A modern desk with neatly arranged photography gear captured with a wide-angle lens.

    A modern desk with neatly arranged photography gear captured with a wide-angle lens.

    A modern desk with neatly arranged photography gear captured with a wide-angle lens.

    Once you’ve found photographers that catch your eye, it’s time to reach out to them. This step is key—ask about their availability for your wedding date and get an idea of what working with them would be like.

    Making an Inquiry

    Reaching out to photographers is crucial. We start by sending a friendly email or making a call. In our message, we mention our wedding date and venue to see if they’re available. It’s also smart to ask about their photography packages right away.

    This helps us understand what we can expect to pay and what’s included. Knowing the cost is one of the important things to look for when hiring a photographer.

    We make sure to express interest in their work and ask how they approach weddings. Knowing if they have experience with venues like ours or if they’ll work alone or with another photographer gives us insight into their process.

    Details matter, so we don’t hesitate to inquire about timeline flexibility and how long it takes to get our photos back after the wedding. These questions set the stage for open communication and help ensure we’re on the same page from the start.

    Understanding their process

    Making an inquiry goes beyond just asking about availability and pricing. It’s also your chance to understand how the wedding photographer operates. We ask detailed questions like, “Can you walk me through a typical wedding day with you?” or “How do you manage timelines and shot lists?” This helps us get a clear picture of their approach and if it aligns with our vision for the big day.

    We also discuss whether they offer engagement photos, which is crucial for two reasons. First, it serves as a trial run to ensure we’re comfortable with their style and personality.

    Second, it gives us a peek into how they handle planning and executing specific shots — something that plays a significant role in choosing the perfect photography team for our wedding.

    Communicating with the Photographers

    A wedding venue is captured with wide-angle lens and long exposure settings at sunset.

    A wedding venue is captured with wide-angle lens and long exposure settings at sunset.

    A wedding venue is captured with wide-angle lens and long exposure settings at sunset.

    Talking with photographers is key. We’ll ask questions and share our vision to make sure they’re the right fit for our big day.

    Setting up a consultation

    We know finding the perfect wedding photographer is no small task. It’s not just about beautiful photos—it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. That’s why setting up a consultation is crucial.

    This face-to-face meeting lets us dive deep into what we envision for our big day and see if their photography style matches ours. It’s a critical step to find a wedding photographer who can capture what’s important to us. We get to ask all those burning questions, from how they handle low light situations to understanding exactly what’s included in the wedding photography packages.

    During this conversation, it’s also our chance to gauge chemistry. Yes, skill and style matter, but so does feeling comfortable with your photography team on your wedding day. Think of it as getting a feel for who they are—not just as photographers, but as people you’ll be inviting into one of the most important days of your life. This is what to look for when hiring a wedding photographer.

    Trust us; when choosing your wedding photographer, making sure everyone clicks will make all the difference in capturing those genuine smiles and tender moments.

    Discussing your needs

    Our chats with the photographers give us a chance to share what we’re dreaming of for our wedding photography. It’s all about making sure they can capture the vibe and emotions we want to remember.

    We talk about the style, like if we love candid shots over posed ones or vice versa. It’s key that they get it—because those photos will let us relive our big day forever.

    We also dive into details like budget and packages during these discussions. Knowing what’s included, from engagement shoots to how many photographers will be there, helps us make an informed decision.

    Plus, finding out when we’ll get our photos back matters a lot. Honest talks now mean no surprises later, making sure everything is just as we envision for our perfect wedding photographer team-up.

    Finalizing Your Wedding Photographer

    A bride and groom stand in an outdoor wedding venue, captured in portrait photography.

    A bride and groom stand in an outdoor wedding venue, captured in portrait photography.

    A bride and groom stand in an outdoor wedding venue, captured in portrait photography.

    After exploring different photography styles and meeting with your top picks, it’s time to make a big decision. Thinking about your budget and the vibe you want for your photos helps pick the perfect wedding photographer for your big day.

    Considering the price

    Setting a budget for your wedding photography is key. We all want those dreamy photos to remember our day by, but it’s important to know what we can afford. Prices of wedding vendors, particularly photographers, vary widely, so do some homework to understand what you’re getting into.

    Look at different rates in your area and compare them. It’s also smart to think about the cost of lighting at wedding venues since this can really change how your photos turn out.

    After you have a budget in mind, don’t be shy about asking photographers about their packages. Find out exactly what each package includes—will they provide a second photographer? How many hours are covered? Is an engagement photo session included as a trial run? All these things affect the price and value you’re getting.

    Make sure whatever you choose fits not just your wallet but also matches your vision for capturing those priceless moments on your big day.

    In booking the perfect wedding photographer, don’t overlook reading through the contract carefully before making it official. This step ensures both sides know exactly what’s expected—no surprises later! Getting clarity on cancellation policies, print releases, and delivery times helps set clear expectations and prevents any misunderstandings down the line.

    Finding that ideal photography team for your big event means balancing quality with cost to capture every precious moment without breaking the bank—a challenge worth every effort for memories that last a lifetime.

    Reviewing the contract

    Going over the contract with your wedding photographer is like checking the map before a long road trip — it ensures you’re both headed in the right direction. It’s key advice on how to choose the right wedding vendor for you. Pay close attention to what’s included in your package, such as full gallery access or if there are two photographers on hand for your big day.

    This step can save us from unwelcome surprises down the line. It’s where we confirm that their backup equipment is top-notch and they have a solid plan to capture our entire wedding, just as we’ve dreamed.

    It’s also crucial to understand payment details, cancellation policies, and how they handle photography rights. Higher priced photographers usually offer more stability and quality gear, making them worth considering despite cost concerns.

    We’ll want everything clear and agreed upon in writing to avoid any potential stress or confusion. This isn’t about doubting our choice but ensuring we’re getting exactly what we’ve envisioned for capturing our love story.


    Choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. First, figure out what photography style speaks to you. This is one of the important things to look for in a wedding photographer. Then, create a list of photographers who catch your eye and do some digging into their work and experience.

    Make sure you chat with them directly to see if you click personally and professionally. It’s the best advice on how to choose a photographer for your big day. Always discuss budgets, lighting needs, and additional options like engagement shoots or second shooters early on. These are critical things to consider when you’re looking to hire a photographer.

    At the end of the day, finding someone whose vision aligns with yours—and who makes you feel comfortable—is key to capturing memories that last a lifetime. Trust your gut; when you find the right fit, you’ll know it’s time to book that perfect wedding photographer for your big day!


    Q: Why is it important to hire a wedding photographer for your big day?

    A: A wedding photographer will be able to capture and document all the special moments and memories from your wedding day that you’ll want to remember for years to come.

    Q: What are some important things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer?

    A: When hiring a wedding photographer, consider their different photography styles, ask to see their portfolio, learn how to choose a photographer that aligns with your vision for your wedding, and make sure you love their work.

    Q: What should I look for when hiring a wedding photographer?

    A: Look for a professional wedding photography team that suits your style and budget, ask about their experience and availability for your wedding date, and inquire about what things cost in their wedding packages.

    Q: What advice can you give on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer?

    A: When choosing your wedding photographer, it’s important to ask questions to gauge if their photography team meets your needs, if they have a good rapport with you, and if they can capture your favorite wedding photos.

    Q: What questions should I ask a wedding photographer before booking them?

    A: Ask to see full wedding galleries, inquire about their backup plan in case of emergencies, discuss your vision and expectations for your wedding photos, and confirm that the photographer will be the one actually shooting your wedding.

    Q: What does it mean to hire a professional wedding photographer?

    A: Hiring a professional wedding photographer means you are investing in high-quality photography services, expertise in capturing the best moments of your wedding day, and ensuring that you’ll have beautiful memories to remember your special day.

    Q: How do photographers use different photography styles to capture wedding photos?

    A: Photographers use various styles such as photojournalistic, traditional, candid, or artistic approaches to capture the essence and emotions of a wedding day, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive collection of wedding photos.

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