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2024 Wedding Photography Trends & Top Wedding Photo Trends

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A bride and groom share a quiet moment on a city street.
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    2024 Wedding Photography Trends & Top Wedding Photo Trends

    An elegant bouquet of vibrant flowers captured in nature photography.

    An elegant bouquet of vibrant flowers captured in nature photography.

    An elegant bouquet of vibrant flowers captured in nature photography.

    Planning your 2024 wedding and feeling swamped by the ever-evolving trends in wedding photography? It’s a common sentiment, watching those trends shift like sand underfoot. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of current styles and innovations designed to immortalize your special day with unparalleled grace.

    This blog post is your roadmap through the burgeoning trends of 2024—from the authentic spontaneity captured by drones to the timeless allure of film photography—showcasing how they can enrich your wedding album.

    Eager for photos that echo with beauty? Let’s dive in!

    Key Takeaways

    • In 2024, wedding photos will capture real moments. Documentary photography catches the true emotions of your special day. This style focuses on candid, unposed images.
    • New technology makes wedding photos better. Drones take pictures from above, adding a “wow” factor to your album. Film photography is also popular again for its classic look.
    • Creative ideas are setting trends for unique wedding pictures. Disposable cameras let guests capture fun moments themselves. The Private Last Dance gives couples a memorable photo opportunity alone together at their venue.
    • Action shots with motion blur add a dreamy feel to wedding albums. This technique captures movement in a beautiful way, making each photo feel alive.
    • Direct flash photography brings out bright colors and details in pictures. It’s becoming trendy for weddings because it makes the images look bold and dramatic.


    Top 2024 Wedding Photography Trends

    A newlywed couple shares a candid moment on a city rooftop at sunset.

    A newlywed couple shares a candid moment on a city rooftop at sunset.

    A newlywed couple shares a candid moment on a city rooftop at sunset.

    We’re all eager to see what the top 2024 wedding photography trends will bring. From capturing candid moments that tell a truly personal story, to innovative techniques that make each photo stand out—expect your wedding day memories to be more vibrant and heartfelt than ever.

    Documentary/Photojournalistic Photography

    A bride and groom share a quiet moment on a city street.

    A bride and groom share a quiet moment on a city street.

    A bride and groom share a quiet moment on a city street.

    Documentary or photojournalistic photography captures the heart and soul of your wedding day. It’s all about snapping those candid moments that tell a story—no poses, no retakes, just pure, authentic emotions and interactions.

    Our team thrives on this approach to wedding photography because it allows us to document genuine connections and emotions as they naturally unfold. This trend is growing rapidly as more couples want their wedding album to reflect true-to-life memories.

    Many photographers now specialize in this style because it resonates with brides and grooms looking for something more real. Capturing laughter during the ceremony, tears of joy at speeches, or a secret glance between the bride and groom—these unscripted snapshots become treasured keepsakes.

    We’re dedicated storytellers passionate about crafting visuals that echo your unique tale of love through documentary photography, ensuring each flicker of emotion is immortalized authentically for years to come.

    Blurred Action Photography

    A bride and groom twirling on the dance floor at their wedding.

    A bride and groom twirling on the dance floor at their wedding.

    A bride and groom twirling on the dance floor at their wedding.

    We’re seeing more and more blurred action shots, and let’s just say, we love this trend for 2024 weddings. It gives photos a unique, dream-like vibe by capturing movement in such a fluid way.

    Imagine the whirl of dancers on the dance floor or that spontaneous moment when you’re tossed into the air, your dress fluttering – these are the candid moments blurry action photography nails perfectly.

    It feels like you’re right there in the middle of all the joy and excitement.

    This style isn’t just about adding artistic flare; it tells a story of genuine emotions and interactions during one of life’s happiest days. Industry experts confirm its growing popularity in wedding photography trends of 2024.

    As brides looking to immortalize their wedding day with authenticity, consider asking your wedding photographer to include some dynamic blurred action shots. This approach captures not just still life but the essence of movement and spirit – making every photo album truly alive with memories that leap off each page.

    Direct Flash Photography

    Direct flash photography is setting the stage to be a standout in the trends of 2024 for wedding photography. This technique casts a bold light directly on the subject, making colors pop and adding drama to each shot.

    It’s perfect for highlighting all those little choices that make your wedding unique, from the meticulously chosen color palette to the intricate details of your wedding attire. Unlike natural light photography, direct flash creates more striking and dynamic images—it brings out textures and features in a way that adds an edgy feel to traditional photos.

    This style offers an aesthetic that’s distinctly different, one that can transform ordinary moments into vivid memories captured forever in your wedding album. For instance, think about how it will accentuate your bride and groom portraits or turn candid moments at your reception into artful snapshots.

    What we love most is how direct flash can emphasize everything special about your day—the decorations you labored over, your stunning dress, and even the laughter shared during candid moments with loved ones.

    Trust us; opting for this trend means entrusting a professional photographer with the skill to wield light creatively, ensuring every photo shines uniquely just as much as such monumental occasions should.

    Emerging Wedding Photo Technologies

    A bride and groom dance under a canopy of drones.

    A bride and groom dance under a canopy of drones.

    A bride and groom dance under a canopy of drones.

    As we move into 2024, wedding photography is embracing new technologies that are changing the game. From capturing every angle with drones to bringing back the timeless beauty of film, these advances are making weddings even more magical.

    Film Photography

    Film photography is sweeping through the wedding world, making a major comeback as one of the top wedding photography trends for 2024. We love it for its timeless feel and unique way of capturing light, adding warmth and depth to your wedding photos that digital just can’t match.

    This style gives your special day a classic touch, perfect for those wanting their album to stand the test of time.

    Choosing film means embracing the genuine moments of your celebration. It has this magical quality that really shines in candid shots—think laughter during the ceremony or tears when you say “I do.” Your photographer will focus on creating images filled with emotion, which look stunning when developed on film stock.

    For brides dreaming of a nostalgic vibe in their wedding album, exploring this trend might just capture your heart exactly how you’d imagine.

    Drone Photography

    Drone photography is making a big splash in the wedding scene for 2024, giving us a bird’s eye view that adds an unforgettable “wow” factor to your special day. Imagine stunning aerial shots of your wedding venue and the surrounding landscapes, capturing moments in a way traditional photos just can’t match.

    It’s not just about the breathtaking views; it’s also about adding depth and dimension to your wedding album. We’re seeing many couples choose drone photography to ensure their wedding stands out.

    This trend is perfect for those wanting to include every angle of their love story.

    We’ve embraced drone shots as a creative way to document all aspects of weddings, from the ceremony to the grandeur of the venue settings. These unique perspectives offer candid moments and detailed overviews that enrich your collection of memories.

    Beyond just photos taken from above, drones allow photographers and videographers alike to craft dynamic videos that complement traditional wedding footage beautifully. As we move into 2024, expect more innovative uses of drones in creating compelling visual narratives that highlight every special moment between you and your loved ones during this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

    Unique Wedding Photo Trends

    A couple walks through a misty forest with tall trees.

    A couple walks through a misty forest with tall trees.

    A couple walks through a misty forest with tall trees.

    Looking for unique wedding photo trends? Couples are pushing boundaries and finding innovative ways to capture their special day.

    Disposable Cameras

    Disposable cameras are making a big comeback in the wedding scene, and we’re all for it. They add a fun, retro vibe to receptions and allow guests to capture those candid moments from their perspective.

    It’s like having an army of photographers at your disposal – every guest gets to play a part in documenting the day. We place these cameras in welcome bags so everyone can snap away from the ceremony to the dance floor.

    Collecting them at the end of the night feels like gathering treasures. You never know what gems you’ll find – laughter-filled photos taken on impulse or sweet, stolen moments that even a professional wedding photographer might miss.

    Later, flipping through these pictures brings back not just memories but also different angles and emotions experienced by your loved ones during your special day. It’s this personal touch that makes disposable cameras an essential trend in 2024 wedding photography trends.

    The Private Last Dance

    The Private Last Dance is quickly becoming a cherished wedding photography trend of 2024. Imagine the wedding venue empty, save for you and your partner, sharing one last dance. Just the two of you in a quiet moment before heading off into married life.

    It’s intimate, it’s personal, and it makes for stunning photos. Couples love capturing this special moment as part of their wedding album, letting them relive the magic whenever they wish.

    Photographers are getting creative with these shots—using techniques like blurred action to convey movement or direct flash for a dramatic effect. These candid moments become timeless pieces in your collection of memories from the day.

    And because it’s just you two, every emotion is genuine, making each photo captured during The Private Last Dance truly unique and deeply personal to bride and groom alike.


    A bride and groom walk through a scenic outdoor wedding venue.

    A bride and groom walk through a scenic outdoor wedding venue.

    A bride and groom walk through a scenic outdoor wedding venue.

    As we look forward to 2024, wedding photography trends promise to add more depth and creativity to capturing those memorable moments. From the charm of film photography making a heartfelt comeback, drone shots offering breathtaking aerial views, to candid moments being snapped in the most genuine form—each trend brings something special.

    Disposable cameras invite guests into the storytelling process, while direct flash creates bold, unforgettable images. For every bride and groom planning their big day in 2024, embracing these top wedding photography trends means creating a wedding album that’s not just beautiful but deeply personal.

    Trust us; you’ll want your chosen wedding photographer to be as excited about these trends as you are!


    1. What’s new in 2024 wedding photography trends?

    In 2024, we’re seeing a big shift towards candid photos and drone footage — perfect for capturing those unscripted moments at the wedding ceremony and reception. True-to-color editing is becoming increasingly popular, too, making sure your photos look just as vibrant as your memories.

    2. Are photo booths still a thing at weddings?

    Yes! Photo booths haven’t lost their charm; they’re evolving with new technologies and innovative ideas. Expect to see more interactive features that guests can enjoy, keeping everyone entertained throughout the wedding party.

    3. How are couples incorporating videos into their weddings now?

    Wedding videos are getting more creative than ever! From drone wedding videography to Super 8 film styles, couples are looking for unique ways to capture their day. Video trends also include having second photographers or videographers to ensure every moment is caught from multiple angles.

    4. Can I stay within my budget but still follow these photography trends?

    Absolutely! The key is prioritizing what’s most important to you — whether that’s investing in a skilled photographer who excels at candid shots or allocating funds for that show-stopping drone footage. Many photographers offer packages that can be customized to fit both your vision and your wedding budget.

    5. What should I look for in a wedding photographer this year?

    Look for someone who stays up-to-date with the latest trends happening in digital photography and editing styles while also being able to capture candid moments and genuine emotions. A good photographer will work with you to understand your vision and bring it to life through innovative ideas and techniques.

    6. Is there any trend we’re moving away from in 2024?

    We’re seeing a gradual shift away from heavily posed family photo sessions towards more natural engagement photo sessions where couples can truly be themselves — think less stiff poses, more laughter, fun interactions, and genuine love stories captured on camera.

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