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2024 Wedding Photography Trends: What’s New and Exciting

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Are you tying the knot in 2024? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the endless choices for wedding photography? You’re not the only one. With hundreds of trends coming and going at breakneck speed, you can feel like you’re in a whirlwind, trying to get everything right but not even coming close. You could give up everything and go the classic route or enjoy it. In 2024, the wedding photography scene has some fantastic ideas and trends you might want to look at to stand out for your special day.

2024 Colorado Springs wedding photographer is all about the raw, unfiltered moments that don’t look like you had practiced for them for a week. It’s about capturing the real you, candid shots that look amazing and magical, and the memories they’ll provide down the line.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business and see what the wedding photography trends are for 2024.

Keep It Calm

Gone are the days when everything had to be scheduled and everyone had to be formal and traditional. Slowly and gradually, that trend is being left behind, and a new trend is emerging: a calm and relaxed wedding, informal and easygoing. We’re going to see more of this in 2024. Couples nowadays want to feel relaxed and enjoy the same for their guests. They want to mingle more, be more sociable, and focus on the people instead of the details.

This trend might not have to do much with wedding photography, but the effect trickles down, and the change can be felt throughout the wedding photography industry. With all the expenses that go into a wedding, people are opting to overthrow all of that and have a beautiful and enjoyable wedding, and they can look back at it and not think about all the money they had to spend on it. This enables wedding photographers to take a more active part in the wedding and take pictures of people who are more relaxed, smiling, laughing, and having a merry old time.

Make a Documentary

Are you tired of posing for photos? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. In a traditional wedding, this is what happened: people would come together, put on smiles, pose for photos, and leave. But this thing is fast becoming a thing of the past. Now, it’s all about natural moments and candid shots of people in love and their friends and families, posing naturally, enjoying the special day.

This is called documentary wedding photography, also called reportage, and it is becoming increasingly popular daily. We suggest you think about it in 2024. It’s a very relaxed and informal style, photographing all the things you couldn’t get with formal photography sessions, like the emotions on your face, the beautiful moments, the laughter, the smiles, the loving looks in the eyes, and more.

Videography and Second Shooters

Another trend that’s going to go strong in 2024 is second shooters. More and more people want a second shooter at their wedding, wanting more coverage of the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the bride at the party, getting ready, and more. They know that every moment is unique and don’t want to miss anything, wanting to capture everything. This includes all the behind-the-scenes action, which makes for a delightful walk in memory lane.

First Look Photos

This is something you must know about, and it is quickly growing and will grow stronger in 2024. It’s all about that first look and the priceless reaction to it. Whether it’s the bride and the groom looking at each other for the first time after getting ready or the bride’s father, mother, or siblings, that one moment is worth its weight in gold, and a good wedding photographer knows it and knows exactly how to capture it.

Unplug The Entire Thing

How much fun would you have if you didn’t have your iPhones, iPads, or cameras with you? You didn’t have to worry about capturing the moment. Instead, you would be in the moment, just having fun, enjoying the celebration, and being a part of it. That’s what 2024 is all about. Let the wedding photographer take care of it while you and your guests have a good old time.

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