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A professional wedding photographer's camera bag with essential components for capturing special moments at weddings.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Photography Package In 2024

A wedding photography package brochure displayed on a wooden table with flowers.

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to choose the perfect photography package. We know how important it is to capture every beautiful moment, and we’ve done our homework on this topic.

Our guide will help you understand what to look for in a wedding photography package for 2024—offering useful tips, key features, and pricing insights. Ready to find the best fit?

Key Takeaways

  • Hours of Coverage can vary, so choose what’s best for your wedding date.: Compare different photography packages based on the hours they provide and select the ideal wedding package for you. For example, Classic Photo & Video offers 2-hour and 4-hour bundles starting at $1,299, while Storytelling Photo & Video’s premium packages start from $5,299 for similar coverage.
  • Engagement Session: Look for packages that include Engagement sessions are valuable for couples getting married.. Typically lasting around 3 hours and costing about $1,200, these sessions provide around 50 edited photos and help clients bond with their photographers.
  • Second Shooter Options: Consider adding a second photographer or an assistant to capture more angles and candid moments. This usually costs around $750 but provides significant value by covering multiple aspects of your wedding day.
  • Digital Gallery Access: Ensure your package includes access to a digital gallery where you can view approximately 500 high-resolution images online within 8 to 12 weeks after the ceremony.
  • Customization Features: Personalize your package with additional options like second-day shoots ($1,600), albums (costing up to $1,000), guest books ($500), or cinematic videography services for an enhanced experience.

Essential Components of a Wedding Photography Package

A professional wedding photographer's camera bag with essential components for capturing special moments at weddings.

A good wedding photography package covers many important parts of your special day. Make sure you know what’s included to get the best deal….

Hours of coverage

Hours of coverage matter a lot for capturing the best moments. Classic Photo & Video offers 2-hour and 4-hour bundles starting at $1,299. Expressions Photo & Video has 6-hour, 8-hour, and 10-hour bundles starting at $2,299.

Exclusive Photo & Video also provides options for longer coverage with their 8-hour and 10-hour bundles beginning at $3,099.

Storytelling Photo & Video offers premium photographer packages with similar hours—both start from $5,299. Additionally, the Digital Express Package includes photo-only services for weddings lasting up to ten hours.

These options start at $1,249.99. Choosing how many hours you need helps in capturing getting ready photos all the way to your reception dance floor moments perfectly!

Engagement session inclusion

Engagement sessions help couples feel at ease with their wedding photographer before the big wedding date. They are common inclusions in many photography packages and usually last about 3 hours. For around $1,200, you get a photo shoot resulting in 50 edited photos—a great way to capture the story of your journey.

These sessions let us photograph natural moments before the big day. Not only do they provide beautiful pictures for save-the-date cards or invitations, but they also give us time to bond with you before your wedding date.

This makes it easier for everyone on your wedding day. Now let’s talk about adding a second shooter….

Second shooter options

A second shooter can capture more wedding angles. This helps in getting candid moments you might miss, ensuring all key events of your wedding date are captured. For example, while one photographer captures the bride getting ready, the other can photograph the groom and bridal party.

Most wedding photographers recommend or even require a second shooter.

Adding a second photographer costs around $750 but is worth it. You get extra hours of coverage—choose from 4, 6, or 8 hours depending on your needs. More cameras mean more high-resolution photos for your photo album and digital gallery access.


“Two photographers double the memories,” ensuring better day coverage.


Additional Features to Consider

We should think about what extra features we want in our wedding photography package… These might include prints, canvases, or a digital gallery.

Prints, canvases, and albums

Prints are perfect for home decor and gifts, serving as lovely reminders of your wedding date. Discuss with your vendor about including them in your custom package if you’re interested. We can hang them on walls or place them on shelves. Canvases work well for large, empty spaces like wedding venues.

Albums serve as family heirlooms. They offer a tangible memory of the big day. One option is a leather flush mount album with 30 pages, costing $1,000. For photo albums, we can choose sizes like 8×8 or 10×10 with glass covers and professional designs.

Digital gallery access

Getting a digital gallery is a must. Most photographers offer this now, which lets us view and share our wedding pictures online. Clients usually receive about 500 edited images through this gallery.

These are high resolution, so they look great on any screen or when printed.

We can access these galleries from our phones, making it easy to show off photos anytime. The processing time for digital images ranges between 8 to 12 weeks after the ceremony. We often get links that we can send to friends and family, keeping the sharing process simple and fun!

Choosing the Right Package for Your Needs

Think about what you need from your photographer. Check if they offer options that fit your budget and wedding plans.

Assessing package levels and pricing

We all want the best value for our money, especially with wedding photography packages. Here’s a simple breakdown to help us figure out the right package level and pricing for our needs:


Package Features Aperina Studios Base Package Additional Options
Hours of Coverage 8 hours Second day shoot for $1,600 (up to 3 hours). Consider extending to 6 hours for more coverage.
Edited High-Resolution Images Approximately 500 N/A
Online Gallery Included N/A
Second Photographer Not included $750
Guest Book Not included $500
Parent Album Not included $700
Rehearsal Dinner Coverage Not included Starting at $1,200
Deposit 50% non-refundable Remaining balance due on the wedding day


Summarized Details:

– **Base Price**: $3,900

– **Second Day Shoot**: $1,600

– **Add-Ons**: Second photographer ($750), guest book ($500), parent album ($700), rehearsal dinner ($1,200)

Choosing the perfect package means assessing how these features align with our wedding plans. We can customize as needed… ensuring we get everything we want.

Customization options

Customizing your wedding photography package can help you get exactly what you want. You can add and adjust features to fit your special day, ensuring the perfect wedding package.

  • Additional Hours can be crucial if you’re going for complete day coverage.: Extend the coverage by adding extra hours, ensuring every moment is captured.
  • Second Shooter Options: Hire two photographers to capture more angles and moments, enhancing your custom package. This way, one photographer can take portraits while the other captures candid shots.
  • Engagement Session InclusionAdd an engagement session with a certified photographer for 60 minutes, perfect to include in your custom package if you’re interested. This includes high-resolution digital photo files in a private online gallery.
  • Albums and PrintsInclude prints, canvases, or a custom wedding album in your package if you’re interested. These make great keepsakes and gifts.
  • Digital Gallery AccessEnsure you have unlimited access to your digital wedding gallery to download or share photos of your special day coverage.
  • Cinematic Videography: Opt for dynamic video-only packages with 8-hour or 10-hour options. Capture speeches, first looks, and toasts in a cinematic style throughout your wedding date.


Finding the perfect wedding photography package is crucial. The right package captures every special moment, tailored to your wedding date and preferences. Look for options with good coverage hours and engagement sessions—two photographers are a great bonus! Check for extra features like albums or digital galleries, especially if you’re going for comprehensive day coverage.

Compare packages to fit your budget and needs… customization can add personal touches too!


Q: How do I find the perfect wedding photography package for my wedding day in 2024?

A: To find the perfect wedding photography package for your special day in 2024, consider factors such as your budget, desired coverage, number of photos, and any specific add-ons you may want. Research different photographers and their packages, and schedule consultations to find the right fit for you.

Q: What should I look for in photographer packages when choosing a wedding photographer?

A: When choosing a wedding photographer, look for packages that offer the coverage and services you need within your budget. Consider factors such as the number of hours of coverage, whether there are two shooters included, and any add-ons available such as albums or prints.

Q: How many hours of coverage should I choose for my wedding day?

A: The number of hours of coverage you choose for your wedding day depends on your schedule and preferences. Typically, couples opt for around 6 hours of coverage to capture key moments such as getting ready, the ceremony, and reception.

Q: What are some common add-ons I should consider for my wedding photography package?

A: Some common add-ons to consider for your wedding photography package include additional hours of coverage, albums or prints, engagement sessions, and the option to add a second shooter for more comprehensive coverage of your special day.

Q: How can I differentiate wedding photography packages to find the best one for me?

A: To differentiate wedding photography packages, compare the services offered, pricing, and any add-ons included. Consider the style of photography each photographer offers, their expertise in storytelling, and whether they have experience shooting weddings similar to yours.

Q: Should I opt for two shooters in my wedding photography package?

A: Having two shooters in your wedding photography package can provide full coverage of your wedding day from different perspectives. This can help capture more moments and details, especially during key moments such as the ceremony and reception on your wedding date.

Q: What is the importance of a wedding album in a custom photography package?

A: A wedding album is a keepsake that tells the story of your wedding day through beautifully curated images. Including a wedding album in your custom photography package allows you to relive and share the memories of your special day for years to come.

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