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Affordable Wedding Photography Packages & Pricing

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    Affordable Wedding Photography Packages & Pricing


    Navigating the world of wedding planning often feels like finding your way through an intricate maze, especially when it comes to securing that perfect photographer who aligns with your budgetary constraints.

    Trust us, we’ve done our homework, diving into the deep end to unearth those affordable yet stunning photography solutions. What did we discover? A treasure trove of incredible wedding photography packages designed to accommodate any financial plan—and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to share these finds with you.

    This guide is crafted to steer you towards selecting an ideal package, ensuring your precious moments are immortalized in beauty without straining your wallet. Are you ready for some enlightening revelations?

    Key Takeaways

    • Different wedding photography packages are available to fit any budget, with prices ranging from $1,299 to $5,899.
    • Packages can be customized to include everything from engagement sessions and full-day coverage to digital files and wedding albums, all aimed at capturing the essence of getting married.
    • Adding a second shooter or opting for special prints and albums helps capture every moment of your big day.
    • Digital galleries or files offer an easy way to access and share high – resolution images of your wedding anytime.
    • Choosing the right package involves considering what aspects of your day you want documented and how you wish to remember them.


    Understanding Wedding Photography Packages

    Picking the right wedding photography package can feel like a maze, but it’s essential for capturing those picture-perfect moments of your big day. Each package offers a unique mix—a blend of hours, styles, and extras designed to match what you envision for documenting your wedding, setting the tone for the way you can get the best wedding gallery.

    When we talk about wedding photography packages, think of them as custom meal deals for your special day. You’re not just getting someone to take photos; you’re hiring an artist to tell the story of one of your life’s biggest milestones through their lens.

    From the “Classic Photo & Video Package,” which covers all the basics, to the “Storytelling Photo & Video Package,” designed for couples who want every laugh, tear, and dance move captured, each option has its charm.

    These bundles usually include a set number of hours with your photographer (or photographers if you opt for a second shooter), editing services where your photos will be polished and brought to life.

    Classic Photo & Video Package

    Our Classic Photo & Video Package is a great start for your special day. It offers both 2-hour and 4-hour options, priced at $1,299 and $1,599 respectively. With these bundles, you’re saving up to $800 off the original rates! This package ensures that no important moment goes unnoticed.

    From walking down the aisle to saying “I do,” we capture it all with a blend of candid shots and posed portraits. Our team makes sure every laugh, tear, and dance move is preserved in high-quality photos and video.

    Opting for this package means you get professional coverage of your ceremony and reception highlights without breaking the bank. We understand how crucial it is to document your wedding day accurately—after all, these are memories you’ll want to look back on for years to come.

    Plus, our experienced photographers know exactly how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that your true joy shines through in every shot. Whether it’s an intimate elopement or a grand celebration you’re going for, we tailor our approach to suit your needs while ensuring affordability.

    Expressions Photo & Video Package

    The Expressions Photo & Video Package is a sweet spot for many of our brides. It offers flexible coverage options, including 6, 8, and 10 hours to fit perfectly with your special day’s timeline.

    The prices start at $2,299 and go up to $2,999. This range makes it easier for you to pick exactly what you want without breaking the bank.

    We also spice things up with add-ons like a one-hour photo shoot for those genuine candid photos or elegantly posed photos – all for an extra $399.99. Plus, we offer wedding albums in various sizes ranging from $299 to $549 to ensure your memories are preserved in the best possible quality years to come.

    These extra options let you customize your package further, allowing us and our lens to capture more angles and special moments just as you envisioned them on your wedding date.

    Exclusive Photo & Video Package

    Moving on from our Expressions package, let’s talk about something for those who want it all—the Exclusive Photo & Video Package. This upgrade gives you more—more time, more photos, and even better coverage of your special day.

    It includes 8-hour and 10-hour bundles priced at $3,099 and $3,499 respectively. We know every minute on your wedding day is precious. That’s why this package ensures no moment goes uncaptured.

    Candid Studios brings this exclusive offering to the table for couples looking for comprehensive coverage. You get everything—candid shots that capture genuine emotion, posed photos that look like they belong in a bridal magazine, and professional videos that tell the story of your wedding day beautifully.

    This plan is perfect if you’re aiming to keep every memory intact to cherish for years to come. Plus, with digital files included, sharing these moments anywhere you’d like becomes a breeze.

    Storytelling Photo & Video Package

    Our Storytelling Photo & Video Package is all about capturing the feelings and stories of your special day from start to finish. This package offers two options: an 8-hour bundle or a 10-hour bundle.

    Either way, you get two photographers and a cinematographer, making sure no moment goes unnoticed. Before the wedding day arrives, we include a pre-event photo shoot to help us understand exactly what you want.

    On your big day, aside from candid and posed photos, our team creates a cinematic feature film that tells the story of your love in detail. And it doesn’t stop there; you also receive a beautiful wedding album set which ensures these memories are preserved for years to come.

    Unlimited coverage means we’re with you every step of the way—no looking at the clock worrying about overtime fees. Our goal is to capture every laugh, tear, and dance move without missing a beat.

    We pride ourselves on delivering professional photos that breathe life into your most cherished moments. Afterward, reliving your wedding through these images and films will be like experiencing it all over again but with the ability to pause on those truly special instances.

    Let’s talk about why having engagement photos included in wedding photography packages can make such a big difference next.

    Importance of Engagement Photos in Wedding Photography Packages


    Engagement photos play a critical role in our wedding photography packages. These sessions are more than just capturing smiles and fancy outfits—they’re about us getting to know you as a couple, and you getting comfortable in front of our lenses.

    Think of it as a trial run before the big day. During these photo shoots, we discover the best ways to make you both shine, whether through candid moments or posed portraits. It’s this personal touch that ensures your wedding photos truly reflect who you are together.

    We’ve found that couples appreciate the opportunity to practice posing before their wedding day—no one wants stiff or awkward pictures! This pre-wedding session allows us to explore different angles and settings, so on your special day, everything runs smoothly.

    Plus, these photographs aren’t just for practice; they’re memories of your engagement period that you’ll cherish for years to come. Whether used for save-the-date cards or displayed at your reception, they add an intimate touch that ties your whole love story together—from yes to I do.

    Deciding on Coverage Hours in Your Wedding Photography Package

    After discussing the importance of engagement photos in your wedding package, it’s time to address another key aspect – deciding on coverage hours for your big day. This decision is pivotal as it impacts how well the stories and emotions of your special day are captured. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you determine the right amount of coverage for your wedding photography package.


    1. Start Early: Think about when you want your photographer to start snapping away. Do you envision photos of you and your bridal party getting ready? These pre-ceremony moments can add beautifully candid shots to your album, showing the anticipation and excitement leading up to the main event.
    2. Consider Key Events: Make a list of must-have shots and events during the day. From the ceremony vows to the first dance, cake cutting, and tossing of the bouquet – these are moments you’ll cherish for years to come. Knowing what special moments you want captured helps in estimating how long you’ll need your photographer.
    3. Think About Your Wedding’s Timeline: Every wedding has its own rhythm and scheduling details. If there’s travel involved between locations – say from where you’re getting ready to the ceremony venue, and then onto the reception – factor in this transit time. Your photographer should capture scenes at each spot without having to rush, ensuring your entire wedding is documented beautifully.
    4. Don’t Forget The Reception: Receptions are full of spontaneous dances, laughs, and sometimes unexpected events that make memorable photos. Decide if capturing these evening festivities is important to you, which could mean extending into more hours of coverage.
    5. Consult With Your Photographer: Your wedding photographer has seen it all before and can provide indispensable advice on how many hours are typically needed based on their experience with weddings similar in size and style to yours.
    6. Reflect On Package Offerings: Many photographers offer packages that include a fixed number of hours – like an 8-hour package which might perfectly suit standard needs from getting ready through part of the reception. Evaluate these packages alongside your outlined needs.
    7. Flexibility Is Key: Extra time can always add up quickly but having a buffer ensures neither you nor your photographer feel rushed during key moments; consider this when making initial estimations.
    8. Additional Charges To Keep In Mind: Understand from your chosen professional what happens if things run over – knowing upfront any additional hour rates can save surprises down the line.
    9. Tailored To Fit: Remember, most photographers are willing to custom-make a package that fits exactly what YOU want for YOUR day – whether it means adjusting start times or adding extra sessions like an elopement shoot post-wedding day.
    10.  Final Review Before Booking: Once decided upon, review this section with potential photographers during consultations ensuring everyone is on board with expectations for capturing those special moments precisely as envisioned.

    By keeping these points in mind, couples can confidently approach setting up their wedding photography coverage – ensuring they’ve got just enough time booked to capture everything dear about their special day without paying for more than they need or missing out on crucial memories.

    Additional Wedding Package Add-ons and Offers

    Looking to spice up your wedding package? We’ve got you covered with add-ons that make all the difference. Think of these as the cherry on top—whether it’s more shooters to capture every candid moment, or prints that turn special moments into tangible memories.

    With these extras, you can tailor your package to fit exactly what you want for your big day.

    Adding a second shooter means not a single laugh or tear goes unnoticed. And when we talk about prints and albums, imagine flipping through high-quality pages filled with professional photos from your wedding years to come.

    It’s about bringing those digital files to life in ways that truly matter.

    So, don’t settle for just the basics. Explore our add-ons and offers—you might find something perfect for making your wedding photography package complete!

    Second Shooter

    A second shooter can make a big difference in how we capture your wedding day. This add-on lets us snap more candid photos and special moments from angles one person can’t cover alone.

    Think of it as having eyes everywhere—nothing gets missed. Our second shooters are skilled photographers who work seamlessly with the main photographer to ensure your day is documented just as you imagined, encapsulating the essence of getting married.

    Opting for a second shooter means every laugh, tear, and dance move gets caught on camera. It’s like doubling the chances to freeze those fleeting moments into memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

    And don’t worry about pricing; we’ve made sure this add-on won’t break the bank while still providing the high-quality professional photos everyone dreams of for their big day.

    Prints, Canvases, and Albums

    We all want our wedding day to last forever, and through prints, canvases, and albums, we can capture those moments. These keepsakes let us revisit the joy whenever we wish.


    Your wedding marks the start of a new chapter together. Imagine flipping through a beautifully bound album or walking past a stunning canvas on your wall.


    Selecting the right package includes considering how you want to remember your special day. Our packages provide various ways to treasure those memories.

    Wedding Photography

    High-quality prints bring out the vivid colors and delicate details of your wedding pictures. Using professional-grade paper, these prints stand the test of time.

    Wedding Photographer

    The photographer does more than just take pictures; they’re creating art for your albums and canvases. Choosing someone who understands this turns photos into treasures.


    Your photographer’s lens captures emotions, laughter, and love. These shots fill your albums and decorate your home with canvases that tell your story.

    Wedding Photography Package

    Our wedding photography package deals offer choices for every couple. Want a sleek photo book or a grand canvas? We guide you through it all.

    Wedding Package

    Each wedding package serves a purpose – from elopements to grand celebrations. Let’s find exactly what you want for showcasing your big day.

    Wedding Day

    Imagine seeing your favorite pose as a fine art canvas in your living room or flipping through an album filled with candid photos years from now.


    Every pose tells part of your story. We ensure those looks of love get captured just right for prints that’ll adorn your home and heart.

    Affordable Wedding

    We believe in making memories last without breaking the bank. Our affordable options mean you don’t have to compromise on quality for price.


    Add-ons such as additional hours or a second shooter make sure no moment goes unnoticed, capturing every smile and tear so they can show up on your wedding gallery. Your day coverage is complete from every angle.


    Pricing shouldn’t be mysterious. Our transparent approach lets you know upfront costs, including any possible travel fees for destination weddings.

    8 Hour

    An 8-hour day coverage usually works well, but each wedding is unique. We help potential clients decide on necessary coverage to capture their full day without rushing.


    From selecting the size to choosing matte or glossy finishes – getting prints directly means personalizing each aspect of how you display those special moments.

    Wedding Photos

    Wedding photos are more than images; they’re instant portals back to the feelings felt on that day, allowing you to relive your entire wedding. Let’s choose together which ones deserve that special spot in an album or on display.

    Engagement Session

    Including an engagement session in packages allows couples to get comfortable in front of the camera before their big day – plus extra gorgeous shots!

    Digital Files

    Worry less about losing precious memories over time with digital files saved securely online—the easiest way to download and print anytime you desire them.

    Choosing lasting mementos such as high-quality printed albums brings joy not just today but for years to come, reminding you daily of those heartfelt vows exchanged under twinkling lights or sunny skies alike

    Digital Gallery or Digital Files

    Moving from tangible mementos like prints and albums, let’s talk about the ease and accessibility of digital galleries or files. These options allow you to keep your special day at your fingertips.

    Our wedding packages include a secure online gallery where you can view, share, and download all your professional photos. We’re talking high-resolution images that capture every candid moment and posed photo with clarity.

    We also offer lifetime storage for these digital files—yes, you read that right. This means you’ll have access to your wedding photos for years to come without worrying about losing them.

    And if you’re interested in having backup copies or want to create personal projects, requesting all RAW content right after your special day is an option we provide free of charge.

    With this add-on, there’s no limit to reliving those precious moments whenever you’d like through any device or platform of your choice.

    Affordable Wedding Photography Packages and Pricing

    Hey there, excited brides-to-be! We know you’ve got a million things on your mind, and figuring out the perfect wedding photography package that doesn’t break the bank is high on that list. Let’s dive into the heart of affordable wedding photography packages and pricing. We’re here to give you the lowdown, making it super simple to understand what you’re getting for your money.


    Package Name Includes Price Range Best For
    Classic Photo & Video Package 8 hour day coverage, 2 shooters, digital files, 1 wedding album $1,299 – $2,499 Traditional weddings, full day events
    Expressions Photo & Video Package 6 hour day coverage, 1 shooter, digital files, engagement session $1,999 – $3,399 Couples wanting engagement photos included
    Exclusive Photo & Video Package Full day coverage, 2 shooters, digital files, engagement session, 2 wedding albums $2,999 – $4,899 A bit of everything, with extra albums for families
    Storytelling Photo & Video Package Full day coverage, 2 shooters, digital files, engagement session, video highlight reel, 1 wedding album $3,599 – $5,899 Story-focused, capturing special moments and candid photos


    What we want to highlight here is that no matter your budget or needs, there’s a package out there for you. Whether you’re planning an elopement or a grand wedding day, these packages offer a range of options to capture your special day just how you imagined. And remember, each package can be customized. If you’re dreaming of more posed photos or candid moments to look back on for years to come, it’s all doable. Just chat with your wedding photographer, fill out their questionnaire, and they’ll tailor everything to fit exactly what you want. No two weddings are the same, so why should your wedding photography package be?

    From the classic to the storytelling package, we’ve laid out options that include everything from engagement sessions to beautifully printed wedding albums. Prices vary, but remember, Matthew Alexander offers high-quality work at prices $500 less than the Atlanta average. This means getting professional photos and special memories captured without stretching your budget too thin.

    Choosing the right package is about more than just pricing; it’s about finding the right fit for your wedding day, your personality, and how you want to remember your special day. So, take a breath, consider what elements are most important to you, and pick the package that feels right. Your future self (and your wallet) will thank you!


    Wedding planning doesn’t have to drain your wallet, especially when it comes to capturing those unforgettable moments. Our selection of wedding packages includes just what you need—quality and affordability combined.

    Whether you opt for the classic vibe or go all out with our storytelling option, we’ve got you covered. The best part? You can add extras like a second shooter or a special album that tells your love story for years to come.

    Finding the right photographer at the right price lets you focus on enjoying every moment of your big day without stress. So, dive into our offerings and let’s make magic happen together!


    Q: What is included in wedding photography packages?

    A: Wedding photography packages typically include coverage on the wedding day, a certain number of hours, a second photographer, a photo album, and a specific number of edited images.

    Q: How much does a wedding photographer cost?

    A: The cost of a wedding photographer can vary depending on factors such as the location, experience of the photographer, duration of coverage, and included services. On average, prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

    Q: Do wedding photography packages include an engagement session?

    A: Some wedding photography packages include an engagement session as an additional service, while others may offer it as part of a custom package or for an added fee. It’s important to discuss this with your photographer if you’re looking to have an engagement session.

    Q: Can I request specific poses for the wedding day photos?

    A: Yes, you can definitely discuss your desired poses with your wedding photographer. Professional photographers are often open to suggestions and will work with you to capture exactly what you want for your special day.

    Q: Are candid photos included in wedding packages?

    A: Many wedding photographers include candid photos in their packages as these shots capture the genuine emotions and special moments of the day. Make sure to discuss the style of photography you prefer with your potential clients.

    Q: How many hours of coverage do wedding packages usually include?

    A: Wedding packages often include a set number of hours of coverage, such as 8 hours or more. It’s important to communicate with your photographer about the hours you need to ensure all important parts of your day are captured.

    Q: Do wedding photographers offer additional services such as videography?

    A: While some wedding photographers also offer videography services, not all photographers provide this option. If you’re interested in having both photography and videography, it’s best to discuss this with your photographer to see if they offer such services or can recommend an assistant in videography.

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