Colorado Wedding Photographer, Elopement Photographer, and Videographer For Your Big Day

Choosing the perfect photographer for your Colorado wedding is no small feat. We understand the struggle and have delved into extensive research to bring you closer to the ideal choices.

Candid Studios offers a variety of photography and videography services in Colorado, including wedding photography, photography, event photography, portrait sessions, and wedding videography. They use the latest cameras and drones to capture high-quality images from all angles.

Our services come with unique benefits like RAW footage access, lifetime storage of photos and videos, tailored editing styles according to each couple’s preferences, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure every detail is captured beautifully.

Our team at Candid Studios is passionate about capturing authentic moments that tell the unique story of each couple’s love. They aim to create lasting memories by focusing on raw emotions and stunning scenery during weddings.


Our Services

We offer a wide selection of photography and videography services to capture your most cherished moments. From the first kiss at your Colorado wedding to the laughter at your Colorado engagement session, we’ve got you covered.

Wedding & Elopement Photography

Capturing your big day in Colorado means having the beautiful mountains and bright sunsets as your background. Our team knows how to mix the amazing scenery with your special love story, making wedding photos that are natural and fun.

We focus on real moments, making sure every laugh and tear is captured in true colors. With us, you’re getting more than just a photographer; you’re getting a friend who will make you smile, feel at ease, and bring your wedding dreams to life through stunning photos.

If you’re thinking about eloping in Vail or planning a small ceremony, let’s talk about our photography for those moments next, designed to make you feel at ease.

Moving from big celebrations to the private moments of weddings, we get that every love story is one of a kind, emphasizing that we’re based in Colorado but capture these unique narratives in Colorado and beyond. Photography is for dreamers who see their wedding day as a personal event, set in stunning places.

Imagine saying your vows on a quiet mountaintop or next to a peaceful river in Colorado—our camera will be there to catch every sincere moment, making it feel like the best day of your life. We’re experts at turning these close exchanges into lasting memories, a skill honed from declaring, as we’re well-versed as Colorado engagement photographers.

Let us share your story through beautiful photos that capture the real spirit of your connection.

We’re proud to offer services that go beyond photography, with a personal touch from someone who says,   Photography services catered specifically for those envisioning their big day in Colorado and beyond, where every detail is meticulously planned and executed. made just for you. Our way makes sure your day feels easy and comfy, letting us take natural shots that really show who you are and how you feel.

Whether it’s on Vail’s huge mountains or in Breckenridge’s thick forests, our love for what we do pushes us to find those perfect moments for unforgettable pictures. Trust us to hold onto the magic of your with images you’ll always value, making us not just photographers but storytellers through and through.


Wedding Videography

We capture your wedding day’s movement to bring out emotions and energy that photos can’t match. Our goal is to save every laugh, tear, and dance move through our lenses. Using top-notch equipment, we don’t just shoot any videos; we create cinematic experiences of your mountain or city wedding in Colorado, a signature of a dedicated Denver wedding photographer.

Imagine being able to relive the vows, speeches, and first dance years from now—our videography makes this possible.

We make each video unique to tell your personal story and style. From wide shots of Colorado Springs to close-ups in Littleton, every moment is carefully filmed. We ensure nothing important gets missed.

For those who want an awe-inspiring view of their special day, we offer drone footage options too—ideal for capturing Colorado’s stunning scenery in your wedding film.

Now, let’s discuss capturing those spontaneous moments with Event Photography, leaning on the expertise of a destination wedding photographer.

Event Photography

After capturing your unforgettable wedding moments, the work isn’t over yet. Event photography services include every part of your celebration, from the engagement party to the bridal shower.

The goal is to capture those fleeting moments forever. The team understands how crucial it is for you to relive these events through beautiful photos. That’s why there’s a focus on candid shots that show real emotions and joy.

You’ll never have to worry about missing any detail of your special days leading up to and following your big day. Whether it’s catching the laughter during your wedding shower or tears of joy at a bridesmaid reveal, I’m a wedding photographer always ready with their cameras, ensuring your best day is beautifully captured.

These aren’t just photos; they’re pieces of time saved for you to look back on whenever you want. Each shot tells a story, making you laugh or bringing back that feeling of excitement all over again.


Portrait Sessions

We know how special your engagement period is. That’s why we offer portrait sessions that capture you and your partner’s unique connection. These sessions are not just about taking photos; they’re about telling your love story.

Whether it’s in the bustling streets of Denver, the serene Colorado mountains, or any popular city in Colorado, we make sure every shot reflects the true essence of your relationship.

With us, feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera as we guide you through every step.

Our team at Candid Studios Photography & Videography values making you laugh and helping you feel at ease during these intimate moments. We bring state-of-the-art equipment to ensure every smile, glance, and tender touch is captured beautifully.

Let us immortalize this chapter of your life with images that speak volumes of your journey together. Trust us to make these moments unforgettable – because when you look back at these photos, we want them to take you right back to those feelings of love and excitement for what’s ahead.

Why Choose Us

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RAW Footage

We understand how crucial every single detail of your wedding day is. That's why our services include RAW footage, giving you complete access to all the moments of your special occasion. It's as if you have a backstage pass to every smile, tear, and dance move—nothing gets overlooked, and our presence makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. With this feature, you can revisit the magic of your Colorado wedding or whenever you wish. From the first kiss as a married couple to the laughter during the reception, it’s all yours to hold onto forever. We ensure that every raw emotion and spontaneous moment is captured for you to treasure.

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Lifetime Storage

Your big day is filled with moments you'll want to keep forever. That's why lifetime storage for all your wedding photos and videos is available. Imagine—no worries about losing precious photographs due to a computer crash or an outdated device. Your laughter, tears, and joy are kept safe so you can relive them anytime, a testament to the dedication of the best photographer. The importance of capturing these unforgettable moments cannot be understated. With this service, every smile, every dance move, and those spontaneous kisses are securely stored for generations to enjoy. Feel at ease knowing your Colorado mountain wedding, a perfect scene for a Colorado wedding photographer and videographer to capture. Or beach in Miami will be vividly remembered through careful photography and videography, preserved meticulously with lifetime storage, ensuring even an elopement feels like your best day.

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AI Editing

Every couple has a story that's all their own. That's why when it comes to editing, it’s all about what you want, ensuring that as a Denver wedding photographer, every detail reflects your unique story. If you dream of wedding photos bursting with colors in Vail or if classic black-and-white pictures are more your style, we’ve got you covered, being based in Colorado. Our team is skilled in Photoshop and can make any vision come to life. Each picture will show off your personality and the precious moments of your big day, capturing the essence of what it means to be a Colorado elopement photographer. Choosing this path means moving away from the usual one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you’ll get a collection of wedding photos and videos that are as special as your relationship. Plus, our top-notch equipment makes sure every little detail is captured just right, vital for a Colorado engagement photographer aiming for perfection.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We only use the latest cameras and drones to capture your special moments. These advanced tools let us take amazing shots from all angles, making sure nothing is missed. Our gear works well in any light – whether it’s bright sunshine at an outdoor wedding or a dimly lit indoor event.

This means your photos and videos will look great, with true-to-life colors.

Our team always stays up-to-date with the latest photography and videography trends. We invest in our equipment so your memories are captured beautifully, a commitment you’d expect from a dedicated wedding and portrait photographer. From wide views of your big day to close-ups of happy moments, our top-notch gear gets everything in clear, stylish detail.


Passion and Dedication

We love being your wedding and elopement photographer in Colorado. Capturing those close moments in amazing places makes us happy. We give our all to every picture, telling your story truly and with feeling.

Every laugh, tear, and dance is kept forever through our cameras because we’re all about making your big day one you’ll always remember.

The thrill of a wedding far away or a quiet vow exchange in the Rockies excites us. Our team is full of passion and hard work for every event, no matter the size. With most of our reviews being 5 stars, it’s clear – we adore what we do, and you can see that love in our pictures.

Your trust motivates us to keep taking beautiful photos of love stories that will be cherished forever.

Experience and Expertise

Our journey began as a tech repair shop and evolved into capturing special moments at weddings in Colorado. The business grew quickly after starting in 2023, opening locations in Colorado and South Florida, showcasing the demand for a quality Colorado photographer.

This expansion shows dedication and skill in preserving beautiful memories for couples, embodying the spirit of being the best photographer at capturing those moments, made us feel this way. The team has specialized skills in wedding photography and videography, making sure to capture the essence of each unique day.

More than 92% of reviews give five stars, showing that passion matches excellence here. When you plan your wedding, consider our team to handle it with top-notch equipment and well-practiced techniques, showcasing the prowess of a Colorado wedding photographer and videographer.

Choosing this service means trusting experts who understand how valuable every moment is on such an important day.

Our Mission

Our mission? To embody the essence of Colorado wedding photography by capturing every moment that makes your day the best day of your life. We’re here to turn your wedding dreams into unforgettable stories. Capturing those raw, real emotions in every shot, we make sure every laugh, tear, and dance is yours to keep forever.

Creating epic, emotional content

We capture your unique love story and make every moment epic, like a destination wedding photographer bringing dreams to life. Our cameras are always ready to catch those raw, emotional moments that tell the real story of your day. Imagine laughter, tears, and heartfelt glances.

With us behind the camera, your Colorado wedding or becomes an unforgettable tale.

From majestic mountains as a backdrop to quiet moments shared away from the crowd, we focus on what makes your heart sing. Whether it’s a big celebration or a secret getaway just for two, every snapshot and video clip will be full of passion and authenticity.

This isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about saving memories you’ll cherish forever – making us not just photographers but storytellers at heart.

Telling authentic stories

Our passion comes alive when we share your unique story. Every photo and video we capture showcases the true feelings, laughter, and love unique to your relationship. Think of us more as storytellers, excited to reveal what makes your love stand out, especially with an engagement shoot that captures the essence of Colorado.

We deeply explore what makes each moment special for you. From those anxious looks before saying “I do” to the energetic dance moves at the party, our cameras catch every detail. Let’s make a wedding album that tells a lively tale of your most treasured day – filled with genuine moments that will bring happiness for years ahead.

Creating lasting memories

We know your upcoming wedding is a journey you’ve been dreaming about. Every moment, from the first look to the last dance, tells a part of your unique story, a narrative expertly captured by a Colorado wedding and portrait photographer. That’s why we capture each laugh, tear, and dance move with our cameras — so you can relive them forever.

Your love story deserves to be told in beautiful images that stand the test of time. With Candid Studios Photography & Videography at your Colorado wedding, those fleeting moments become lasting memories, thanks to our team of Colorado wedding photographers and videographers.

We focus on creating emotional content that reflects true-to-color emotions and stunning scenery just like Jo Julia does across Colorado landscapes. Let us make every picture remind you why it was the best decision you made.

Contact Us

Ready to turn your dream wedding into stunning visuals? Drop us a line or shoot us an email. I’m here to help immortalize your best day with outstanding photography, embodying the spirit of a Colorado elopement photographer. Let’s make magic together with Candid Studios Photography & Videography. Your adventure starts now – can’t wait to hear from you for your engagement shoot!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does a Colorado wedding photographer and elopement photographer offer?

A wedding photographer in Miami typically offers photography and videography services to capture your special day.

How do I find the best wedding photographer for my wedding?

When looking for the best Colorado Wedding photographers, consider factors such as their portfolio, style of photography, reviews, and whether they are a good fit for your wedding vision.

Can you photograph candid moments?

Yes, we specialize in candid photography and as a Colorado photographer, can capture natural and fun moments throughout your wedding day.

Why should I hire a Colorado wedding photographer and Elopement Photographer based in Denver?

Hiring a Colorado Wedding Photographer and Elopement Photographer based in Denver can offer convenience, local expertise, and a better understanding of the area for your wedding or elopement, making your best day truly unforgettable.

Are Colorado wedding photographers experienced in destination weddings?

Yes, as a Colorado wedding photographer, I’ve photographed many destination weddings in Colorado and other locations, offering beautiful photos in diverse settings.

What makes Colorado wedding and elopement photographers stand out?

Colorado Wedding and Elopement Photographers stand out for their ability to capture true colors, natural moments, and create stunning images that tell the story of your special day.

How can I book a Colorado wedding photographer for my destination wedding?

To book a Colorado Wedding Photographer for your destination wedding, reach out to the photographer, discuss your wedding details, inquire about availability, and secure a booking for your desired date.