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50 of The Best Photography Spots In Colorado Springs

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A photo of diverse people at Garden of the Gods at sunrise.
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    The Top 50 Best Photography Spots In Colorado Springs

    A photo of diverse people at Garden of the Gods at sunrise.

    Welcome to the scenic grandeur of Colorado Springs, where every view is a potential masterpiece waiting to be captured! As a seasoned photographer based in Colorado Springs, we’ve spent countless hours exploring and photographing this picturesque city, uncovering the top 50 breathtaking photography locations. Colorado Springs is a treasure trove for photographers and nature lovers alike, from the rugged peaks of Pikes Peak to the serene beauty of Garden of the Gods. Whether you’re a professional photographer planning a shoot, a couple seeking the perfect backdrop for engagement photos, or someone who loves snapping stunning landscapes, our curated list will guide you to the most photogenic spots in town. So grab your camera, and let’s embark on a visual journey through the top 50 best photography spots in Colorado Springs!

    Garden of the Gods

    A photo of Garden of the Gods rock formations captured with various people and outfits in the natural landscape.

    Imagine exchanging vows or snapping engagement photos with the monumental red rocks of the Garden of the Gods around you. This park in Colorado Springs is a wonderland for couples looking for that perfect shot to capture their engagement.

    The dramatic landscapes provide a surreal setting, almost like nature celebrates your union.

    We can explore winding paths and find secluded spots where the towering formations frame every picture perfectly. From sunrise to sunset, the changing light dances over the rocks, creating an array of colors that make each photo unique.

    Think about standing hand in hand with Pikes Peak in the distance – it’s pure magic waiting to be captured on camera!

    The Broadmoor

    We love the idea of capturing your special moments at The Broadmoor. This iconic resort surrounds you with a mix of luxury and natural beauty. Picture yourselves walking hand in hand around Lake Cheyenne, with the stunning Rocky Mountains reflecting on the water.

    The grand architecture of this Colorado Springs location makes for an elegant backdrop that’ll make your wedding photos look like they’re straight out of a fairy tale.

    The manicured gardens are perfect for those romantic shots, while colorful blooms add pops of natural color to every frame. Get your bridal party together for fun, candid memories on these lush grounds.

    Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes because you’ll want to explore every picturesque spot! Up next, let’s talk about Palmer Park and its scenic vistas that await you.

    Palmer Park

    A scenic landscape with white rock formations against a colorful sunset sky.

    Palmer Park is a hidden gem right in the heart of Colorado Springs. It’s got it all—picture-perfect rocky outcrops, wide-open spaces, and views that stretch for miles. Imagine standing with your loved one as the camera captures the sunset lighting up Pikes Peak behind you; these are moments you’ll treasure forever.

    Let’s make your engagement photos stand out! Palmer Park in Colorado Springs offers unique backdrops with distinct white rocks and panoramic city views. It’s one of the best places for engagement photos. Wander along the trails hand in hand or share a quiet moment nestled among wildflowers.

    Your love story deserves an epic setting; here, every photo tells a part of that beautiful tale.

    Helen Hunt Falls

    Helen Hunt Falls offers a breathtaking backdrop for our wedding photos. Its cascading waters and greenery create a romantic setting perfect for every season. Imagine exchanging glances with your loved one as the water tumbles down behind you, capturing the essence of your special day.

    We’ll find cozy spots around Colorado Springs’ falls that feel just right for taking photos. It’s all about creating memories that last forever through stunning photographs. Let’s plan enough time to explore and snap plenty of shots without rushing.

    This place is more than just a photo op; it’s where nature’s beauty will frame our love story!

    Red Rock Canyon Open Space

    Moving on from the cascading beauty of Helen Hunt Falls, we find ourselves in the embrace of Red Rock Canyon Open Space. This spot is a treasure for couples seeking that perfect blend of natural elegance and rugged charm for their photos.

    Imagine standing with your beloved among towering sandstone formations, the Colorado sky stretching above you, and Pikes Peak providing a majestic backdrop.

    We’re talking about an open-air studio where every snapshot tells a story of adventure and romance. Trails wind through spires reaching into the heavens, while meadows dotted with wildflowers add splashes of color to your images.

    It’s not just another park; it’s an experience that captures all the grandeur Colorado Springs offers – ideal for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments as you start your journey together.

    Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

    After exploring the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon Open Space, let’s switch gears and dive into some local history. The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is a hidden gem for photography lovers.

    It stands tall downtown, offering a perfect backdrop with its beautiful granite building. Imagine your wedding photos framed by elegant architecture and Colorado’s rich past! Inside, historical exhibits add a unique touch to your pictures.

    We’ll capture moments among displays that tell stories of the area.

    Let’s not overlook the museum grounds, either. Picture yourselves posing in beautifully landscaped gardens filled with flowers and art installations – it’s an oasis in the city! With Pikes Peak towering in the distance, every shot here speaks to the heart of Colorado Springs.

    Trust us; this spot will give your wedding album that special touch you want.

    The Broadmoor Seven Falls

    We know you want your wedding photos to be unique and breathtaking. Imagine capturing your love in front of the Broadmoor Seven Falls! This spot is a true gem, with water cascading down 181 feet of sheer granite cliff face.

    Think about the stunning backdrops for your photos – the lush greenery, clear pools at each cascade level, and towering cliffs will make every shot magical.

    Your guests will be enchanted, too. They can explore hiking trails or soak in the beauty around them while waiting their turn with you in front of the camera. After all those lovely moments at Seven Falls, it’s time to head over to Manitou Cliff Dwellings for more incredible photo ops!

    Manitou Cliff Dwellings

    Imagine exchanging vows with the stunning backdrop of ancient homes carved into the cliffs. The Manitou Cliff Dwellings offer this unique setting. Your wedding photos will be breathtaking among these beautiful structures that tell a story of a civilization long past.

    You and your guests can explore the dwellings and capture memories against the red sandstone. Think about those sunset shots with Colorado’s sky painting colors behind you! This spot in Manitou Springs is not just a location; it’s an unforgettable experience for your special day.

    Fox Run Regional Park

    A mountain lake reflecting colorful fall foliage in a serene setting.

    We love capturing those special moments at Fox Run Regional Park. Its wide-open spaces and towering pine trees make it a fairytale backdrop for your wedding photos. Think about saying your ‘I dos’ surrounded by nature’s beauty, where every snapshot is as enchanting as the next.

    Fox Run Park shines with unique rock formations that catch the sunlight perfectly, creating a golden-hour glow in your pictures. The park’s water features add a touch of serenity to your images.

    Consider this gem in Black Forest an ideal spot for couples looking to infuse their wedding day memories with Colorado’s natural splendor.

    Monument Valley Park

    After exploring Fox Run Regional Park’s natural beauty, continue to Monument Valley Park for picture-perfect moments. This park lines Monument Creek with paths that wind through tall trees and open meadows.

    Imagine exchanging smiles beside the rippling water or posing on charming bridges – this park provides a variety of backdrops for your engagement photos.

    Capture love in bloom among vibrant flower beds or under the towering shade of cottonwoods. You’ll find sculptures and historical elements peppered throughout the park, adding character to every shot.

    Bring your photographer here and let the majestic views of Pikes Peak frame your moments of affection!

    Glen Eyrie Castle

    Leaving the natural beauty of Monument Valley Park, we find ourselves swept up in the fairytale setting of Glen Eyrie Castle. This stunning location offers a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos with its romantic towers and elegant architecture.

    Imagine you and your partner posing on the grand staircase or sharing a moment in front of the castle’s stone walls.

    We adore capturing love stories at this English Tudor-style castle nestled against dramatic rock formations. With its lush gardens and quiet courtyards, it feels like stepping into another world—a perfect place for couples looking to add a touch of royal charm to their special day.

    Glen Eyrie promises enchanting photos that you’ll treasure forever, whether it’s just the two of you or your entire wedding party.

    Aspire Palmer Park Apartments

    From the historic beauty of Glen Eyrie Castle, we move on to the modern charm of Aspire Palmer Park Apartments. This place offers rocky terrain and vast fields that can be the backdrop for your dream photoshoot.

    Imagine standing with your love among these scenic views, with Colorado’s mountains rising in the distance. It’s a photographer’s delight and could be the setting where you capture moments to treasure forever.

    We know how unique your engagement is, and choosing Aspire Palmer Park Apartments means you’re looking for something special. The sweeping landscapes provide a stunning contrast to intimate moments captured on camera.

    Each photo will tell a story against this breathtaking canvas – perfect for couples who want their love to stand out just as much as the beautiful Colorado Springs surroundings.

    Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site

    Leaving the modern comforts of Aspire Palmer Park Apartments, we find ourselves stepping back in time at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site. Here, you’ll wander through history with your loved one by your side, capturing moments against a backdrop that whispers tales of yesteryears.

    This ranch breathes life into your photographs with its well-preserved buildings and lush landscapes.

    We know the importance of having the perfect setting for your wedding photos. Rock Ledge Ranch provides a canvas of natural beauty and historical charm. You can pose near rustic barns or under towering trees, creating snapshots steeped in romance and enchantment for years to cherish.

    Ghost Town Museum

    We can step back in time on our big day at the Ghost Town Museum! This spot is a hidden gem for unique wedding photos. Imagine standing among rustic cabins and antique artifacts, with a vintage Western backdrop perfect for those who love history.

    The wooden boardwalks and old-fashioned storefronts near Colorado Springs will add a charming touch to our pictures.

    We’ll have so much fun posing by the old saloon or near an authentic blacksmith shop! This place captures the spirit of Colorado’s wild past. Let’s capture memories here that stand out from the usual wedding album.

    Our guests won’t stop talking about how fantastic and different our venue was. Get ready for some great shots at the Ghost Town Museum!

    North Cheyenne Cañon Park

    We know you’re dreaming of the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, and North Cheyenne Cañon Park is a treasure in Colorado Springs just for that. With lush woodlands, towering rock formations, and cascading waterfalls, it’s a paradise for lovebirds seeking enchantment.

    Imagine exchanging sweet glances among the aspen groves or stealing kisses beside the soft murmur of Cheyenne Creek.

    Let’s capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments amidst the park’s raw beauty! Whether you’re gazing into each other’s eyes on a rustic bridge or wrapped in an embrace under the canopy of ancient trees, every picture tells a romance story.

    Here at North Cheyenne Cañon Park, we can create magical memories that will sparkle long after your special day has passed.

    Ute Valley Park

    A serene mountain lake with vibrant autumn foliage reflected in it.

    Ute Valley Park is a gem for wedding photos. Imagine standing among the rugged rock formations with your loved one, the sun setting behind you. Your dress and suit look stunning against the natural backdrop.

    The park’s wild beauty offers an incredible contrast to your special day’s elegance.

    Let’s explore Ute Valley Park for those candid moments. Walk hand in hand over gentle trails, find secluded spots for intimate shots, or pose on hilltops with sweeping views of Colorado Springs.

    Trust us – This unique place in Colorado Springs adds magic to every frame, making your memories stand out!

    Colorado College

    We know you’re searching for that perfect spot to capture your love story, and Colorado College should be high on your list. Picture this: the majestic Pikes Peak in the background, framing every shot with awe-inspiring beauty.

    Stroll through the college grounds hand-in-hand and find yourselves surrounded by historic Victorian architecture. These buildings offer a timeless elegance that can add a classic touch to your photos.

    As seasons change, so does the campus scenery. Imagine vibrant fall leaves or delicate spring blooms complementing your special moments – it’s all here at Colorado College! The well-maintained gardens provide a variety of colors and textures that pop in any photograph.

    Trust us; you’ll want these memories framed on your wall forever! Let’s capture those tender looks and joyful smiles amidst a natural and architecturally stunning setting – because you deserve photos as beautiful as your romance.

    Cheyenne Mountain State Park

    Cheyenne Mountain State Park offers breathtaking nature scenes that are perfect for engagement photos. Imagine capturing your love among the pine forests with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains rising in the background.

    It’s a top 10 best spot for Colorado Springs engagements like yours, looking to set their special moments against the city’s natural beauty.

    This park is full of sceneries – from prairie grasses swaying gently in the breeze to lush trees and rustic bridges over serene rivers. Each photo will tell its story, framed by Cheyenne Mountain’s diverse landscapes.

    Your wedding and engagement pictures here will be as unique and beautiful as your love story!

    Helen Hunt Falls Visitor Center

    We love capturing memories at Helen Hunt Falls Visitor Center and know you will. Picture yourselves holding hands, with the sounds of cascading water as your backdrop. The center has paths leading to breathtaking views that are perfect for your engagement photos.

    Imagine smiles lit by the golden glow of a Colorado sunset or a tender kiss beside the serene falls.

    The visitor center also offers spots to take a break and enjoy nature’s beauty together. Think about snapping those candid moments when you both laugh and celebrate your upcoming wedding.

    Bring comfy shoes for walking around, and don’t forget to click photos on the charming bridges! With Pikes Peak Highway nearby, consider making an adventurous day out of it. Trust us; every shot here tells a romance story in Colorado Springs’ heartland!

    Old Colorado City, Colorado

    Old Colorado City has a charm that’s just perfect for your engagement photos. The historic buildings and quaint shops create a romantic backdrop you’ll both love. Stroll down the avenues, and you’ll find colorful murals and rustic architecture to pose in front of.

    Let’s capture your love story with the unique spirit of this neighborhood as our canvas.

    Think about adding a special touch by timing your shoot during a local event or festival. This way, we can get those candid moments when the streets come alive! Old Colorado City is more than just pretty scenery; it’s where your unforgettable memories begin.

    Pikes Peak State College – Downtown Campus

    Pikes Peak State College’s Downtown Campus offers a unique backdrop for your wedding photos. Imagine standing with your love among the modern architecture and vibrant energy of campus life.

    The blend of contemporary structures and bustling streets creates a dynamic scene for memorable shots.

    You can capture the essence of Colorado Springs right at this urban oasis. Stroll hand in hand past educational buildings or pose on the stylish campus grounds. The college setting adds an unexpected twist to your photo album, reflecting your academic journey and the road ahead as a married couple.

    Let’s make your special day stand out with pictures that tell a story of youthful spirit and endless possibilities!

    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    Leaving the vibrant campus atmosphere in Colorado Springs, let’s head to a fantastic place where wild beauty and breathtaking views collide. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers you and your loved one a unique backdrop for stunning photos.

    Stand among the giraffes with Colorado Springs stretching out below or pose beside playful meerkats in an environment that speaks to your adventurous spirits. This zoo isn’t just about animals; it has some of the most incredible mountain vistas in the area.

    We understand how memorable wedding photos are. We recommend capturing moments at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s scenic overlooks and lush gardens. You can steal kisses by waterfalls or laugh together, feeding the birds in Australia Walkabout.

    These snapshots will become treasured memories of love and excitement as you celebrate starting life’s journey together, surrounded by nature’s splendor under endless Colorado skies.

    Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center

    We love sharing hidden gems with you, especially picture-perfect spots for your big day. Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center in Colorado Springs showcases nature’s beauty.

    Imagine exchanging vows with the sound of a gentle creek and birds chirping in the background. This center is nestled at the base of Cheyenne Cañon, offering incredible views that will make your wedding photos look like they’re out of a fairy tale!

    You’ll find lush greenery, majestic mountains, and wildlife all around. Your guests won’t just watch your love story unfold; they’ll feel part of something magical beneath the towering trees.

    Plus, your photographer can capture stunning shots along the hiking trails or near the cascading waterfalls. After celebrating here, why not whisk away to Cave of the Winds Mountain Park? It’s next on our list and promises even more breathtaking scenery for those unforgettable moments.

    Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

    Leaving the tranquility of Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center behind, let’s head to something truly breathtaking for your wedding photos – Cave of the Winds Mountain Park. Imagine capturing your love amid ancient caverns and stunning vistas.

    This park offers a unique backdrop with its mysterious caves and incredible views from the clifftops. Strike a pose on the Wind Walker Challenge Course or share a kiss under the age-old stalactites in total awe.

    Think of your engagement session here at Cave of the Winds as an adventure you will treasure forever. The natural beauty creates a romantic setting perfect for those candid shots! Your love story deserves to be told against such majestic surroundings, making each photo as timeless as your commitment to each other.

    Pulpit Rock Park

    After exploring the underground wonders at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park, take your love above ground to Pulpit Rock Park. This hidden gem is perfect for couples wanting striking engagement photos.

    Grab your hiking boots and find your way to the top, where you can pose against a backdrop that stretches out over the entire city. These trails are welcoming and invigorating, setting just the right tone for adventurous pairs.

    Imagine exchanging sweet glances or holding hands on camera, with nature doing all the decorating around you. The rock formations offer a dramatic scene that captures your love story and Colorado’s rugged charm.

    Your wedding album will be filled with images framed by sweeping vistas from this natural high point. And watch for wildlife; they might photo-bomb to add a touch of whimsy to your shoot!

    Balanced Rock

    Leaving Pulpit Rock Park behind, we head to an iconic spot perfect for your engagement photos: Balanced Rock. This massive stone near Colorado Springs seems to defy gravity as it rests precariously atop a smaller base.

    Imagine capturing your love story with this grand natural sculpture in the background—what a conversation starter your wedding album will be!

    At Balanced Rock, you’ll be surrounded by the charm of the Garden of the Gods’ ancient stones. The light at golden hour wraps everything in a warm glow, ideal for romantic shots.

    Trust us, this location adds drama and wonder to any photo shoot, making your special moments even more memorable.

    The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway

    After exploring the stunning Balanced Rock, let’s take our journey to greater heights on The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Imagine standing above the clouds, with breathtaking views stretching out before you.

    This is a place where epic photos are just waiting to be captured! Climb aboard the world’s highest cog train and journey up majestic Pikes Peak. You’ll witness unrivaled panoramas perfect for that dramatic couple shot.

    We promise it’ll be a memorable part of your wedding album or engagement photoshoot. As you ascend, each curve gives way to new vistas; forests, mountains, and skies come together in perfect harmony—a photographer’s dream backdrop! Sharing this adventure adds another story to your life together.

    Just picture exchanging sweet glances with sweeping landscapes behind you — truly magnificent moments frozen in time forever!

    Bear Creek Regional Park East

    Leaving the historic cog railway behind, let’s head to Bear Creek Regional Park East. This spot is a dream for photographers looking for variety in their shots. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by nature or snapping engagement photos with the backdrop of tall trees and the gentle flow of Bear Creek.

    We love this location for its mix of open fields, wooded areas, and charming bridges – perfect for brides who want that blend of rustic and romantic in their wedding album. The natural light filtering through leaves creates a magical atmosphere at any time of day.

    Trust us; your pictures at Bear Creek Regional Park East will be ones you’ll treasure forever!

    Pikes Peak Historical Street Railway Foundation

    We know your wedding photos are precious. Imagine taking them with a piece of history! Pikes Peak Historical Street Railway Foundation offers just that. You can pose by vintage streetcars and trolleys.

    These classics add charm to your shots. It’s not just any location; it’s a trip back in time. Think about the unique stories you’ll tell through your pictures!

    Hold hands and explore the museum together. Snap adorable photos aboard an old-fashioned train car or stand against vibrant backdrops of Colorado Springs’ past. This place gives a twist to your special day, merging love and nostalgia beautifully in every photo!

    Miramont Castle Museum

    Let’s capture the magic of your love at Miramont Castle Museum! This Victorian-era palace is nestled in the foothills of majestic mountains, offering a fairytale backdrop for your wedding photos.

    With its blend of Gothic, English Tudor, and Romanesque architecture, each photo will have a touch of elegance and history. Picture yourselves on the lush green lawns of this Colorado Springs location or against the intricate woodwork inside during your photoshoot.

    Explore every corner for that perfect shot—the grand staircase, the historic fireplaces, or under stained-glass windows that flood the rooms with dreamy light. Miramont Castle promises to add an enchanting vibe to your cherished memories.

    Imagine sending out save-the-date cards adorned with images taken from such a captivating place!

    After you’ve filled your album with magical moments from these places in Colorado Springs, head over to Manitou Incline for some adventurous shots—a challenge but worth it!

    Manitou Incline

    After exploring the grandeur of Miramont Castle Museum, step up your photography game at Manitou Incline. This spot is a challenge that rewards with incredible views. Imagine capturing your love story where the sky meets ambition; it’s perfect for adventurous couples.

    Your engagement photos will look amazing with you two conquering the steep steps together.

    Capture each other’s strength and determination amidst this breathtaking Colorado Springs backdrop. The incline boasts panoramic scenery that makes every photo epic—a testament to your journey ahead.

    Let this be the place where your shared adventure is beautifully immortalized!

    Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Co.

    Leaving the thrill of the Manitou Incline behind, we find ourselves swept up by the magic of Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Co. Imagine floating above Colorado Springs with your loved one, capturing breathtaking views that seem right out of a fairytale.

    This sky-high adventure gives you unique photo ops and memories to cherish forever.

    We’ll glide over stunning landscapes at sunrise when the light is perfect for photos. The vibrant colors and panoramic vistas make it an ideal spot for engagement shots or a pre-wedding photo session.

    Trust us, these pictures will stand out in your wedding album! Plus, taking off in a hot air balloon adds that touch of enchantment every bride dreams about.

    Manitou Springs Penny Arcade

    After drifting above the landscape with Rainbow Ryders, let’s enter a playful paradise at Manitou Springs Penny Arcade. This spot bursts with color and nostalgia, perfect for capturing those fun-loving moments together.

    Imagine your Colorado Springs engagement photos among rows of vintage pinball machines and classic arcade games! Each camera click can catch laughter and vibrant lights – memories you’ll cherish forever.

    We know just how special each shot needs to be. That’s why we suggest posing by the old-school skeeball lanes or sharing a cotton candy as you challenge each other to a game of Pac-Man.

    The Manitou Springs Penny Arcade is not just about playing games; it’s where joy comes alive in your photos. And believe us, that joy shines through every picture taken here!

    Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe

    Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe is a cozy spot to grab a bite after our photo session. Imagine sipping warm coffee or munching on fresh pastries surrounded by delightful views.

    It’s perfect for those candid shots with your loved one, blending the natural beauty of Colorado Springs with the charm of a chic cafe.

    We can walk around and explore the nearby gardens together, capturing every laugh and loving glance. Think of it as making memories while enjoying some of Colorado’s finest treats! The market also offers unique local goods that could be just the right touch for wedding favors or bridal party gifts.

    America the Beautiful Park

    We know you’re searching for that picture-perfect spot to celebrate your love. Look no further than America the Beautiful Park! Imagine standing by a sparkling lake, with the majestic Rocky Mountains rising behind you.

    Your photos will be breathtaking here, with green grass and clear blue skies.

    Our team at Candid Studios loves this park for its stunning scenery. It’s perfect for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments in your engagement or wedding album. Let us help you freeze time with beautiful photographs against the backdrop of Colorado Springs – where every shot tells a story of love and adventure.

    The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure

    Let’s capture the thrill of your love story with breathtaking photos at The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure. Hand in hand, imagine zipping above the treetops with a backdrop of Colorado Springs’ wild beauty.

    Your wedding album could show you both soaring through the air on ten zip lines crisscrossing streams and canyons. Think of the laughter, excitement, and unique moments we’ll grab! These are not just pictures; they’re shared memories of an adventure.

    You’ll want to remember every sight and sound of this place. Trust us to find those perfect spots for epic shots while you’re having the time of your lives. After all, what better way to celebrate your union than flying high above Cheyenne Canyon? Up next: Let’s explore how the enchanting elegance of The Broadmoor Hotel can add even more magic to your special day!

    Broadmoor Hotel

    After soaring through the skies, it’s time to touch down into a world of luxury at the Broadmoor Hotel. Imagine holding hands and wandering through elegant halls filled with history.

    This iconic resort offers more than just opulent rooms; it’s a photographer’s dream with its stunning lake, picturesque mountains in the background, and beautifully manicured gardens.

    We can picture you two there now, sharing sweet moments by the grand fireplace or stealing kisses under crystal chandeliers. The Broadmoor is perfect for capturing those fairytale wedding shots every bride dreams about.

    Imagine posing on the Italian marble floors or beside the enchanting Cheyenne Lake. These memories will be timeless treasures you’ll cherish forever!

    Seven Falls

    We’ve been to Seven Falls, and let us tell you, it’s a dream spot for couples who love nature. Imagine saying “I do” with the sound of seven cascading waterfalls in the background.

    Your photos will look magical with those falls stretching 181 feet high. Climb 224 steps next to the falls and get breathtaking views perfect for romantic shots. The golden hour light kisses the rocks, making everything glow just right for your wedding album.

    Photons like Samantha Ruscher and Jenna Keene capture every smile against Colorado Springs’ stunning backdrops as you walk hand-in-hand through this natural wonder. They know how to use Downtown’s charm in Colorado Springs for incredible memories, especially capturing the mountain views. Ready for more enchanting spots? Let’s head over to The Bridge Gallery next!

    The Bridge Gallery

    After taking in the majestic waterfalls, head to The Bridge Gallery. This hidden gem offers a unique backdrop for your wedding photos. Imagine cozy shots among beautifully curated art pieces.

    It’s an intimate space that brings out the love you share.

    The Bridge Gallery sits in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Step inside and find yourself surrounded by creativity. Artists display their work here, setting a scene unlike any other for your big day! Capture romantic moments with contemporary art, adding color and life to each photo.

    Your album will be as one-of-a-kind as your love story!

    Air Force Academy

    Moving on from the artistic charm of The Bridge Gallery in Colorado Springs, we find ourselves at the majestic Air Force Academy – another one of the best photo spots. This place is a symbol of pride and heritage for Coloradans and an exceptional spot for photography.

    Its grounds are vast and versatile, offering modern structures and natural beauty as perfect backdrops for your special moments.

    We understand you want your engagement and wedding photos to be as unique as your love story. That’s where the Air Force Academy comes in! The Cadet Chapel’ ‘s striking spires create a sense of drama and elegance in every shot.

    Whether it’s capturing tender looks against the grandeur of campus buildings or finding that quiet spot with Pikes Peak in the distance, there’s something here for everyone. Imagine wrapping yourselves in stunning landscapes while celebrating your union; these images will be timeless treasures of your love journey together.

    Greg Francis Big Horn Sheep Habitat

    Leaving the impressive Air Force Academy behind, we find ourselves at a place with nature’s majestic creatures: the Greg Francis Big Horn Sheep Habitat. Imagine capturing your love amidst Colorado’s rocky landscapes, where bighorn sheep roam freely. It’s a favorite location for engagement photos in Colorado Springs.

    This spot offers unique photo opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

    We know how special your wedding photos need to be. The rugged beauty of this habitat can add an element of wild charm to your shots. You can snap breathtaking pictures with these noble animals witnessing your union here.

    Think about those magical moments set against the vast Colorado skies and mountains – unforgettable!

    The Point Bar and Grill

    We know you’re scouting for the perfect photography locations to capture your love story. Imagine yourselves at The Point Bar and Grill, one of the best places in Colorado Springs, with its cozy ambiance and picturesque setting.

    It’s a local gem in Colorado Springs that offers a unique backdrop for intimate wedding photos. Think about holding hands across rustic tables, sharing sweet glances under soft lighting, or even stealing a kiss by the warm glow of the fire pit outside.

    The Point Bar and Grill offers the right mix of casual elegance and charm. You can have fun posing in the laid-back setting of this Colorado Springs location or get some candid shots with a cocktail in hand.

    This spot is excellent not only for engagement shoots but also for candid moments on your big day. Trust us, this place adds a dash of whimsy to your wedding album that you’ll cherish forever!

    Good Earth Garden Center

    Good Earth Garden Center, one of my favorite places in Colorado Springs, offers a lush backdrop for your wedding photos. Imagine standing among colorful blooms and vibrant greenery as you capture your love. This place has it all – romantic pathways, charming gazebos, and the sweet fragrance of flowers.

    It’s a hidden gem on the I-25 corridor that brings nature’s beauty to your special day.

    Let us share a secret spot with you at Good Earth Garden Center. There’s this magical little nook where the light filters through leaves just right, making for an incredible photo opportunity.

    You’ll want to catch that golden hour glow here! Trust us, your wedding album will look amazing with pictures taken amid such natural splendor.

    Rio Grande Co.

    Leaving behind the blooming beauty of Good Earth Garden Center, we find ourselves at Rio Grande Co., another gem for photos in Colorado Springs. It’s a spot with rustic charm and rich history that can add an unexpected twist to your wedding album.

    The textures of old brick and industrial vibes give off a relaxed, edgy feel. This backdrop is perfect for brides looking for a non-traditional alternative.

    Imagine laughing with your love among these storied walls, creating memories you’ll treasure forever. At Rio Grande Co., every snapshot tells a story of heritage intertwined with modern love.

    Capture the start of your journey together in a place where Colorado’s past meets your new beginning. Use this unique setting to make your special day stand out!

    Lush + Lather

    We know how important it is for you to feel and look your best on your wedding day. That’s where Lush + Lather comes in. This trendy salon offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can get pampered before your big photo shoot in Colorado Springs.

    Imagine getting your hair and makeup done by top-notch stylists who understand the perfect outdoor or indoor wedding photography look.

    Lush + Lather uses high-quality products that last through laughter, tears, and dancing. Your hair will hold beautifully against the backdrop of Bear Creek Park or amid the breathtaking views of Great Sand Dunes National Park.

    Trust us; with their expertise, you’ll shine in every picture! We want you to feel confident and gorgeous as you pose at each stunning location on our list. Now go ahead and book an appointment at this fabulous spot – it’s a choice you’ll be glad you made!

    Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center

    Let’s capture the magic of your love story at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center. Imagine standing together among towering red rock formations with Pikes Peak in the distance.

    Your wedding photos will look stunning with these natural wonders as a backdrop! This place offers more than just beauty; it has trails and exhibits that tell stories about this ancient landscape.

    Before taking those breathtaking shots, you can learn about the incredible geology, ecology, and history of Colorado Springs. This is perfect for couples who want their photos to reflect the grandeur of the city.

    We’ll find unique spots inside the park where light dances off the rocks at sunset, giving you unforgettable moments to treasure forever. Every snapshot here tells part of your incredible journey, making it an ideal setting for engagement or wedding pictures that genuinely reflect your bond.

    Let’s plan a visit soon to walk through this natural gallery near Colorado Springs together and pick out where we’ll celebrate your future!

    Downtown Colorado Springs Art Alley

    We can’t get enough of Downtown Colorado Springs Art Alley for your big day’s photo shoot. Imagine standing hand-in-hand with your love, surrounded by vivid murals that tell a story as unique as your relationship.

    These dynamic pieces of street art will infuse energy into every snapshot, giving you modern and timeless memories.

    Picture yourselves laughing together against the backdrop of brilliant artworks in this unexpected urban gallery, one of my favorite locations in Colorado Springs. For brides looking for something beyond the traditional, Downtown Colorado Springs Art Alley offers an exceptional setting.

    The colors pop just right, making your wedding dress and joyful smiles stand out in photos you’ll treasure forever.

    Downtown Colorado Springs Urban Murals

    Downtown Colorado Springs is home to a vibrant collection of urban murals that add color and creativity to the city streets. With over ten murals scattered throughout the downtown area, visitors and locals alike can take a self-guided walking tour to appreciate these larger-than-life artworks.

    Each mural tells a unique story and reflects the diverse culture and history of Colorado Springs. From abstract designs to realistic portraits, the murals showcase the talent and creativity of local and international artists. 

    Many of the murals are located in the alleys and on the sides of buildings, adding an element of surprise and discovery to the urban landscape. The Downtown Colorado Springs Urban Murals project aims to bring art to the public and create an engaging and visually stimulating environment for the community.

    Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just someone who appreciates a visually appealing cityscape, the urban murals of downtown Colorado Springs are a must-see attraction.

    Downtown Colorado Springs City Streets

    Downtown Colorado Springs is a bustling area filled with city streets that are both historic and vibrant. As you walk through the streets, you’ll be greeted by a mix of architectural styles, from the elegant Victorian buildings to the sleek, modern structures. The streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists.

    The bustling energy of the city streets is complemented by the beautiful scenery of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. 

    With events and festivals throughout the year, the streets of downtown Colorado Springs are always alive with activity.

    Whether strolling down the tree-lined avenues or exploring the charming alleyways, there’s always something new in this dynamic city center. So take a leisurely walk through the city streets and soak up the unique atmosphere of downtown Colorado Springs.

    Summary: A List of the Best Places to Take Pictures in Colorado Springs

    Colorado Springs is a photographer’s dream, with its stunning natural landscapes and vibrant urban scene. Some of the best places to take pictures in Colorado Springs include Garden of the Gods, a majestic red rock formation that provides the perfect backdrop for any photo shoot. Pikes Peak offers breathtaking panoramic views from its summit, making it a must-visit for any photographer. The Broadmoor Seven Falls is a series of cascading waterfalls set against a lush canyon backdrop, ideal for capturing the beauty of nature. In the downtown area, the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center offer unique architectural features and cultural exhibits for great photo opportunities. For those seeking a more urban vibe, the Old Colorado City neighborhood’s street art and historic buildings provide a wealth of photographic inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an amateur enthusiast, Colorado Springs offers endless opportunities for capturing stunning images.


    Q: What are the best spots in Colorado Springs for photography?

    A: Some of the best spots in Colorado Springs for photography include Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Old Colorado City, and Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

    Q: Where are the top 10 best photography spots in Colorado Springs?

    A: The top 10 best photography spots in Colorado Springs include Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Seven Falls, and Palmer Park.

    Q: What are the best locations for engagement or portrait sessions in Colorado Springs?

    A: Some of the best locations for engagement or portrait sessions in Colorado Springs are Garden of the Gods, The Broadmoor, Paint Mines Interpretive Park, and Cheyenne Cañon.

    Q: Where can I find the best places to take pictures near Colorado Springs?

    A: You can find the best places to take pictures near Colorado Springs at Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, and Cheyenne Cañon.

    Q: What are the best spots near Colorado Springs for wedding photography?

    A: Some of the best spots near Colorado Springs for wedding photography are The Broadmoor, Garden of the Gods, Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, and The Mining Exchange.

    Q: What are the top 50 places to take pictures in Colorado Springs?

    A: The top 50 places to take pictures in Colorado Springs include Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Old Colorado City, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Paint Mines Interpretive Park, and Cheyenne Cañon.

    Q: Where can I find the classic Colorado scenery for photography in Colorado Springs?

    A: You can find classic Colorado scenery for photography in Colorado Springs at Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, and Manitou Springs.

    Q: What are the best places for photography enthusiasts to visit in Colorado Springs?

    A: The best places to visit for photography enthusiasts in Colorado Springs are Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Cañon, and Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

    Q: How can I choose the best photography spots in Colorado Springs?

    A: You can choose the best photography spots in Colorado Springs by considering your preferences, the type of scenery you want to capture, and the time of day for optimal lighting.

    Q: What are the best locations for taking better pictures in and around Colorado Springs?

    A: The best locations for taking better pictures in and around Colorado Springs are Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, and Seven Falls.

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