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Finding a portrait photographer who captures your uniqueness in a city as vibrant and diverse as Miami can be difficult. We recognize that your photographs capture more than simply your likeness; they reflect your character, history, and soul. Our goal at Candid Studios is to create portraits that truly show you as you are.

Unlike any other photography and videography studio, Candid Studios is home to storytellers who are passionate about transforming your distinct tale into eye-catching visual art. We serve your needs for portrait photography by bringing our award-winning experience to Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Miami, Florida.

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Our standing as a highly regarded business attests to our dedication to providing excellent photography and videography services. Our corporate, product, and commercial photography accomplishments fill us with great joy.


Candid Studios, which has locations in Miami, Florida, and Colorado, provides a unique perspective for your portrait photography. Our photographers are highly acquainted with Miami’s variety and vibrancy, so you can be sure that the city’s enthusiasm will be captured in your photos.

Your portraits should reflect your personality and style. Candid Studios takes the time to understand your vision, preferences, and individuality, ensuring that your portraits authentically represent you.

We don’t just capture pictures; we capture emotions, stories, and the essence of who you are. Our photographers have a keen eye for detail and an inborn talent for creating portraits that ring with your heart.

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We understand that your portrait photography session is a deeply personal experience at Candid Studios. We aim to be more than just your photographers; we want to be your confidants, ensuring that your portraits speak to the unique qualities that make you.

Your portraits are a visual testament to your story, and Candid Studios, your team of trusted Miami portrait photographers, is ready to make them truly exceptional. Let’s board on this creative journey together and capture the essence of who you are.

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Ready to transform your vision into stunning portraits? Reach out to Candid Studios today, and let’s begin crafting portraits that reflect the real you through our lens. Your personalized portrait experience awaits.