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Romantic Miami Beach Couple Photos & Photography Sessions

Bride and groom holding hands looking out over the ocean.

Romantic Miami Beach Couple Photos, Photography Sessions, and Engagement Photo Shoots Finding the perfect spot for couple photos can indeed be a daunting task. Trust us, we understand completely; it’s a road we’ve traveled ourselves. After scouring various locales, Miami Beach emerged as the quintessential setting to encapsulate love stories through photography, thanks to its […]

Discover Lovers Key State Park Beach in Fort Myers Beach, FL

Uncover the beauty of Lovers Key State Park Beach in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Enjoy a romantic getaway on secluded barrier islands reachable by boat.

Discover Lovers Key State Park Beach In Fort Myers Beach, FL Finding that perfect slice of paradise on the beach along the Gulf Coast can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. It’s all too easy to lose hours scrolling, dreaming about that ideal spot where the sun kisses your skin, the sand feels just right […]

Ultimate Guide to Capturing the Best Photos in Tampa Bay

A wide-angle shot captures the expansive Tampa Bay skyline during golden hour.

The Best Photography Spots In Tampa Bay Area To Capture The Best Photos In Tampa Searching for that picture-perfect spot in Tampa Bay might seem like a daunting task, but you’re not on this journey alone. With a mixture of our personal journeys and meticulous research, we’ve crafted a guide that’s here to navigate you […]

Top 20 Tuscan Inspired Wedding Venues in Florida

A bride and groom embrace under the stars in a courtyard setting.

Top 20 Tuscan Inspired Wedding Venues In Florida and Around Central Florida for Your Wedding Day Choosing the perfect wedding venue in Florida can feel like a treasure hunt. We’ve dove headfirst into this quest ourselves, seeking out that dreamy Tuscan essence right here in the Sunshine State. Our exploration led us to uncover 20 […]

Dreamy Beach Wedding Venues at Jupiter Beach Resorts in FL

An empty, elegantly decorated Sailfish Ballroom at Jupiter Beach Resort.

Explore Amazing Wedding Packages and Beach Wedding Options At Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa In FL Embarking on the journey of planning a wedding is like setting sail into a sea of choices and pivotal decisions. Throughout my years as a wedding planner, one truth has consistently revealed itself: the magic lies in picking just […]

Best Wedding Venues in South Florida for Your Dream Wedding

Discover Stunning Wedding Venues in South Florida

10 Best Wedding Venues in South Florida For Your Destination Wedding in Miami Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect venue. In this article, we will explore some of the most luxurious and exquisite wedding venues in South Florida. From the iconic Breakers Palm Beach […]

Photographer Recommended Beach Family Photo Outfits

A family in matching beach attire walking along the shoreline.

Discover What to Wear For Beach Family Photos. Top Family Photo Outfit Ideas and What to Wear For Family Photos Choosing outfits for your family’s beach photo isn’t always a walk in the park, right? We understand that frustration all too well and recognize how daunting it can feel. That’s precisely why we’ve explored the […]

35 Best South Florida Engagement Photography Locations

35 Of The Best Places For Engagement Photos In South Florida

35 of The Best South Florida Engagement Session Locations and Engagement Photography Locations Around Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach Navigating the search for that storybook spot for engagement photos in South Florida might feel as heart-fluttering as the moment you both decided on forever. We totally understand—the stakes are high to choose a setting that […]

50 Best Engagement Photo Spots in Jacksonville, FL in 2024

A wide-angle shot of the Jacksonville skyline at sunset.

50 Amazing Beach Photoshoot Locations and Cool Spots For Engagement Photos in Jacksonville, Florida Navigating the journey to find the ultimate photo spots for your Jacksonville wedding can be quite the adventure. We understand that sifting through a sea of choices might make your head spin. But fret not! Our in-depth quest has uncovered 50 […]

Discover the Ultimate Miami Wedding Venues and Hotels in Miami Beach, FL

A garden wedding venue with elegant decor captured in wide-angle landscape photography.

Choosing the perfect spot for your wedding in Miami Beach can often feel like a daunting task. We understand—it’s a big deal, and the pressure to find just the right place is real. After diving deep into our research, including uncovering that the average cost of a Miami wedding venue hovers around $241 per guest, […]

20 Best Miami Engagement Photography & Wedding Photographers

The Miami skyline is captured at sunset with a wide-angle lens, showcasing the entire cityscape.

Capture Your Love Story with Miami Engagement Photography Expert Searching for the ideal photographer to encapsulate your Miami engagement is no small feat—it’s almost as momentous as finding your soulmate! We understand that journey, wading through endless portfolios and weighing options. Interestingly enough, Candid Studios blossomed from its tech repair roots into a beacon of […]

The Best Spots In Key West For Outdoor Wedding Videography

Miami wedding photographers photographing a couple hugging one another on the rocks of the ocean

A wedding is a unique and special occasion that many people treasure long after the day has passed. On this joyous day, it only makes sense to capture every moment with beautiful outdoor videography. If you are considering getting married in Key West, Florida then you’re in for a treat as several stunning locations can […]

5 Key Elements of a Successful Miami Commercial Video

young bride groom having beach wedding scaled

Are you wanting to create a stunning commercial video in Miami that achieves maximum success? Whether you need to make an impactful product launch, capture memorable interviews, or shoot stunning nature shots, there are five key elements of creating a successful commercial video production. From effective workflow to leveraging post-production techniques, this blog will help […]

15 Best Wedding Videography Tips in Palm Beach, FL

A bride and groom kiss under a beach gazebo, captured by a wedding photographer.

Capturing The Magic: Essential Beach Wedding Videography Tips [Revised Content] Planning a beach wedding is an exciting adventure, but when it comes to videography, the task can seem a little overwhelming. Trust us, we understand – navigating through the process felt like charting unknown waters at first. However, after immersing ourselves in thorough research and […]

Best Miami Maternity Photographer and New Born Photography

A wrapped baby blanket surrounded by pastel nursery decor.

Miami Maternity Photographers, Newborn, Portrait, and Family Photographers To Capture Timeless Maternity Photography in Miami Beach Navigating the sea of maternity and newborn photographers in Miami can feel like a daunting task. Trust me, you’re not alone in wanting to sift through the myriad of options to find that perfect match who can beautifully preserve […]

34 Top Wedding Venues in Miami for Your Dream Wedding Day

A historic Miami wedding venue with grand arches and intricate details.

Our Recommended Florida Wedding Venues in Miami. Discover Our Top Miami Wedding Venues and Reception Venues For Your Dream Wedding Finding the perfect wedding venue in Miami can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack—a task both thrilling and slightly overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve walked this path before and understand the […]