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20 Best Miami Engagement Photography & Wedding Photographers

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The Miami skyline is captured at sunset with a wide-angle lens, showcasing the entire cityscape.
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    Capture Your Love Story with Miami Engagement Photography Expert

    A wide-angle shot of Miami's serene sunset over the tranquil waters.

    A wide-angle shot of Miami's serene sunset over the tranquil waters.

    A wide-angle shot of Miami's serene sunset over the tranquil waters.

    Searching for the ideal photographer to encapsulate your Miami engagement is no small feat—it’s almost as momentous as finding your soulmate! We understand that journey, wading through endless portfolios and weighing options.

    Interestingly enough, Candid Studios blossomed from its tech repair roots into a beacon of visual storytelling. Let us be your guiding light to snapshots filled with genuine emotion set against the vibrant tapestry of Miami.

    Get ready to embark on a photographic adventure that flawlessly mirrors the essence of your unique romance.

    Key Takeaways

    • Find a Miami engagement photographer who fits your style and vision by checking their portfolio, experience, and reviews.
    • Pick the right location in Miami for unique engagement photos, like South Beach or Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.
    • Plan your photo session with attention to timing for good lighting and weather conditions, plus choose outfits that match the vibe of your chosen spot.

    About Candid Studios

    The Miami skyline is captured at sunset with a wide-angle lens, showcasing the entire cityscape.

    The Miami skyline is captured at sunset with a wide-angle lens, showcasing the entire cityscape.

    The Miami skyline is captured at sunset with a wide-angle lens, showcasing the entire cityscape.

    2. About Candid Studios:

    We’re the storytellers behind Candid Studios, a collective of passionate photographers ready to capture your love in living color. Based right here in vibrant Miami, we know every hidden gem and picturesque setting this city has to offer, ensuring your photos are as unique as your own love story.

    Photography services offered

    We know how much your engagement means to you. At Candid Studios, we offer a variety of photography services to capture your love story just right. Here’s what we can do for you:

    • Engagement Photography: Let us freeze those romantic moments with an engagement photo shoot in Miami’s best spots. With over ten years of experience, we’ll guide you through every step to ensure your photos reflect the joy and love of your relationship.
    • Wedding Photography and Videography: Our team excels at capturing the magic of wedding days. We make sure no smile or tear is missed, creating a timeless record of the start of your new life together.
    • Corporate Photography and Videography: We also cater to business needs with our corporate services, bringing professionalism and creativity to help showcase your brand or event.
    • Family and Newborn Photography: Memories with loved ones are precious. Our family sessions are fun-filled, and our gentle approach to newborn shoots guarantees beautiful images that will tug at your heartstrings.
    • Real Estate and Architecture Photography: Highlight the beauty and detail of any property with our real estate photography. Your listings will stand out thanks to our keen eye for angles and lighting.
    • Bar Mitzvah Photography: Mark this significant milestone with vibrant photographs that encapsulate the spirit and importance of the occasion.

    Locations served

    Candid Studios serves up stunning photos and memories across a wide area. We’re proud to snap shots in Colorado and Sunny South Florida, including Miami.

    • South Florida: Our two locations here cover all your favorite spots. We’re talking about the bustling streets of Miami Beach, the charming nooks of Coral Gables, and the laid-back vibes of Key Biscayne. Whether you want ocean waves or urban flair, we’ve got you covered.
    • Miami: In this vibrant city, we capture love against backdrops like the historic Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and the colorful murals at Wynwood Walls. Miami gives us palm trees, cityscapes, and everything in between for that perfect engagement shoot.
    • West Palm Beach: Looking for something a bit more tranquil? West Palm’s elegant scenes are perfect for couples who adore calm waters and soft sands without straying far from urban comforts.
    • Colorado Locations: If mountains are calling your names, we’ll answer! Our photographers know the best trails for breathtaking views that will elevate your photos into something extraordinary.

    Services Offered by Candid Studios

    A person stands in a vibrant flower field at sunset, captured with a wide-angle lens.

    A person stands in a vibrant flower field at sunset, captured with a wide-angle lens.

    A person stands in a vibrant flower field at sunset, captured with a wide-angle lens.

    At Candid Studios, we’re not just snapping pictures; we’re crafting narratives. Whether it’s your walk down the aisle or that first laugh as a family, our suite of photography services is designed to capture every chapter of your story with finesse and vibrancy.

    Wedding photography and videography

    We know your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Capturing every laugh, tear, and dance move becomes our mission at Candid Studios. We’ve honed over 15 unique editing styles to reflect your individual story.

    With the latest Artificial Intelligence tech, we enhance each photo and video, ensuring they’re nothing short of stunning.

    You’ll love knowing that all RAW content comes free of charge from us—and you get lifetime storage for those precious moments. Last year, most couples gave us glowing 5-star reviews for our ability to catch genuine emotions and special details on camera.

    Trust us to freeze time on your big day with photos and videos that keep the memories vibrant for years to come.

    Engagement photography

    Just like your wedding day captures a lifetime of love, engagement photography freezes the exciting moments before you both say “I do.” At Candid Studios, we understand how special this time is for you.

    Our photographers in Miami and other Florida cities step into your story to snap those candid moments of affection and joy. Laughing on South Beach, holding hands at Vizcaya Museum, or dancing amidst Wynwood Walls – wherever you choose to celebrate your engagement, we’re there with our cameras ready.

    Your unique love deserves photos that shine. With us, you’ll explore creative ways to express your bond through pictures that scream ‘us.’ Whether it’s chasing the golden hour light or finding an iconic backdrop in Downtown Miami, our team crafts the perfect engagement session tailored just for you.

    Let’s create magic together and give you memories that will warm hearts long after they’ve been captured!

    Corporate photography and videography

    Capturing your love story is just the beginning. As you dive into planning the big day, you might also think about the corporate events leading up to it—like engagement parties or rehearsal dinners.

    We’ve got that covered, too! Our team at Candid Studios brings over a decade of expertise in corporate photography and videography to every event we shoot. We understand how important it is to get every detail right, from lighting to venue layout.

    Our clients love our tailored approach, with itemized hourly-based services for any corporate occasion. With more than 92% of our reviews last year hitting five stars, we’re proud of the memories we help companies create.

    Plus, we don’t just bring experience; we also have state-of-the-art equipment on hand to ensure stunning results every time. Trust us for perfect shots that capture the essence of your event — without worrying about a thing.

    Family and newborn photography

    Just as you trust us to showcase your professional achievements, we can’t wait to highlight your personal milestones. Our team at Candid Studios loves capturing the precious moments of growing families.

    We take stunning photos of parents and their little ones that reflect real emotions and connections.

    From maternity glow to newborn whispers, our photos will preserve these fleeting memories for a lifetime. We use only top-notch gear with industry-leading 40 MP image quality and 4K UHD video production.

    Think of it as future-proofing your family’s cherished snapshots! With our advanced Artificial Intelligence editing tools, every smile and giggle will shine in the best light. And don’t worry about preserving these treasures; we’ve got you covered with lifetime storage for all those heartwarming snaps.

    Real estate and architecture photography

    We at Candid Studios take pride in capturing the elegance and beauty of buildings. With over a decade of experience, our photographers know how to showcase every curve, line, and detail.

    We use top-notch gear that produces sharp images with at least 40 MP quality. Whether you’re a realtor or an architect, we provide tailor-made photography services that bring out the character of your properties.

    Our team gets it—every space has its own vibe and lighting quirks. That’s why we’re well-versed in snapping photos across various styles and venues. Trust us to deliver visuals that do more than just show; they tell the story of your space.

    Hang tight because next up are some insights into bar mitzvah photography!

    Bar mitzvah photography

    Bar mitzvahs are milestones that deserve to be captured with expertise and creativity. At Candid Studios, we’ve got a decade of experience photographing these special days. We know every style, venue, and lighting challenge that can come up.

    Our team creates photos you’ll look back on for years to come.

    We offer tailored bar mitzvah photography because we understand this event’s uniqueness in your life. With us, you get all the raw content free of charge and lifetime storage for those cherished memories.

    Trust us to freeze each memorable moment into beautiful images—your family’s pride, the joyous celebration—all preserved perfectly.

    Let’s not forget about Miami as a photography destination!

    Miami as a Photography Destination

    An iconic Miami skyline captured at night with a wide-angle lens.

    An iconic Miami skyline captured at night with a wide-angle lens.

    An iconic Miami skyline captured at night with a wide-angle lens.

    Miami truly shines as a photography destination—its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and picturesque beaches make it the ultimate canvas for capturing love stories. Whether you’re locals or visiting for that special shoot, the city’s diverse landscapes promise photos as dynamic and captivating as your own romance.

    Diverse landscapes and backdrops

    Picture this: You and your love are holding hands, waves gently lapping at your feet on a sun-kissed beach. Now, imagine strolling through an art-deco district with vibrant murals as the backdrop for your shared laughter.

    Miami’s got it all – from the serene beaches to the bustling urban streets and secret gardens tucked away in corners you wouldn’t expect.

    We know every couple is unique and so should be their engagement photos. That’s why we scout out locations that match your style – whether it’s the sophisticated elegance of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens or the funky flair of Wynwood Walls.

    Choose a place that speaks to both of you, maybe where he proposed or where you had your first kiss! With our guidance, you’ll find dreamy spots across Miami that will make each photo tell a part of your special love story.

    The growing trend of destination engagement photography

    We’re seeing more couples flock to Miami for their engagement photos. It’s not just about the warm sun and beautiful beaches here. The city mixes urban cool with natural beauty, making it a hot spot for unique engagement shots.

    Imagine standing hand in hand with your love, waves lapping at your feet on South Beach, or sharing a kiss among Vizcaya’s lush gardens.

    Couples want these moments captured in stunning places that tell their story. And we get it – every snapshot is a page of your journey together. They pick destinations like Wynwood Walls for its vibrant street art or the serene Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park for ocean views that seem endless.

    And let’s not forget Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, where nature provides the perfect backdrop for romance. Choosing Miami means you’re after an unforgettable experience and photos that’ll stand out.

    With us, you’ll explore some incredible spots across this dazzling city to create those one-of-a-kind images. Next up – picking the photographer who will bring it all to life!

    Choosing the Right Miami Engagement Photographer

    A seashell at sunset beach holds a vintage engagement ring in nature photography shot.

    A seashell at sunset beach holds a vintage engagement ring in nature photography shot.

    A seashell at sunset beach holds a vintage engagement ring in nature photography shot.

    Navigating the quest for your dream Miami engagement photographer? Look, it’s all about finding that one pro who syncs with your style and vision—someone who doesn’t just take photos but captures the essence of your love story.

    Keep those eyes peeled; we’re diving into how to snag that perfect match!

    Factors to consider

    We know you’re excited about finding the perfect photographer for your Miami engagement photos. It’s such an important choice, and we want to help you get it right. Here are some key things to consider:

    1. Look at their portfolio: Make sure their style matches what you envision for your photos. You want a professional photographer whose work speaks to you.
    2. Check their experience: Find someone who knows the best Miami spots, from South Beach to Viscaya Museum and Gardens.
    3. Read reviews: Our clients love us – over 92% have given us 5-star reviews last year! See what others say about their unique experiences.
    4. Discuss your vision: Your photographer should understand and share your ideas for the session.
    5. Think about timing: The best time for photos is during the golden hour, so plan with that in mind.
    6. Assess their professionalism: Your photographer should make you comfortable in front of the camera and handle every detail like a pro.
    7. Consider additional services: Do they offer videography or photo booths? These can add to your special day.
    8. Evaluate communication: Good photographers will respond promptly and clearly.

    Aligning style and vision

    Your dream engagement photos should capture your unique love story. It’s all about finding a photographer whose style clicks with your vision. Picture this: you’re flipping through a portfolio, and the images make your heart skip a beat—that’s the match you’re looking for! At Candid Studios, we get it.

    You want those flawless shots that scream ‘us.’ That’s why we take the time to understand you as a couple—your personalities, preferences, and dreams for the perfect shoot.

    Let’s team up to showcase your journey together in every snapshot. We’ll guide you through selecting locations that reflect both of you, like maybe South Beach for its vibrant energy or Vizcaya Museum and Gardens for timeless elegance.

    Trust us to pair your vision with our expertise; after all, these are more than just pictures—they’re memories etched in time, showcasing what makes your bond special. Your engagement photos will be as unique as your own love story—you can count on us for that!

    Top Locations in Miami for Engagement Photos

    A stunning engagement ring placed among vibrant tropical flowers in a nature photography setting.

    A stunning engagement ring placed among vibrant tropical flowers in a nature photography setting.

    A stunning engagement ring placed among vibrant tropical flowers in a nature photography setting.

    Miami is a treasure trove of stunning locales for that perfect engagement photoshoot, each spot telling its own love story with a unique flair. From the sun-kissed beaches to lush tropical gardens, you’ll find the backdrop that echoes your romance just waiting to be captured by our lenses at Candid Studios.

    South Beach

    We know you’re dreaming of unforgettable engagement photos, and South Beach stands out as the perfect canvas. Its vibrant landscapes scream romance with every sunset and palm tree sway.

    Picture yourselves walking along the sparkling sands, waves gently breaking in the background—this is where memories are made.

    Let us at Candid Studios help you catch the magic hour glow on South Beach’s iconic shorelines. We’ll guide you through choosing the best spots that reflect your love story. And we won’t just stop there; our next spot to unpack is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, another treasure trove for breathtaking photos.

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

    Let’s talk about Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Imagine strolling through an Italian Renaissance-style villa right here in Miami, with stunning architecture and lush gardens around you.

    It’s a place that feels both grand and intimate—perfect for your engagement photos. Picture yourself posing by the ornate fountains or walking hand-in-hand under the arches of stone columns.

    Every corner of Vizcaya offers a timeless backdrop that makes your special moment stand out. And we’re here to help you pick just the right spot within these gardens where the light hits magically at sunset, giving your pictures a warm, golden glow.

    Think about the gorgeous outfits you’ll choose to complement Vizcaya’s elegance; it will all come together like a scene from a fairy tale.

    Next up is Wynwood Walls, a location bursting with color and creativity.

    Wynwood Walls

    Wynwood Walls offers a stunning backdrop for engagement photos that you’ll treasure forever. Picture this: vibrant street art and murals as the canvas to your love story. This curated outdoor gallery has become famous worldwide for its colorful and unique perspective.

    It’s perfect if you’re looking for something other than the typical beach or garden setting.

    Plan your visit to Wynwood Walls carefully; timing is everything. Aim for the golden hour, when the sun casts warm, glowing light that makes every photo pop with color and life. Check the weather forecast, too—you’ll want a clear day to make those murals truly shine in your pictures.

    Trust us; this place will give your engagement photos an edge that sets them apart!

    Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

    Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is a gem for engagement photos. The ocean kisses the shores, and the historic lighthouse adds a timeless touch. Imagine your love captured amid swaying palms and serene waves—truly magical! This park isn’t just another beach; it’s where nature’s beauty meets history.

    Let’s talk about the wardrobe for your photo shoot here. Light, flowy fabrics will dance with the sea breezes, and pastel colors complement the park’s soft palette. Trust us, you’ll want to match this place’s vibe—it’ll make your engagement pictures shine even brighter!

    Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

    Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden offers a dreamlike setting for engagement pictures. Imagine strolling through lush, tropical landscapes with your love, surrounded by rare plants and blossoming flowers.

    Our team at Candid Studios knows every corner of this paradise in Miami, FL. We help you find the perfect spots that reflect your romance.

    We advise on the best times to capture the light just right amidst Fairchild’s natural beauty. Choose outfits that complement the vibrant greens and florals for stunning photos. Trust us to guide you through every step, ensuring your engagement session is as magical as the gardens themselves!

    Tips for Planning the Engagement Session

    A couple enjoys a nature photography stroll in a botanical garden, capturing their genuine connection.

    A couple enjoys a nature photography stroll in a botanical garden, capturing their genuine connection.

    A couple enjoys a nature photography stroll in a botanical garden, capturing their genuine connection.

    Getting ready for your engagement session with us, you’ll want to nail down those all-important details that make the day uniquely yours.. We’ve got a treasure trove of insider advice to ensure everything from timing to attire is picture-perfect.

    Timing and weather considerations

    We know the perfect engagement photo means everything to you, and timing is key. Do you want that soft, golden light? Let’s aim for a sunrise or sunset session when Miami bathes in warm hues.

    Trust us, it makes all the difference.

    Weather plays its part, too—no one wants rain on their parade. We keep an eye on the forecast to pick a day with clear skies. Hot tip: early mornings at Crandon Park mean cooler air and fewer people photo-bombing your intimate moments!

    Personalized styling and wardrobe choices

    Your engagement photos are a reflection of your personal story and style. Think of them as the opening scenes to the grand love story that leads up to your wedding day. This means choosing outfits that not only look stunning but also speak volumes about who you are as a couple.

    And here at Candid Studios, we’re all about capturing your essence in every shot.

    Outfit choices should complement both your personalities and the amazing Miami settings we’ll pick together. Whether it’s the vibrant street art of Wynwood Walls or the lush gardens of Vizcaya, what you wear will add that special touch to each location.

    Brides-to-be, this is where you can let your individuality shine through with bold colors or go classic with timeless elegance. Trust us to guide you in selecting attire that makes you feel confident and effortlessly beautiful during your photo session.

    Ready for some camera magic? Let’s move on to understanding Candid Studios’ expertise and approach.

    Candid Studios’ Expertise and Approach

    At Candid Studios, we’re not just photographers; we’re storytellers with a passion for capturing the essence of your love story. Our team brings an array of award-winning talent to the table, each member eager to create a personalized experience that reflects your unique journey and style.

    Award-winning talent

    We’re proud to tell you about the amazing photographers at Candid Studios. They have won 10 big awards for their stunning work. These honors come from all over, showing that experts love what they do.

    Our team captures your love story in a way that feels real and beautiful.

    Clients rave about us, too! Last year, 92% of our reviews were five stars. That’s because we put our hearts into every photo and video we take. We know how special your engagement is, and we make sure to show that through our cameras.

    You’ll see the skill and passion behind each shot when you choose us for your Miami engagement photography needs.

    Personalized experience

    Your wedding photos should be as unique as your love story. That’s why we offer over 15 curated editing styles and even a custom style option to match your vision perfectly. With us, you get a personalized experience that captures the essence of your relationship in every shot.

    Our team cares deeply about bringing out your personality in the photos. We work closely with you to understand what makes your bond special and how best to showcase that. Let’s make sure those authentic moments shine through for years to come! Next up, let’s hear from couples who’ve trusted us on their big day—our testimonials and success stories speak volumes.

    Diverse photography styles

    We’ve spent years crafting over 15 unique editing styles to match every couple’s personal tastes. Whether you dream of vibrant, eye-catching images or prefer timeless black-and-white elegances—we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

    Our team blends traditional techniques with modern AI Editing software for photos and videos that truly stand out.

    Engagement shoots are a chance for you to shine in your element. We take pride in our ability to capture the essence of your relationship through diverse photography methods, from candid snapshots that catch genuine laughter to posed portraits set against Miami’s stunning landscapes.

    Let us tell your story in pictures as beautifully as it feels in real life, leading up perfectly to testimonials from couples who’ve lived this experience with us.

    Testimonials and Success Stories

    Our clients rave about their experiences with Candid Studios. Just last year, 92% praised us with five-star reviews. They talk about the moments we captured that took their breath away—photos they’ll cherish forever.

    We’re proud to say our gallery is filled with award-winning shots, ten accolades, and counting! Couples tell stories of how our photographers made them feel at ease, even those who are camera shy.

    The pictures speak for themselves: genuine smiles, tender looks, and the magic of Miami as a backdrop. Our success isn’t just in awards; it’s in every “thank you” and happy tear when they see their unique photos come to life.


    As our journey through the scenic world of Miami engagement photography wraps up, we leave you with this thought: finding the perfect photographer isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s about entrusting someone to tell your love story.

    At Candid Studios, we’re more than photographers—we’re storytellers eager to bring the magic of your special moments to life. Why wait? Let’s start creating memories together that will echo through time.

    Importance of choosing the right photographer

    We know how crucial it is to pick the perfect photographer for your special moments. The one you choose will capture memories that last a lifetime. Think of your wedding photos as a time machine, taking you back to the love and laughter of that day whenever you see them.

    That’s why we take our job seriously, bringing an artistic eye and personalized touch to every shot.

    Our style should match what you dream your pictures will look like. You want someone who gets your vision, whether it’s classic elegance or beachside fun. We listen, plan carefully with you, and bring those dreams into focus.

    With us behind the lens, couples feel comfortable and free to be themselves – giving life to authentic images that speak volumes about their bond.

    Candid Studios’ commitment to capturing special moments

    Your big day is unique—and we get that at Candid Studios. With more than 15 editing styles, our team crafts the perfect look for every couple’s fairytale moment. Our photographers blend into your special day to catch those unplanned laughs, joyful tears, and soft whispers between loved ones.

    Trust us to freeze time on your engagement and wedding day.

    We’re proud of our ten industry awards but even prouder of our over 92% five-star client reviews this past year. Every click of the camera is a promise from us to you—capturing love in its truest form.

    Let’s make magic together with photos that speak your heart’s language and tell your remarkable story for generations to cherish.

    Call to action for readers to consider Candid Studios for their engagement photography needs.

    Let’s capture your love story in the heart of Miami with Candid Studios. Our award-winning team knows every angle of this vibrant city, from the sandy shores to the lush gardens. We’re here to freeze those fleeting moments into forever memories for you to cherish.

    Imagine playful waves at South Beach or colorful murals at Wynwood Walls as your photo backdrop.

    We cater to any style and vision, aligning our expertise with your dream engagement shoot. Trust us; we’ll handle everything—lifetime storage of precious moments included, all raw content given free! And yes, 92% of couples who chose us last year gave us glowing 5-star reviews.

    So, let’s make magic together; reach out and let Candid Studios turn your engagement wishes into stunning photographs that speak volumes of love in every pixel.


    1. Who are some of the best Miami engagement photographers?

    Ray Santana is known as one of the best Miami engagement photographers. His work captures the essence of love against Miami’s stunning backdrops like Biscayne Bay and South Pointe Park.

    2. Can I take engagement photos at Matheson Hammock Park?

    Absolutely, Matheson Hammock Park offers a picturesque setting with its lush landscapes and views along Old Cutler Road – just remember, you may need a photo permit for professional shoots.

    3. Where in Fort Lauderdale can I have my wedding photography done?

    Fort Lauderdale boasts several beautiful locations for wedding photos; consider spots like Greynolds Park or the scenic waterfront areas that offer both charm and elegance.

    4. What should I look for in a wedding photographer if I’m getting married in New York but want a Miami vibe?

    Seek out a wedding photographer skilled in commercial photography and photojournalism who can blend that breezy Miami aesthetic with New York’s vibrant energy.

    5. Is it possible to get unique engagement photos during special events like the Festival of Lights?

    Of course! Events like the Festival of Lights provide a magical backdrop—just make sure your chosen spot doesn’t require advance booking or special access permissions.

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