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A family of four poses in coordinated outfits in a park with autumn foliage.

What To Wear For Family Photos: Tips For Your Family Photo Shoot

A family of four poses in coordinated outfits in a park with autumn foliage.

Choosing outfits for family photos can feel overwhelming. Finding clothes that complement everyone and look fantastic in pictures is no small feat. Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork and compiled some top tips to make this process easier.

Check out these simple outfit ideas that will have your whole family looking their best!

Key Takeaways

  • Begin outfit planning with Mom’s attire. Her choice sets the tone and helps coordinate the entire family’s look without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Choose colors based on seasons and settings. For example, greens and pinks work well in spring, while rich reds and deep blues suit winter photos.
  • Avoid certain colors like neon or very bright shades that can distract from faces. Also, steer clear of clothing with logos as they date your photos quickly.
  • Keep comfort a priority by selecting soft fabrics for kids, comfortable layers for women, and timeless styles such as untucked button-down shirts for men to ensure everyone feels good during the shoot.
  • Try on outfits before photo day to ensure proper fit and comfort. Check weather conditions and location factors to make necessary adjustments ahead of time.

Starting Point: Selecting the Base Outfit

A woman in her 30s chooses an outfit for a family photoshoot in a cluttered bedroom.

Start with Mom’s outfit for the family photos. Choose a piece that is both comfortable and stylish.

Consider Mom’s outfit first

Mom’s outfit sets the tone. We start with a chic dress from Morning Lavender or Baltic Born. This staple helps us coordinate everyone’s look without being too matchy-matchy.

“Amazing outfits begin with Mom,” is our motto for family photos.

Chain stores like J Crew and LOFT offer fantastic options. Once we pick Mom’s outfit, adding complementary tones becomes easy.

Coordinate, don’t match

Pick a color palette for everyone. Group similar shades and tones together. Choose a base outfit, often Mom’s, and build around it with complementary colors. This approach makes outfits flow without looking too matchy-matchy.

Mixing different clothing types adds interest to photos. Pair textures like denim or knit sweaters with softer fabrics. Use patterns sparingly—one person in plaid draws the eye without overwhelming the photo dynamic.

Stick to timeless looks rather than trendy styles for a classic finish.

Choosing Colors Based on Season and Setting

Different seasons call for different colors in your photos. Choose colors that match the time of year and setting—greens for spring, reds for fall….

Best colors for outdoor photos by season

Choosing the right colors for family photos can make a big difference. Let’s look at the best colors for outdoor photos by season.

  1. Spring Colors
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Cream
    • Purple
    • Yellow
    • Neutrals like beige and gray


  2. Summer Colors
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Yellow
    • White
    • Cream
    • Neutral tones like tan and sand


  3. Late Summer Colors
    • Green shades from bright to olive
    • Blue in various tones
    • Creamy whites and off-whites
    • Neutral colors such as taupe and stone


  4. Fall Colors
    • Gold tones
    • Orange hues, from pumpkin to burnt orange
    • Green, ranging from dark forest to muted sage
    • Deep blue, like navy or royal blue
    • Black accessories or pieces
    • Brown in warm, earthy shades
    • White touches for contrast
    • Neutral fall shades like camel and beige


  5. Winter Colors
    • Rich green, such as emerald
    • Red, including burgundy and crimson
    • Various blues from cobalt to midnight
    • Crisp white or snowy ivory
    • Brown in dark wood tones
    • Neutral winter shades like charcoal gray


Ideal colors for indoor photos

Choosing the right colors for indoor photos is crucial. Colors can make or break your family pictures.

  1. Neutrals – Cream, gray, and beige look great in any setting. They keep the focus on faces.
  2. Jewel Tones – Deep blues, greens, and purples pop without overpowering.
  3. Soft Pastels – Light pinks, blues, and yellows add a gentle touch without being too bright.
  4. Consider Decor – Match outfits to your home’s color scheme for harmony.
  5. Avoid Bright Red – This color can be distracting and overshadow faces.
  6. Earth Tones – Browns and tans work well for a natural feel.
  7. White – Crisp white looks clean but avoid if walls are white to prevent blending in.
  8. Patterns – Small, subtle patterns can add interest without stealing the show.
  9. Layers – Use layers like cardigans or scarves for added texture.
  10. Comfort First – Ensure all outfits are comfortable to avoid awkward poses.
  11. Black Accents – Black pants or skirts can ground an outfit without taking over.

These tips will help you pick the best colors for your indoor family photo session!

Colors to avoid

Choosing what to wear for family photos can be fun yet tricky. It’s important to avoid certain colors for the best results.

  1. Neon Colors
    Neon colors can be too bright in photos. They draw attention away from faces and are often harsh on the eyes.
  2. Turquoise
    Turquoise may look lovely in person, but it often doesn’t photograph well. It can clash with other colors and settings.
  3. Dark Colors
    Dark colors like black or navy can make pictures look gloomy. They also absorb light, making photos less vibrant.
  4. Very Bright Colors
    Very bright colors like bright red or orange are distracting in photos. They tend to overpower other elements in the picture.
  5. Clothing with Logos
    Clothing with logos can date your photos quickly. Logos can also pull focus away from the subjects of the picture.
  6. Patterns that Clash
    Busy patterns or clashing prints can make photos look chaotic. Opt for simpler designs and solid colors instead.
  7. Pure White Outfits
    Pure white outfits can sometimes wash out features in bright natural light or flash photography.
  8. Metallics and Glittery Fabrics
    Shiny fabrics might reflect too much light, causing glare and odd shadows in your photos.
  9. Bold Stripes or Checks
    Bold stripes or large checks can create optical illusions in photographs, making them hard to look at comfortably.
  10. Red near the Face
    Red worn near the face can cast unflattering tones on skin in photographs, making it one to skip for tops or jackets.
  11. Bright Yellow
    Bright yellow is hard to balance with other popular photo shoot colors and backgrounds, often creating distractions.
  12. Shades Similar to Your Setting
    For outdoor fall family pictures, staying clear of earthy browns if surrounded by fallen leaves helps you stand out better against the background.
  13. Transparent Fabrics
    Transparent materials may appear less classy under certain lighting conditions, affecting how polished your family portraits turn out looking.”
  14. Overly Trendy Colors
    Overly trendy shades risk dating your pictures fast as trends evolve quicker than we anticipate leaving a once-loved color obsolete come later years when viewing cherished albums.”

15.”Super Saturated Blues”

These shades prove problematic when shooting outdoors owing mainly due partly comprised reflection issues generated uniquely oceanic surfaces harbor particularly potent reflective properties resulting overly intense hues.

Styling Tips by Family Member

Everyone should feel good and look good. Let’s make sure each family member shines their best….

Women: Emphasize comfort and style

Dresses flatter everyone and photograph really well. Baltic Born offers affordable and gorgeous dresses that work great for a family photo shoot. Choose dresses with sleeves or pair them with a light jacket to highlight your favorite features.

Make sure the clothing allows for easy movement without showing undergarments.

Check if the fabric is see-through by testing it in sunlight before deciding what to wear for your family session. Comfort plays an essential role, so pick something you feel confident in wearing…flowy dress styles can help too!

Men: Simple, timeless looks

Keep it simple with untucked button-down shirts and jeans or casual pants. Avoid cargo shorts and performance fabric polo shirts, as they can look out of place in photos. Cotton polo shirts or button-downs provide a flattering fit for almost every man.

Classic colors such as navy, white, or light blue work well in most settings.

Opt for solid colors to keep the focus on smiles rather than busy patterns. We suggest shoes that complement the outfit but avoid sneakers for a more polished look. Simple styles ensure that your photos look timeless now and years from now!

Kids: Comfort meets cute

Little ones need fun and comfy outfits. Soft fabrics like cotton work best. Children will likely move a lot, so stretchy clothes are ideal. Colors should be bright but not overly loud for photos.

For girls, try simple dresses or skirts with leggings. Boys look great in chinos paired with casual shirts. Avoid overly stiff clothes to keep them happy during the session. Aim for cute yet practical looks that let kids be kids… Next, let’s talk about accessorizing your look!

Accessorizing Your Look

Wear shoes you can walk in easily… and think about the weather. Add texture with scarves or vests. Choose simple jewelry that doesn’t distract from your face. Hats can be fun if they fit the style of your outfit.

Everyone should feel good and look great!

Footwear considerations

Shoes can make or break your look, so choose wisely. Avoid dirty or worn shoes, including tennis shoes. Opt for clean and stylish footwear to match your outfits. For outdoor family photoshoots, think about the season—boots work great in fall and winter while sandals suit spring and summer shoots.

Comfort is key for everyone. Family photos often involve standing, walking, or even sitting on the ground. Make sure all family members can move easily in their shoes… No one wants blisters during a photoshoot! A comfortable pair ensures happy smiles in every picture.

Incorporating textures

Textures and layers make photos interesting. A soft scarf or a cozy sweater can add depth. Use different fabrics, like lace for moms or knitted hats for kids.

Mix textures with your accessories too. Leather belts or wooden beads create variety. Textured shoes like boots or woven flats also work well—everyone looks great in these ideas!

Selecting appropriate accessories

Adding textures to your outfits is fun, but accessories complete the look. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets should be simple. They add elegance without overdoing it. Choose footwear that matches the setting—sandals for a beach shoot or boots for fall family photos.

Hats often cast shadows on faces; avoid them. Bags with logos draw attention away from people in pictures. Stick to classic pieces like scarves or belts instead. Always coordinate jewelry with other clothes for harmony…

think of how every piece works together!

Final Preparations Before the Photo Shoot

Try on your outfits before the big day. Check the weather forecast and pack extra clothes if needed.

Try outfits before the shoot day

Trying on outfits before the shoot day ensures proper fit and comfort. We want everyone to feel great, from Mom’s outfit to our kiddos’ clothes. Testing in advance helps spot any see-through issues in sunlight.

Consider how we move and sit in these outfits; it’s best if they’re comfy all around. This way, no one feels restricted or uneasy while taking family photos. Next, let’s consider the weather and location for additional adjustments needed for a successful photo shoot day!

Consider the weather and location

Make sure to try all the outfits before the shoot day… and consider the weather and location. If it’s spring or late fall, bring extra layers. Weather can change quickly.

Outdoor photos in summer need light, breathable fabrics. Indoors, you can wear heavier materials without overheating. Avoid black clothes; they absorb heat outside. For windy days, choose clothes that stay put so you won’t have to adjust your outfit constantly during the photo session.

Choose locations wisely—parks are great in summer but might be muddy in spring. Think about how light changes throughout the day at different spots too!

Final outfit checks and adjustments

We need to ensure everyone’s clothing fits properly before the shoot. Ill-fitting clothes can ruin a photo, so try on each outfit in advance. It’s easier to make adjustments now than on the big day.

Double-check small details like loose threads or stains. Ensure shoes are clean, and socks match outfits. If someone wants to wear glasses, clean them well—smudges show up in photos! Adjust for comfort too; nobody should feel itchy or restricted.

Consider weather forecasts and location specifics. For an outdoor session in fall, bring layers for warmth without bulkiness. In-home sessions require different choices; think about how lighting affects colors indoors versus outdoors.

Lastly, add final touches like a fun accessory—a necklace for mom or cute bow tie for dad adds charm without distraction. We can’t wait to see everyone look amazing!


Photo shoots can be fun. Picking what to wear shouldn’t be hard. Let’s dress a bit nicer than usual, but still feel comfortable. The right colors and styles will make us look great! Get ready for smiles and good times ahead!


1. What should we wear for our family photo shoot?

Wear something comfortable and confident. Plan everyone’s outfits to look great in photos. Avoid wearing the same color; instead, use a pop of color.

2. Are there any outfit choices we should avoid?

Yes, avoid wearing clothes that don’t fit well or draw too much attention like plaid or neon colors. Best avoided are outfits that clash with each other.

3. How do I choose mom’s outfit first?

Start with mom’s outfit first because it sets the tone for everyone else’s wardrobe choices. Make sure they’re coordinated but not matching exactly.

4. Can you give some ideas for what to wear during a maternity or newborn photo shoot?

For maternity, find a dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable—avoid anything too tight around your belly. For newborns, keep it simple and soft; neutral tones work best.

5. Where can I get more ideas for outfits?

Pinterest is great! Create a Pinterest board to gather family picture outfit ideas…look at what others have worn and see what catches your interest in your photos.

6. Should we dress differently based on the weather?

Yes! Dress for the weather so everyone is comfortable during the session—it’s easier to move around if you’re dressed appropriately for hot or cold conditions.

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