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A pregnant woman in a floral dress poses in a beautiful garden.

Unique Maternity Photoshoot Ideas For Pregnancy Photography

A pregnant woman in a floral dress poses in a beautiful garden.

Are you looking for unique ways to capture your pregnancy journey with a maternity dress? We know how special this time is and understand that finding the perfect maternity photoshoot can feel overwhelming.

From selecting just the right theme to choosing outfits that beautifully flatter your baby bump, we’ve taken care of the research for you. Discover our top ideas for creating unforgettable maternity photos you’ll cherish forever, and see what people on Pinterest are loving this season.

Keep reading—these creative tips will add a magical touch to your maternity photography!

Key Takeaways

  • The best time for maternity photoshoots is The best time for maternity photos is between 28 and 36 weeks, ideally around 34 weeks in your third trimester., as the baby bump has a nice, round shape, perfect for capturing special moments. Consulting a maternity photographer can also help you get the best results.
  • Nature-inspired outdoor settings with lush greenery or urban chic environments like graffiti walls offer unique backdrops for a memorable maternity shoot, especially if you’re looking for a maternity dress.
  • Outfits such as flowy lace maxi dresses and casual combinations of white shirts with jeans provide elegance and comfort, making the baby bump stand out beautifully in all trimesters.
  • Involving family members, partners, and even pets can add warmth and charm to the photoshoot, making it more personal and fun.

Best Time for Maternity Photos

A couple in their late twenties enjoying a maternity photoshoot outdoors during golden hour at 32 weeks pregnant.

The best time for maternity photos is around 34 weeks. between 28 and 36 weeks. This is when the belly has a nice, round shape, perfect for pictures.

Between 28 and 36 weeks

We schedule most maternity photo sessions between 28 and 36 weeks, the ideal timeframe within your third trimester. At this stage, many mothers feel comfortable and have a nice, round belly to show off. Maternity shoot galleries are sent within one week of the session.

This period is ideal for capturing special moments before the baby arrives, especially during the second or third trimester. The belly starts to look more defined, making it perfect for a pregnancy photoshoot with unique themes and creative outfit ideas.

Unique Photoshoot Themes

Let’s make your maternity photos special with a beautiful floor length maternity dress! Try a nature-inspired shoot in a lovely park… or go for an indoor studio maternity session. urban chic look Can’t get enough of the downtown setting for your maternity photos? See more ideas on Pinterest.

Nature-inspired outdoor settings

Nature-inspired outdoor settings offer stunning backdrops for maternity photoshoots. We can choose a local park, garden, or beach—these places provide lush greenery and colorful flowers.

The best lighting is 1-2 hours before sunset or just after sunrise. This soft light makes the photos dreamy and magical. Using props like ultrasound photos, blankets, or baby outfits adds a personal touch to your maternity portraits, suitable for any trimester.

Imagine standing near tall trees or by a calm lake while wearing flowy lace maxi dresses. These locations give us so many options for creative poses and fresh air helps relax everyone involved in the shoot, potentially for a family photoshoot.

It’s important to book these sessions between 28 and 36 weeks into pregnancy because it’s when you’re showing but not too close to your due date, making for the perfect pregnancy photo.

Urban chic in city environments

Urban settings offer a fresh, stylish look for maternity photos, ideal if you’re looking for a maternity photographer who can capture chic city scenes. Think about posing near graffiti walls or in front of iconic city landmarks for a captivating pregnancy announcement. Busy streets and architectural details can add an edgy vibe to your shoot.

Wear chic outfits like a fitted dress or a trendy jacket. This adds sophistication while merging with the city’s energy… Pets are welcome too, depending on location for your growing family’s pregnancy photo!

Creative Outfit Ideas

Fluffy lace dresses and classic jeans with a white shirt make beautiful options… Explore more amazing outfit ideas for your maternity session!

Flowy lace maxi dresses

Flowy lace maxi dresses create a dreamy and elegant look for maternity photos. These floor-length dresses drape beautifully, offering comfort and style. They highlight your baby bump while providing ease of movement, ideal for a studio maternity setup.

We love how they photograph outdoors in natural light or even in the cozy comfort of your home; get in touch if you’re looking for a maternity photographer.

Pink Blush Maternity has stunning options, as does Amazon. You can’t go wrong with classic blush tones or more vibrant colors to match your theme, especially in a stunning maternity dress. These dresses not only look amazing but also feel great to wear during shoots between 28 to 36 weeks when you’re showing off that beautiful bump!

Casual elegance with white shirt and jeans

Let’s switch to a timeless look. A white button-down shirt paired with unbuttoned jeans offers comfort and style during your maternity photo shoot, perfect for any trimester. This outfit brings both casual vibes and elegant charm.

We love Pink Blush Maternity for stylish options, but Amazon also has great choices. The simplicity of this look makes it perfect for highlighting your baby bump while allowing movement for natural poses in your maternity dress throughout any trimester.

Incorporating Family and Pets

Including siblings and partners can add love to the photos… Pets as cute additions can make them fun.

Including siblings and partners

Including siblings or partners in maternity photos makes the pictures even more special, ideal for a complete family photoshoot. We can capture a family’s joy by having kids hold ultrasound photos or baby outfits. Partners embracing the expectant mother create a touching and emotional image, perfect for your baby’s first pregnancy photo and a memorable pregnancy announcement, no matter the trimester.

Pets add charm too! Some clients bring their dogs to pose with tiny baby shoes or blankets. The moment becomes fun and heartwarming, showing how everyone awaits the new arrival. This time in your life deserves to be cherished forever, possibly with a touching family photoshoot.

Pets as cute additions

Family photoshoots shine when we include everyone. Pets can add a heartwarming touch to maternity sessions. Imagine your furry friend sitting next to you, looking curiously at the baby bump.

It’s too cute! Perfect for sharing on Pinterest or your pregnancy announcement. Many of us treat pets as family members, so their presence makes the session special, especially if you’re expecting.

We often see lovely shots with dogs or cats cuddling close, making it a perfect addition to your newborn and maternity photos. Posing with them brings natural smiles and laughter during a family photoshoot. Posing with them brings natural smiles and laughter during a family photoshoot. Photographers help guide poses for both people and pets, making sure everyone looks great together in your pregnancy photo…

Even if they’re a little wiggly, it can make for a wonderful growing family’s pregnancy photo!


Capture special moments with a maternity photoshoot wearing a stunning floor-length maternity dress, perfect for any trimester. Choose the perfect time between 28 and 36 weeks when you’re expecting. Think about fun themes like nature or urban settings for unique pictures. Wear flowy lace dresses or mix it up with jeans and shirts.

Bring family members, partners, or even pets to add warmth to your session. Use props like ultrasound photos and baby outfits for personal touches or a pregnancy announcement. Book your session early to create memories that will last forever with your growing family’s pregnancy photo!


Q: What are some unique maternity photoshoot ideas?

A: Some unique maternity photoshoot ideas include incorporating props like letterboards, using different locations such as beaches or parks, and experimenting with different poses to capture the special moment.

Q: How can I find a professional maternity photographer?

A: To find a professional maternity photographer, you can search online on platforms like Pinterest or photography websites, ask for recommendations from friends or family, or browse through portfolios of photographers specializing in maternity portraits.

Q: What should I wear for a maternity photoshoot?

A: For a maternity photoshoot, it is recommended to wear outfits that flatter your bump, such as floor-length dresses, fitted tops, or maternity gowns. You can also consider incorporating soft, pastel colors like pink blush to create a dreamy and feminine look.

Q: When is the best time to schedule a maternity photo session?

A: The best time to schedule a maternity photo session is typically around the 34th week of pregnancy when your belly is beautifully rounded but you are still comfortable moving around for poses.

Q: What are some ways to announce pregnancy through photos?

A: Some creative ways to announce pregnancy through photos include using props like baby shoes, ultrasound images, or a simple sign with the due date. You can also take photos with your partner or family members to share the exciting news.

Q: How can a maternity photoshoot capture special memories?

A: A maternity photoshoot can capture special memories by documenting the journey of pregnancy, highlighting the love and anticipation between partners, and creating images that your family will cherish for years to come.

Q: Is it possible to combine maternity and newborn photoshoots?

A: Yes, it is common for photographers to offer packages that include both maternity and newborn photoshoots to document the entire process from pregnancy to welcoming the new baby. This allows for a seamless transition between the two sessions.

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