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A sample display of wedding photography packages and pricing on a wooden table.

Affordable Wedding Photography Packages & Prices In 2024

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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding the cost of a wedding photographer and affordable wedding photography packages. Trust us, we understand how crucial it is to capture every special moment without breaking the bank.

Our wedding packages offer a variety of choices to meet your needs. research shows that Elements Photography offers packages starting at just $1695, making professional photography accessible for every couple. In this article, we’ll break down these options and help you choose the perfect package for your big day.

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Key Takeaways

  • Elements Photography offers wedding photography packages and pricing starting at $1695 in 2024, making professional services accessible to all couples.
  • The Classic Photo & Video package is available in 2-hour and 4-hour bundles, priced at $1,299 and $1,599 respectively; the Exclusive package provides up to 10 hours of coverage for a higher price point.
  • All packages include features like edited photos, online galleries, highlight films, and options for second shooters and thank you cards; multi-service discounts and special engagements sessions are also included for added value.
  • Higher-end Storytelling Photo & Video bundles offer extensive coverage with two photographers and cinematographers starting from $5,299. They include pre-event sessions to capture the love story before the big day, which can be integrated into your wedding packages.
  • Add-on options like parent albums or mini clone albums are available. Couples can also get up to $500 off by checking their wedding date availability early.

Overview of Wedding Photography Packages

A sample display of wedding photography packages and pricing on a wooden table.

We offer different wedding photography packages to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for basic or premium options. Select from options that include both photos and videos… each capturing special moments in unique ways, ensuring the right photograph for every occasion!

Classic Photo & Video

Classic Photo & Video packages offer great value. The 2-hour bundle costs $1,299. It includes a certified wedding photographer and a 30-page wedding album. You also get an online gallery of edited photos.

Most couples love the 5-10 minute HD highlight film of their special day.

You can choose the 4-hour bundle for $1,599 if you want more coverage, and it includes a print release. This package includes all features of the 2-hour bundle but offers double hours of wedding day coverage: “We capture every moment professionally.” Both options provide quality at an affordable price for your wedding pictures, with the option to include a travel fee for destination weddings.


Capture every smile, tear, and dance with Classic Photo & Video bundles.


Exclusive Photo & Video

Want something more special? Consider our custom package options if you’re interested. Our Exclusive Photo & Video package is perfect for capturing the story of your wedding day. This bundle starts at $3,099 for 8 hours or $3,499 for 10 hours, covering the cost of a wedding photographer for the most special day of your life. You’ll get a certified photographer and videographer who will capture every moment, telling the story of your wedding day.

Included are all edited photos and a 30-60 minute HD cinematic film of your big day, ensuring every photograph tells a story. Plus, you’ll receive a beautiful 30-page wedding album to cherish forever, filled with each special photograph.

Storytelling Photo & Video

Our Storytelling Photo & Video package for capturing every unique photograph and moment. brings your wedding day to life. This bundle offers 8-hour coverage at $5,299 and includes a second photographer and cinematographer. A pre-event session captures the love story leading up to your big day.

Opting for the 10-hour package at $5,899 provides extended coverage for more unforgettable moments. You will get a beautiful wedding album set and a feature film ranging from 30-90 minutes long.

Enjoy documenting every detail with high-quality photography and videography services tailored just for you!

Key Features in Wedding Photography Packages

2024 wedding photography packages offer various key features. These include engagement sessions and full-day coverage from morning to night.

Engagement Session Inclusions

Every bride dreams of perfect engagement photos. Our packages offer great options to capture this special moment, tailored to your price for wedding photography needs.

  1. Certified Photographer for 60 Minutes

    Enjoy a full hour with an experienced photographer who knows how to capture stunning shots.

  2. All Edited Photos

    We deliver professionally edited images that highlight your love story, providing candid moments and cinematic quality.

  3. Online Gallery

    Access your photos easily through a private, online gallery. Share them with friends and family quickly.

  4. Multi-Service Discounts

    Save more when you book additional services like bridal portraits or wedding day coverage.

  5. $500 Off for Checking Wedding Date Availability, making the price for wedding photography a bit easier on your budget.

    This extra discount helps make our packages even more affordable.

  6. Digital Downloads

    Get high-resolution digital files to print or share on social media without any hassle.

Each of these inclusions ensures you get the best value and beautiful memories from your engagement session.

Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

We offer different hours of wedding day coverage. You can choose based on your needs and budget from our photographer packages, making the cost of a wedding photographer more manageable.

  1. 6-Hour Coverage as part of our custom package options. 
    • Includes a certified photographer.
    • Priced at $1249.99.
    • Provides all edited photos.


  2. 8-Hour Coverage 
    • Perfect for longer ceremonies and receptions, making it easy to tell the complete story of your wedding day.
    • Costs $1549.99 with all edited photos included.


  3. 10-Hour Coverage 
    • Best for full-day events and multiple locations, especially if you’re going for an extensive wedding experience.
    • Priced at $1749.99, the package also comes with unlimited prints.


  4. Classic Photo & Video Bundles 
    • 2-hour bundle costs $1299; great for short weddings or elopements.
    • 4-hour bundle is $1599; ideal for smaller ceremonies and receptions.


  5. Expressions Bundles 
    • 6-hour option provides extensive coverage at $2299, including a print release.
    • 8-hour bundle, long enough to capture the entire day, costs $2599.
    • The 10-hour package ensures nothing is missed, priced at $2999.


  6. Add-On Options 
    • Add a second shooter to capture more angles.
    • Think about extra hours if you need more time covered, especially considering every wedding is different.


Choose the right package to match your wedding day needs and enjoy every moment captured beautifully!

Second Shooter available with most wedding packages to ensure all angles of your wedding day are covered. and Add-On Options

Second shooters and add-ons can make your wedding photos perfect. They capture every moment and give you extra options.

  • Second Shooter 
    • Storytelling bundles include a second photographer, perfect for capturing every photograph from different angles.
    • Add a second shooter for 4 hours: $650.00 to capture every candid moment.
    • Add a second shooter for 8 hours: $950.00.


  • Thank You Cards 
    • Available as an add-on.
    • Customize with your favorite candid wedding photos.


  • Parent Albums available as part of our wedding packages. 
    • Smaller versions of your main album.
    • Perfect gifts for parents or family members.


  • Mini Clone Albums 
    • Mini copies of your main wedding photo album.
    • Great keepsakes for close friends or family members.


These options help capture your wedding day from every angle.

Conclusion: Choosing Your Ideal Package for 2024

We have many options for wedding photography in 2024. Our packages start at $1695 and offer various features. Choose from Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Digital, Photo/Video, and Add-Ons.

Each package includes different coverage hours and high-resolution images on a USB drive.

Ensure your special day is captured perfectly by selecting the right package for you! Take advantage of our engagement sessions to get comfortable with your photographer beforehand, reducing any worry about the big day.

We are here to make your wedding memories last forever.


Q: What are the photography packages and pricing options for weddings in 2024?

A: Our wedding photography packages range from basic to premium, catering to different needs and budgets. Contact us for detailed pricing information.

Q: Do you offer affordable wedding photography packages?

A: Yes, we understand the importance of capturing special moments without breaking the bank. We offer affordable wedding photography packages that meet your budget, perfect for those looking for affordable wedding photography.

Q: Are two shooters included in your wedding photography services?

A: Yes, all our wedding photography packages include two shooters to ensure comprehensive coverage of your special day.

Q: Can I hire additional hours of photography coverage?

A: Yes, you can add additional hours to your wedding photography package to capture more moments from your ceremony and reception.

Q: Do you offer high-resolution digital images for download?

A: Absolutely! We provide high-resolution digital images for you to download, share, and print as you wish.

Q: How many photos can we expect to receive from our wedding day?

A: The number of photos delivered varies based on the package chosen and the length of the event. Rest assured, each important moment will be captured beautifully by a top-notch photograph.

Q: What regions do you cover for wedding photography services?

A: We are based in Southern California and offer our services throughout the region, including Orange County, San Diego, and other metro areas.

Q: Do you have a wedding gallery where we can view your past work?

A: Yes, we have a diverse wedding gallery showcasing our previous projects. Feel free to explore and get a sense of our style.

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