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Villa In Rio Chico Private Estate in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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A luxurious villa by crystal-clear waters in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
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    Luxury Villa Rental In Rio Chico Private Estate in  Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    A luxurious villa by crystal-clear waters in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

    Searching for that perfect luxury getaway is no easy feat—we’ve been there, flipping through endless options in search of something special. That’s why we’re thrilled to share our discovery with you: a guide to renting your dream Rio Chico villa in Rio Chico, Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

    It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s an escape waiting for you to find it, akin to the luxurious experience at Rio Chico on the beach.

    Key Takeaways

    • Rio Chico Private Estate in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is a 14 – acre oceanfront property with two private beaches and natural waterfalls.
    • The estate has a variety of luxurious suites that include ocean view terraces, en – suite bathrooms, plasma TVs, and gaming systems like Xbox 360 for entertainment.
    • Guests can enjoy personalized services such as meals prepared by private chefs with all – inclusive packages available at our Rio Chico Jamaica villa, at $250 per adult per day and $100 per child per day.
    • Booking the villa varies by season with detailed rates provided for different bedroom options, including those with access to new 2nd story features and shared terraces with garden views. Holiday weeks have special full-house rates.
    • For booking inquiries or more information, guests can call the villa specialist or fill out an inquiry form on the website.


    Overview of Rio Chico Private Estate

    The image shows a luxurious oceanfront villa surrounded by tropical gardens.

    Let’s talk about Rio Chico Private Estate, which sits majestically by the rich character of the Riviera, where every accommodation includes a flat screen TV and access to a new 2nd story balcony with a tranquility soaking tub for an unparalleled view of the surroundings. This place is on 14 acres right by the ocean in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It has its very own beach and waterfalls… something truly special.

    Description of the 14-acre oceanfront property

    Our 14-acre oceanfront estate outside Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is a dream come true, featuring a private balcony with tranquility views and walk-in showers with carrera marble in select suites. It boasts sprawling lawns and lush gardens with streams and waterfalls, perfect for exploring or just relaxing in nature’s beauty.

    You’ll find Italian stone figures and towering palms that add to the charm of this luxurious property. Our private beach offers you a slice of paradise with soft sand underfoot and the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore.

    We make sure every corner of our vast estate feels like a piece of heaven on earth, including bathrooms with large soaking tubs and private balconies that offer a tranquility view. From verdant paths leading to hidden waterfalls to serene spots for quiet reflection, it’s all here waiting for you.

    Imagine tying the knot amid these stunning surroundings or simply unwinding from the stresses of life. Here at Rio Chico Private Estate, magic happens every day amidst our well-tended flora and along our pristine coastline, offering access to a new 2nd story ocean view.

    Unique features including private beach and waterfalls

    We love the fact that our villa sits on a 14-acre oceanfront property, offering you not just one, but two private beaches. Imagine walking hand in hand on soft sand at the garden and private cove beach, with only the sound of waves for company, and returning to a room featuring a private WC and an adjacent walk-in shower for ultimate relaxation.

    The water is clear and calm, perfect for a refreshing dip or snorkeling side-by-side, especially when you’re at a Jamaica villa west of Ocho Rios. For couples who dream of adventure right at their doorstep, we also boast natural waterfalls within the estate, offering views that rival Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s renowned north coast..

    These are not your everyday sights; they create magical moments where you can take stunning photos or simply enjoy nature’s music together.

    Our beaches stretch over 2,000 feet of protected shoreline–a rare find that guarantees privacy and tranquility, aligning with the serenity of Rio Chico’s prestigious location on Jamaica’s renowned north coast. Whether it’s lounging under the sun or exploring aquatic life in crystal waters, these features craft unforgettable experiences.

    Plus, don’t miss out on diving into our luxurious pool with private patios overlooking the ocean. three freshwater swimming pools. Each offers a unique setting to relax and soak up Jamaican sunsets, making every moment spent here truly exceptional.

    Villa Amenities and Accommodations

    A luxurious oceanfront villa with diverse people enjoying cityscape views.

    Our villa offers spaces that will make your stay unforgettable, including a grand living room with a sink vanity with all marble finishes, and carrera marble and stained wood finishes throughout. Each room comes with ocean view terraces, en suite bathroom with large freestanding tubs, making every morning a spectacle, plus the luxury of a soaking tub and shower for a spa-like experience. For entertainment, we’ve got you covered with big screen TVs and gaming systems…enough to keep everyone happy.

    Luxurious suites with ocean view terraces and en-suite bathrooms

    We all dream of the perfect escape. Picture yourselves in a luxurious suite at Rio Chico on the beach, with access to a new 2nd story ocean view terrace, where the ocean greets you every morning.


    • Our estate showcases 12 bedrooms spread across a 6-bedroom manor house, a 4-bedroom cliff-side villa, and a 2-bedroom cottage. Each suite offers breathtaking views of the ocean from private balconies or patios, ensuring a memorable stay. These aren’t just rooms; they’re retreats where every sunrise feels like it’s just for you.
    • En-suite bathrooms come with large soaking tubs and walk-in showers. Marble finishes add elegance. Imagine relaxing in a bath, ocean sounds in the background, a bathroom with large soaking tub and a private balcony with tranquility views enhancing the experience.
    • Terraces provide not just views but privacy. Here, enjoy your morning coffee or an evening drink, watching the sun dip below the horizon.
    • For entertainment, plasma TVs and Xbox 360 are ready to make evenings exciting. Whether it’s movies or games, downtime is delightful.
    • iPod docks throughout ensure your favorite music fills your space, crafting the perfect ambiance for every moment in our Jamaican villa, which includes a suite bathroom with large soaking tub in every master bedroom.
    • From queen beds to king-size platform beds in selected suites, comfort is never compromised, with some featuring a private patio with ocean view or a shared terrace with a garden view. They promise deep rest under starry skies and the opportunity to enjoy evenings filled with board games under the open sky, especially if you’re staying at a villa like Rio Chico on the beach, where the ambiance is unmatched.


    All these details—ocean-view terraces, en-suite luxury bathrooms, entertainment options—come together to create unforgettable moments for you and yours.

    High-end entertainment options including plasma TVs and Xbox 360

    We know how important it is to have top-notch entertainment options during your stay. That’s why our villa comes packed with the latest gadgets to keep you and your guests entertained. Here’s what we offer:


    1. Plasma TVs are in every room, so you never miss a show or movie and are complemented by bathrooms with soaking tubs and large walk-in showers for an indulgent end to your day. These screens provide crystal-clear images for all your viewing needs.
    2. The Xbox 360, with its wide selection of CDs, is a hit with both kids and adults. It offers a wide range of games that cater to everyone’s tastes, from action-packed adventures to family-friendly fun on the garden and private cove beach, making it ideal for guests at Rio Chico on the beach.
    3. Satellite TV means you have access to hundreds of channels from around the world, a perfect complement to your stay in our luxurious suites with private balconies. Whether it’s news, sports, or entertainment, you’ll find something to watch any time.
    4. DVD players are available for those who prefer watching their favorite movies the classic way, plus every room boasts a plasma TV for an unparalleled viewing experience, reflecting the luxury of the Jamaica villa experience. Just bring your DVDs or pick from our collection.
    5. iPod docks are there to play your own music whenever you want. Just plug in your iPod and fill the villa with your personal soundtrack.
    6. CD players complement the mood with some background music or dance hits depending on what vibe you’re going for, especially enjoyable in rooms with outdoor living spaces for an enhanced experience.
    7. High-speed internet keeps everyone connected and happy. Share photos, stream videos, or work remotely without any hassle.


    After relaxing with our entertainment options, let’s dive into the exclusive services and facilities that make our villa truly special…

    Exclusive Services and Facilities

    At Rio Chico, the service shines like the Jamaican sun, offering guests outdoor living spaces that feel like a continuation of the luxurious interior. You get special care that feels like stepping back into grand colonial days, amidst the luxury of stained and lacquered wood finishes that add to the ambiance. They offer chefs just for you and all-you-can-ask-for packages—making every day a breeze, and ensuring your private bathroom comes equipped with a large freestanding tub or a walk-in steam shower.

    Personalized service reflecting the superb service of colonial Jamaica

    We take pride in offering service that echoes the grandeur of colonial Jamaica. Our full staff, including a chef, butler, houseman, housekeepers, and gardeners, ensures your every need is met with grace and efficiency.

    Imagine stepping back into an era where every request was handled with utmost care and the interiors boasted Carrera marble and stained lacquered wood finishes – that’s what we strive to provide at our villa. The feeling of being pampered by experts who know just how to make your stay unforgettable is something you’ll cherish.

    Our team is trained to anticipate what you might want before even asking… From arranging meals tailored just for the two of you by our private chef to keeping your suite pristine daily.

    They’re here around the clock, ensuring safety and comfort without intruding on your privacy.


    Experiencing luxury means never having to ask.


    Next up: let’s look at how easy it is to book your dream stay and what rates you can expect during different seasons, especially for rooms equipped with flat screen TVs and bathrooms with soaking tubs and showers.

    Availability of private chefs and all-inclusive packages

    Moving on from the exceptional service, they ensure that your stay includes top-notch dining experiences. Private chefs are available to cater to all your meals, preparing delicious dishes right in the villa.

    From breakfast with fresh fruits and Jamaican coffee to gourmet dinners under the stars, these chefs make food an unforgettable part of your stay in the rich character of the Riviera.

    For a worry-free experience, they offer all-inclusive packages at $250 per adult per day and $100 per child per day, including access to outdoor living areas perfect for family gatherings. This covers all meals and beverages prepared by your private chef.

    We’ve found this option makes planning easier for their guests, letting you enjoy every moment without thinking about meal costs or grocery shopping.

    Booking and Rates

    To book your dream stay at Rio Chico, just fill out a simple form on their website. Prices change with the seasons, so make sure to check for the best rates before you decide.

    Detailed breakdown of rental rates by season

    We’ve got all the details you need to book your dream wedding at Rio Chico in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Our rates depend on the season and how many bedrooms you need. Here’s a concise table to help you plan, especially useful for guests staying at the main villa or any of the private suites at Rio Chico, which comes equipped with children’s board games and amenities to enhance your family’s stay.


    Season 6 Bedrooms, each featuring a suite bathroom with large soaking tub and a private balcony with a tranquility view (USD). 8 Bedrooms (USD) 10 Bedrooms (USD) 12 Bedrooms (USD)
    Low Season, a perfect time to enjoy the outdoor living spaces and the beauty of the shared terraces with garden views and access to a private cove beach. 26,046 28,600 31,150 33,700
    High Season 27,300, a price that includes access to exclusive amenities like a suite bathroom with large soaking tub and walk-in shower with carrera marble. 29,900 32,500 34,272
    Holiday Weeks* 7-night, full-house rate applies


    *Holiday weeks include Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Remember, rates can change but the comfort of your stay with private WCs and adjacent walk-in showers will always be our priority. Always check with our villa specialist before booking. Save the date and get ready for an unforgettable experience with us in Jamaica.

    Information on how to inquire and book the villa

    Booking your dream villa in Rio Chico, Ocho Rios is easy, with accommodations suited for every need, including children’s board games for family fun. Just call their villa specialist at 301.229.4300. They help you from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm EST. If calling isn’t your thing, fill out the inquiry form on their website any time, and don’t forget to ask about their family-friendly amenities like children’s board games.

    They make sure you get all the info and support to book that luxurious stay.

    Rates change with seasons, so ask about them, particularly if you’re considering a stay at the villa Rio Chico. They’ll guide you through every step to ensure your big day or getaway at our Jamaican villa is perfect. Next up, let’s dive into why this place will steal your heart.


    They offer a stunning escape at Rio Chico in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, complete with private balconies with ocean views and walk-in showers with carrera marble in every suite. Imagine waking up to ocean views from luxurious suites and diving into private pools by the cliffs, each suite boasting a bathroom with large soaking tub. Their villa pampers guests with top-notch services, including private chefs and high-tech entertainment like Plasma TVs and Xbox 360.

    Rates vary by season, ensuring options for every budget, especially for those looking to stay at a prestigious Jamaica villa. Reach out to secure a slice of paradise on Jamaica’s renowned north coast – perfect for couples dreaming of an unforgettable getaway, complete with a private balcony with a tranquility view.


    Q: What is the location of the luxury villa rental in Rio Chico?

    A: The luxury villa rental is located in Rio Chico, Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

    Q: How many bedrooms are there in the villa?

    A: The villa consists of two bedrooms.

    Q: What are some features of the bathroom in the villa?

    A: The bathroom includes an over-sized soaking tub, a double sink vanity, and a marble mosaic floor.

    Q: What can guests expect in the bedrooms?

    A: Each bedroom is furnished with two queen-size beds.

    Q: What is the historical significance of Rio Chico?

    A: Rio Chico sits on a 14-acre estate and was built in 1898.

    Q: Are there any outdoor spaces in the villa?

    A: The villa has a private balcony overlooking the butterfly garden and private cove.

    Q: What entertainment options are available in the villa?

    A: Wall-sized flat-screen televisions add functionality to the gorgeous setting.

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