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Top 15 Wedding Video Songs and All the Best Wedding Songs

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A bride and groom dance in a forest clearing, surrounded by magical light.
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    Top 15 Wedding Video Songs and The Best Songs For Wedding Videos in 2024

    A newlywed couple dances under the stars in a moonlit garden.

    A newlywed couple dances under the stars in a moonlit garden.

    A newlywed couple dances under the stars in a moonlit garden.

    Choosing the perfect music for your wedding video can indeed be a daunting task. It’s like trying to find the right words to describe how you feel about your partner – not always easy, but incredibly important.

    We understand this challenge deeply and have taken it upon ourselves to ease some of that burden for you. After extensive research, we’ve meticulously compiled a list of the top 50 wedding video songs that beautifully encapsulate every emotion on your big day.

    From those magical first dance moments to the spontaneous bursts of laughter among friends and family, our selection offers a variety of genres and eras, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.

    Let us help guide you towards finding that ideal soundtrack which echoes the love, joy, and promise of your most cherished day.

    Key Takeaways

    • Choosing the right wedding video song is crucial for capturing your love story. From classics like “At Last” by Etta James to modern hits by John Legend, there’s a perfect track for every couple.
    • Timeless tunes and contemporary hits both play essential roles in making wedding videos unforgettable. Including songs like “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole or “All Of Me” by John Legend can bring emotional depth to your special day’s footage.
    • For energetic celebrations, tracks like “Happy” by Pharrell and “Firework” by Katy Perry add vibrant beats that light up dance floors and make memorable moments more joyful.
    • Romantic ballads such as Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” capture hearts, weaving emotions through every scene of your wedding video, turning each frame into a lasting memory.
    • Exploring unique song choices like Iron & Wine’s rendition of “Time After Time” can offer a distinctive soundtrack to your wedding video, setting it apart with gentle melodies and an alternative vibe.


    Timeless Classics for Wedding Videos

    A bride and groom share a tender moment while dancing under a sparkling chandelier.

    A bride and groom share a tender moment while dancing under a sparkling chandelier.

    A bride and groom share a tender moment while dancing under a sparkling chandelier.

    Wedding days are magical, and choosing the right tunes can make your video unforgettable. Timeless classics hit that sweet spot—capturing emotions that words alone cannot.

    Now, let’s talk about those ageless melodies perfect for wedding videos. Imagine the first dance captured with “At Last” by Etta James echoing in the background—the love in the air becoming almost tangible, like the instrumental song that plays on loop in our hearts.

    Or picture walking down the aisle as “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole fills the room, wrapping every moment in a warm embrace of everlasting love.

    These songs not only set a romantic tone but also weave together generations, connecting past, present, and future. They’re like an emotional transcript of your big day—an edit that never goes out of style.

    So why settle for just any tune? Let’s curate a playlist sprinkled with timeless classics—a melody line-up ensuring every glance and giggle is laced with sentimentality. From Elton John’s heartwarming “Your Song” to Etta James’ soul.

    “At Last” by Etta James: A Timeless Serenade


    At Last by Etta James truly captures the essence of love and commitment, making it a timeless choice for any wedding video.


    Every couple wants their big day to be unforgettable. That’s where “At Last” by Etta James comes in as the ultimate wedding video song. This classic hit has stood the test of time, becoming synonymous with romance and everlasting love.

    Its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics create an emotional backdrop that beautifully complements your wedding moments on film. We always recommend this track because it manages to perfectly capture the love between newlyweds, turning every glance into a story and every smile into a memory.

    Choosing this song for your wedding video is like adding a piece of cinematic history to your special day. Its popularity among couples around the globe isn’t just about its beautiful tune but also Etta James’ powerful vocals that convey deep emotions with every note, making it one of the most popular choices.

    As you curate your playlist or work closely with videographers to edit the footage, incorporating “At Last” ensures that each frame speaks volumes of love—making not just a great soundtrack but an unforgettable part of your celebration.

    “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole: Everlasting Love

    We’ve all heard “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole in movies and dreamed about the perfect wedding moment. This melody captures everlasting love like none other, making it a top choice for our wedding video soundtrack.

    It’s not just us choosing this song; countless couples have woven Nat King Cole’s velvet voice into their big day. The lyric truly brings out the emotion of a day you never want to forget, making it one of the best songs for wedding videos.

    In our experience, adding “Unforgettable” to your playlist can turn any wedding clip into a timeless classic. We paired this track with shots from our first dance, and let me tell you—the result was magical.

    Every time we watch our wedding film, it feels like we’re right back there on that dance floor. Choosing the right music is crucial for capturing those unforgettable moments, and with a legend like Nat King Cole in the background, you’re setting up your highlight reel for success.

    Whether it’s through Musicbed or a skilled DJ handling your audio needs… trust us—go with classics like this one to make every edit evoke all those special feelings again, ensuring each moment is heightened by the perfect instrumental song.

    “Your Song” by Elton John: A Personal Tribute

    Elton John’s “Your Song” is a heartfelt melody that speaks to the soul, making it a perfect addition to any wedding video. Its simple yet profound lyrics allow couples to share their unique stories of love and commitment.

    This tune stands out as one that can capture the depth of emotion on your special day. It acts like a personal tribute, conveying feelings and sentiments that are sometimes hard to put into words.

    Choosing this song for your wedding video ensures those moments are remembered forever. The beautiful piano accompaniment paired with Elton John’s distinctive voice creates an unforgettable soundtrack for your cherished memories.

    As you consider songs for your wedding video, let “Your Song” be the melody that brings your love story to life. Next up, we’ll explore contemporary hits that also make great choices for capturing those magical moments.

    Contemporary Hits for Wedding Videos

    A bride and groom are shown dancing at their wedding reception.

    A bride and groom are shown dancing at their wedding reception.

    A bride and groom are shown dancing at their wedding reception.

    ## Contemporary Hits for Wedding Videos:

    We all want our wedding videos to feel like they’re right out of a music video, don’t we? With The tunes you pick can turn your footage into something magical. Imagine your first dance or those candid moments edited with tracks that are topping the charts now.

    It feels fresh and personal.

    Picking songs isn’t just about what sounds good; it’s about capturing the spirit of your relationship in this moment in time. Whether it’s the soul-stirring “All Of Me” by John Legend or Ed Sheeran’s heartfelt melodies, contemporary hits have a way of speaking directly to our hearts.

    They’re not just background music; they set the tone for the entire video, making each viewing a return to those joy-filled moments.

    And let’s not forget artists like Bruno Mars or Calvin Harris, who bring an upbeat tempo that can highlight the more energetic parts of your day. From laughter-filled dances with friends and family to that epic cake-cutting moment.

    “All Of Me” by John Legend: A Modern Love Anthem

    “All Of Me” by John Legend has become a staple in our wedding playlists. Its heartfelt lyrics perfectly capture the essence of love and commitment, making it an ideal choice for your wedding video soundtrack.

    We’ve seen couples light up when this melody fills the room, reminding everyone about the deep connection shared between two people.

    Choosing “All Of Me” as part of your wedding video song collection adds an emotional depth to your highlight reel. The power of John Legend’s voice, combined with the romance of his lyrics, creates unforgettable moments that you’ll cherish every time you watch.

    It’s more than just music; it’s a testament to love that complements every frame of your big day.


    Sharing your life means sharing every piece with ‘All Of Me’.


    “Beyond” by Leon Bridges: Soulful Vows

    Choosing “Beyond” by Leon Bridges as your wedding video song brings a touch of soul and heartfelt pledges to your special day. Leon’s silky voice and the song’s smooth melody create an atmosphere of deep affection and lasting promises between two souls united in love.

    For our own wedding, we wanted a track that felt personal and moving, something more than just background music. When “Beyond” played over our most precious moments—it was magical.

    The way this song blends classic charm with modern sensibilities makes it perfect for couples looking to capture their unique bond.

    This choice stands out because it not only sets the tone for romance but also ensures that every frame of your wedding highlight feels intimate. With lyrics that speak directly to the heart, it wraps up your love story beautifully in every edit.

    We’ve seen how carefully chosen songs for a wedding video elevate the entire experience—they turn simple clips into unforgettable stories. And trust us, when you pair your visuals with “Beyond,” you’re not just choosing a soundtrack; you’re weaving in a narrative thread that binds all those shared glances, smiles, and dances into one cohesive masterpiece worthy of being called the best part of your big day playlist.

    “Marry Me” by Train: A Proposal Anthem

    Moving from the soulful vows in “Beyond” by Leon Bridges, we find another perfect tune for your special day—”Marry Me” by Train. This song has become a go-to proposal anthem for many couples.

    Its romantic and emotional tone captures the big feelings of your wedding day like no other. Picking this track as part of your wedding video songs playlist will bring those heartfelt moments to life every time you watch.

    We’ve seen “Marry Me” set the scene for countless first dances and newlywed introductions. It mixes pop and soul in a way that fits perfectly into the atmosphere of love and celebration.

    Including it in your list of best wedding video songs ensures a blend of contemporary vibes with timeless emotion—a combination we always recommend to couples looking to make their wedding videos unforgettable.

    Its place among the top 50 best is well-deserved, making it an essential choice for any modern English or genre-specific playlist at weddings across 2024 and beyond.

    Energetic Tracks for Wedding Celebrations

    A joyful bride and groom dance with guests in a vibrant reception hall.

    A joyful bride and groom dance with guests in a vibrant reception hall.

    A joyful bride and groom dance with guests in a vibrant reception hall.

    For the times when you want to light up the dance floor and keep everyone on their feet, picking energetic tracks is key. These songs add life to any wedding playlist. Why settle for a slow dance when you can have your guests jumping with joy? From the beats of Bruno Mars to the rhythms by Calvin Harris, your wedding will turn into an unforgettable party scene.

    It’s all about creating those moments that make everyone say, “This is the best wedding ever!”.

    And don’t forget—your wedding video needs these vibrant tunes too! Imagine watching your highlight reel set against a backdrop of laughter, dancing, and sheer happiness. That calls for some serious editing skills to sync every beat with those joyful faces.

    So whether it’s through a DJ’s expert mix or carefully curated playlists on Musicbed, ensure these lively melodies echo throughout your celebration. Trust us; choosing songs like “Happy” or “Firework” will transform your big day into an epic.

    “Happy” by Pharrell: Joyous Beats

    We all want our wedding day to feel like a burst of joy and energy. That’s exactly what “Happy” by Pharrell brings to the table. It’s one of those best wedding video songs that captures the essence of happiness and celebration.

    Including it in your wedding playlist ensures those upbeat moments are highlighted with vibrant beats. It’s not just another melody; it’s a soundtrack for creating unforgettable memories on your big day.

    Incorporating “Happy” into your special moments—from walking down the aisle to the lively dance sessions at your reception—adds a layer of excitement and fun that everyone remembers.

    This song fits perfectly whether you’re editing a highlight video or choosing music for live performances, reflecting both your personalities as a couple. Let this joyous beat be part of crafting that perfect wedding video, making every glance, every step, and every smile truly memorable.

    “Firework” by Katy Perry: A Sparkling Love

    Moving from the joyous beats of “Happy,” let’s turn up the emotion with “Firework” by Katy Perry. This track, a dazzling anthem of love and self-empowerment, has found its way into our hearts and onto our wedding playlist.

    With lyrics that burst with encouragement and celebration, it perfectly captures the explosive joy of a wedding day. Imagine looking back at your wedding video—the first dance under twinkling lights or that spontaneous kiss captured on film—and hearing “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?” It isn’t just about starting anew; it’s an evocative reminder of the resilience and brightness of love.

    Our firsthand experience tells us there’s something utterly magical about including “Firework” in your wedding video song lineup. As we edited snippets of laughter, tender exchanges, and crazy dance moves from receptions we’ve filmed over the years, Katy Perry’s anthem added an electric layer of excitement every time.

    It ties big moments together—like locking eyes for the first time as married couples or that epic cake fight—all while reminding everyone involved: “You’re original, cannot be replaced.” From processional to recessional or even those candid bloopers caught off-guard—this melody elevates every frame to not only remember but relive those emotions rawly felt on your special day.

    “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang: Festive Vibes

    From the sparkling echoes of love in “Firework” by Katy Perry, we jump into a rhythm that compels everyone to hit the dance floor. “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for joy and unity—essential elements for any wedding party.

    Picture this: guests laughing, dancing, and celebrating your union under twinkling lights. This tune brings those moments to life.

    We included “Celebration” in our wedding playlist because it perfectly captures the spirit of our day. It’s one of those timeless melodies that gets people of all ages moving—the kind of track that makes you want to drop everything and celebrate right there on the spot.

    And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want their wedding filled with scenes like that? Whether you’re editing your wedding highlight video or choosing songs for different parts of your ceremony and reception, remember: A playlist without this festive vibe might miss out on capturing true celebration moments.

    Romantic Ballads for Wedding Videos

    A newlywed couple dances in a dimly lit vintage ballroom, captured in soft focus portrait photography.

    A newlywed couple dances in a dimly lit vintage ballroom, captured in soft focus portrait photography.

    A newlywed couple dances in a dimly lit vintage ballroom, captured in soft focus portrait photography.

    Romantic ballads have a way of touching hearts, making them perfect for your wedding video. They set the tone for love and promise, turning each frame into a memory that lasts forever.

    Choosing the right tune can be tough, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with classics from Elvis Presley to modern hits by Ed Sheeran. These songs add magic to your footage, weaving emotions through every shot, especially when you include one of the most popular,

    Imagine walking down the aisle or sharing that first dance as “Can’t Help Falling in Love” plays in the background. It’s not just music; it’s an echo of your heart beating together with your partner’s.

    For those who prefer contemporary vibes, why not include tracks by Bruno Mars or Calvin Harris? Their upbeat yet romantic melodies bring a fresh twist to your special moments.

    Don’t forget about indie favorites like The Lumineers or more soulful tunes from James Taylor. Each song has its own charm, capable of transforming your video into something uniquely yours.

    “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley: Eternal Devotion

    Choosing the perfect wedding video song feels like a big task, but “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley makes it easy. This classic hit captures eternal devotion in every melody, making it one of our top picks for best wedding video songs.

    It stands out in the playlist of 50 best songs for weddings with its timeless appeal that fits perfectly into any part of your special day. From walking down the aisle to those intimate moments captured on film, this track wraps love and commitment into a beautiful musical package.

    Our own wedding video featured “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and watching it back always brings tears to our eyes. The song’s gentle tunes paired with our vows and laughter created an unforgettable memory.

    We’ve seen how well-produced wedding videos with just the right music can memorialize such a significant event—this song was certainly a popular choice for us, echoing through every frame of love and joy.


    Love is forever etched in melody with ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’.


    Moving on to more romantic ballads like Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” we find…

    “Love Story” by Taylor Swift: A Fairytale Romance

    Moving from the timeless voice of Elvis Presley, we find ourselves stepping into a more modern fairytale with “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. This song spins a tale of love that feels as if it’s leapt right out of a storybook, making it an enchanting choice for any wedding video.

    We’ve seen firsthand how “Love Story” can transform wedding footage. It pairs well with visuals of laughter, dances, and those candid moments that make a wedding day special. Its lyrics echo the dreams many brides have about their perfect day — overcoming obstacles and celebrating love in its purest form.

    The melody is both uplifting and nostalgic, ensuring your wedding video feels like a cinematic journey through your own fairy tale.

    Incorporating this track into your playlist or using it as part of your ceremony can breathe life into every frame captured by photographers or videographers. Let’s face it; everyone wants their love to be as epic and enduring as the tales we grew up adoring.

    Choosing “Love Story” might just set the tone for beginning yours on an unforgettable note.

    “In My Life” by The Beatles: A Lifetime Journey

    Choosing the right tunes for your wedding video is crucial. It sets the mood and brings back all the beautiful memories every time you watch it. “In My Life” by The Beatles is one of those unforgettable melodies that captures the essence of a lifetime journey together.

    This song, with its sweet lyrics and harmonious melody, makes it perfect for a wedding playlist. It speaks to both hearts and souls, making it an ideal backdrop for capturing your special day’s moments.

    We understand how important music is in showcasing the love story between couples, recommending a subscription to a curated playlist of the top 50 songs for weddings. That’s why “In My Life” stands out as a meaningful selection in our carefully curated list of best wedding video songs.

    Not only does this track offer a timeless tune, but its lyrics also act as a beautiful transcript of your relationship’s journey – from beginning to forever. Its inclusion in any couple’s wedding or processional playlist ensures that every frame of their union is laced with warmth and nostalgia, especially if they choose an instrumental song that resonates with their love story.

    Unique Song Choices for Wedding Videos

    A bride and groom dance in a forest clearing, surrounded by magical light.

    A bride and groom dance in a forest clearing, surrounded by magical light.

    Finding the right music for your wedding video might seem like a challenge, but subscribing to a service with a vast library of songs can simplify this process. We know you want something that stands out, something that captures the essence of your special day in a way that’s uniquely yours.

    Maybe it’s time to think outside the box with song choices. Why not consider tunes from artists like Iron & Wine or Fleet Foxes? Their gentle melodies and folkloric vibes can add a touch of uniqueness to your video, making it different from any other.

    Or perhaps John Mayer’s “XO” cover has the unconventional serenade you’re looking for. It’s all about creating an atmosphere that reflects both of you as a couple – one where every chord and lyric adds depth to your love story.

    So, why stick to what everyone else is choosing? Dive into lesser-known tracks or alternative versions of popular songs. These unique selections can transform your wedding video from typical to extraordinary.

    The key is finding those tunes that resonate with your journey together.

    “Time After Time” by Iron & Wine: A Gentle Rendition

    Choosing the perfect melody for your wedding video can feel overwhelming. With so many beautiful songs out there, it’s tough to find one that really speaks to your journey together.

    We’ve been through this maze ourselves and know exactly how pivotal it is to pair the right soundtrack with your precious moments. That’s why we’re pointing you towards “Time After Time” by Iron & Wine—a gentle rendition that stands out in our carefully curated playlist.

    This version brings a soothing, almost ethereal quality to any wedding film, making those memories even more touching.

    Iron & Wine gives us a unique take on this classic hit, transforming it into an acoustic treasure perfect for couples looking for something beyond the usual ballads or modern hits.

    It adds depth without overpowering your video’s visuals—think of those quiet looks exchanged during vows or gentle steps taken on the dance floor; this song wraps such scenes in warmth and intimacy like few others can.

    From personal experience, adding such an understated yet evocative tune elevates not just the tone, but also the emotional impact of your wedding transcript. For brides seeking a sound as timeless as their love story, Iron & Wine’s “Time After Time” may just be the musical thread you need weaving through each frame of your special day.

    “Montezuma” by Fleet Foxes: Folkloric Love

    For those of us who’ve walked down the aisle, or stood watching, teary-eyed as friends and family did, the power of a good wedding video song is undeniable. “Montezuma” by Fleet Foxes stands out in our playlist.

    It’s like a gentle breeze that transports you to another time—rich with folkloric love, it weaves tales of the past into melodies that sing to the heart.

    The allure of this song lies in its ability to blend storytelling with emotion. Fleet Foxes have mastered the art of painting vivid pictures through their music, making “Montezuma” a treasure trove for videographers looking for something beyond the typical melody.

    A wedding day is full of fleeting moments – glances exchanged, soft whispers between loved ones – all caught on camera. This track pairs perfectly with those visuals, elevating them from mere footage to a timeless tale.

    We’ve seen firsthand how choosing just the right music can turn an ordinary wedding video into something magical. The echoes of “Montezuma” amidst clips from your special day not only enhance but also immortalize every smile and tear shed in joy.


    A song can transform moments into memories; ‘Montezuma’ does so by crafting folklore into love.


    “XO” by John Mayer: An Unconventional Serenade

    We chose “XO” by John Mayer for our own wedding video, and let me tell you, it was the best decision. This song isn’t your typical ballad or upbeat dance track—it’s an unconventional serenade that brings a unique vibe to any wedding film.

    The melody is gentle yet powerful, perfect for capturing both the tender moments and the joyful celebrations. Mayer’s rendition adds a fresh twist to the original, making it stand out in a playlist filled with classics.

    The first time we heard “XO” as part of our wedding edit, it felt like rediscovering our love story through music. Its lyrics are simple but heartfelt, creating an emotional backdrop that made every clip more meaningful.

    For couples looking for something different than traditional tunes by Elvis Presley or modern hits from Bruno Mars, this song offers a beautiful alternative. It fits effortlessly into any genre mix on your DJ’s turntable or curated musicbed for the evening—making your day memorable not just in visuals but in sound too.


    A couple is seen dancing under twinkling lights in a romantic setting.

    A couple is seen dancing under twinkling lights in a romantic setting.

    A couple is seen dancing under twinkling lights in a romantic setting.

    Picking the right melody for your wedding video is like finding the last piece of a puzzle. It brings everything together, making moments unforgettable. From timeless tunes by Etta James and Elvis Presley to modern hits from John Legend and Bruno Mars, there’s a song for every couple.

    Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris offer tunes that fill dance floors, while Iron & Wine gives us gentle ballads perfect for quieter moments. Whether you’re editing your own footage or working with a professional videographer, these songs set the tone for your love story.

    Our playlist—packed with 50 best tracks—turns any wedding film into magic. Dive into different genres to find what speaks to you whether it’s pop, soul or indie folk from artists like The Lumineers and Modern English.

    Remember that Anderson Paak could give your video an upbeat vibe whereas James Taylor adds classic warmth.

    Every choice in this list blends perfectly with stunning visuals of your special day. Your wedding playlist isn’t just background music; it captures the essence of your celebration.

    So go ahead – edit that video with heart-pounding beats or sweet melodies that make everyone smile long after the party ends.


    Q: What are the top 15 wedding video songs?

    A: The top 15 wedding video songs include a mix of popular and sentimental tracks such as Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” Bruno Mars’ “Marry You,” and Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

    Q: How important is it to choose the right song for a wedding video?

    A: Choosing the right song for a wedding video is crucial as it sets the tone and enhances the emotional impact of the footage, making the video more memorable.

    Q: What are some popular wedding songs for 2023?

    A: Popular wedding songs for 2023 include contemporary hits like “We Found Love” by Rihanna and Calvin Harris, as well as classic love songs by artists like James Taylor.

    Q: How do you pair a song with wedding video footage?

    A: To pair a song with wedding video footage, consider the mood and emotions you want to convey and match them with the lyrics and melody of the song to create a cohesive and impactful video.

    Q: Which artists are known for creating the best wedding video songs?

    A: Artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Calvin Harris are known for creating some of the best wedding video songs with their heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies.

    Q: How can I create the perfect wedding playlist?

    A: To create the perfect wedding playlist, mix a variety of genres, tempos, and sentimental songs that resonate with you and your partner, ensuring a balanced and memorable musical experience.

    Q: What is the significance of including love songs in wedding videos?

    A: Including love songs in wedding videos adds a romantic and emotional touch, enhancing the storytelling and highlighting the love and connection shared between the couple.

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