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2024 Average Cost of a Destination Wedding Cost Guide

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A beautiful beach wedding setup at sunset with a bustling atmosphere and diverse faces.
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    2024 What is the Real Cost and Average Cost Of A Destination Wedding Cost Guide

    A beautiful tropical beach wedding setup with a stunning sunset background.

    Planning your dream wedding but fretting over the costs? You’re definitely not alone in this boat. We’ve sifted through all the nitty-gritty details to uncover what a destination wedding might set you back in 2024.

    Our guide spills the beans on the average cost of a wedding and unpacks clever ways to save some cash, turning that dreamy vision of planning a destination wedding into an affordable reality. Ready for some reassuring news? Keep on reading about planning a wedding!

    Key Takeaways

    • A destination wedding in 2024 costs around $9,850 which is much less than domestic weddings priced at about $28,000.
    • Choosing an all – inclusive package can save a lot of money. These often include decor, food, music, and even an officiant for around $6,450.
    • The location plays a big role in the cost. Places like the Smoky Mountains and Outer Banks offer beauty on a budget for a local wedding, while New York City and Maui come with higher price tags, often associated with a traditional wedding.
    • Keeping your guest list small can help cut costs significantly. This makes planning simpler and allows more room to splurge on other details.
    • Selecting off – peak dates for your wedding lowers expenses as well. This approach offers savings on travel and venue bookings.


    Average Cost of a Destination Wedding in 2024

    'A man and a woman exchange vows at a beautiful beachfront wedding surrounded by palm trees.'

    Now that we’re diving into the heart of planning a destination wedding destination wedding planning, let’s talk numbers. The magic figure for a destination wedding in 2024 hovers around $9,850, close to the budget for the wedding of your dreams. This number might seem big at first glance, but consider this—it’s way less than the lofty $28,000 tag on domestic weddings in certain places.

    We’ve walked down this path ourselves and learned that picking an international destination wedding location all-inclusive package abroad can be a game-changer. These bundles handle everything from decor and food to music and drinks, perfect for planning a wedding.

    They even throw in some extras like your ceremony officiant and flowers, typical of an all-inclusive resort wedding package.


    Finding beauty in simplicity makes life so much sweeter.


    We chose a venue that offered an all-inclusive experience for about $6,450. Yes, you read that right—our entire celebration cost less because it was away from home! This approach not only saved us thousands but also cut down on our stress levels significantly.

    Planning from afar meant relying heavily on our resort’s wedding coordinator, who became our go-to person for every little detail. With their help, we navigated through choices with ease and saw firsthand how these savings added up quickly—all without having to compromise on making our day feel like a dream come true.

    Factors Influencing the Cost of a Destination Wedding

    A beautiful beach wedding setup at sunset with a bustling atmosphere and diverse faces.

    The cost of a destination wedding can change a lot based on where you choose to have it and what your wedding will include. Picking between places like a beach or mountain, the number of people you invite, and your chosen date all play huge roles in how much you’ll spend.

    Domestic vs. International Locations

    Choosing between getting married at home or in another country is a big decision. If we pick a place within our own country, it might save us money. Places like these can be easier for everyone to get to.

    This means less spending on travel and places to stay. It also cuts down on the hassle of planning from afar.

    Going abroad for our wedding brings its own excitement. It adds unique cultural touches that make our day special. But, this choice may lead to higher costs because of flights and hotels.

    We’ll also need to think about currency exchange rates and local laws which could add more work and expense.

    Venue Selection: Beach, Mountain, National Park, City

    Picking the right spot for our big day shapes the whole vibe of a destination wedding. Beach spots offer sun and sea, but don’t forget permits and rentals might add to your budget.

    Mountains bring stunning backdrops; however, getting everyone up there could cost a bit more for transport. National parks are unique with natural beauty around every corner, but hands down, we’ll need permits and might face guest limits, a consideration when planning a destination wedding.

    Cities dazzle with endless activities and venues yet expect higher prices for just about everything from party spaces to hotel rooms, making the role of a wedding planner essential.


    The venue sets the stage for your dream wedding—choose one that reflects both your spirit and story.


    Deciding between sand waves of a beach wedding or city lights involves more than just picking a place. Each location has its charm and challenges—from securing beach permits for our wedding venue to booking block rooms in urban hotels.

    Think about what feels right for us but keep an eye on how each choice affects our overall expenses. Whether it’s saying ‘I do’ at sunset on the coast or exchanging vows amidst towering skyscrapers, let’s make sure it fits our vision *and* our wallets.

    Guest List Size

    We know keeping the guest count in check is tricky. A long list means more cheers, but it also leads to higher bills for food, spaces, and places to stay. It’s like planning a big party; more guests need more of everything.

    We aim for a magical day without breaking our budget or losing the personal touch that makes weddings special.

    A small circle of loved ones keeps things cozy and cuts costs on meals, seats, and rooms. This choice lets us spend more on memorable details—like a stunning setting or gourmet bites—that make our day unique.

    Deciding who makes the list can be tough, yet focusing on close family and friends ensures everyone there has a special role in celebrating our love story.

    Wedding Date

    Choosing your wedding date is a big deal. It affects how much you spend on your destination wedding when considering the cost per person. High season dates usually cost more. Think summer in Europe or winter in the Caribbean.

    If you pick these times for your wedding day, expect to pay top dollar for travel and venues.

    Going for off-peak dates can save you a lot. Consider weekdays or winter months if you’re okay with cooler weather or less popular travel times for planning a destination wedding. This choice could mean lower rates at resorts and fewer guests, which also cuts costs.

    Now, let’s move on to discussing the detailed breakdown of destination wedding expenses…

    Detailed Breakdown of Destination Wedding Costs

    Figuring out the total price for a destination wedding might seem tricky, but we’ve got it covered. From where you’ll say “I do,” to capturing those perfect moments, every detail adds up in its own way.


    Accommodation costs can really add up, making them a big part of the budget for our destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort. We learned that booking rooms early can snag us some great deals. For example, airfare abroad might set you back about $1,000 per couple, but did you know securing a group room block in advance could lower your accommodation expenses? It’s true; hotels often give discounts to large groups.

    This trick helped us save a lot on our guest accommodations.


    Securing a room block early not only saves money but also ensures all your guests stay close by.


    We found that prices change depending on where and when you’re planning to get married, especially for a destination wedding in Mexico. A beachside resort or mountain lodge will have different rates and may offer special packages for weddings.

    That’s why we compared options side by side before deciding. Choosing the right place saved us from overspending and let us pick somewhere both beautiful and affordable for everyone involved.

    Wedding Package

    After sorting out where everyone will stay, we dive into what makes a destination wedding truly magical – the wedding package. This is where dreams take shape. Think of it as your big day in a box, but way more glamorous.

    We’re talking decor, music, feasting, and toasting—all bundled up with a bow.

    We’ve seen how these packages transform spaces in Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic into something out of a fairy tale. For around $6,450 per couple on average, everything gets handled—setting up the ceremony spot by the beach or under string lights at an elegant ballroom comes alive without us lifting a finger.

    Photographers capture every smile of the wedding couple; chefs cook up delights while bartenders keep glasses full. It’s all there! Choosing an all-encompassing destination wedding package was our shortcut to enjoying our day without sweating the small stuff.

    Photography and Videography

    After choosing your wedding package, it’s time to think about how you’ll capture the day. Photos and videos will be what we look back on for years to come. We use top-notch cameras and drones to get those perfect shots from every angle.

    Our team of skilled photographers and video creators are experts at catching those special moments. They know just when to snap a photo or record, making sure nothing is missed on our wedding day.

    We also bring our own style to your wedding media. With over 15 editing styles, we can match the feel you want for your memories, perhaps captured from your destination wedding and shared on a wedding website. Plus, our artificial intelligence tools make every image pop with color and life.

    Trust us, looking through your wedding album or watching your video will always bring back happy tears and laughter. It’s like reliving the best day ever all over again.

    Decor and Flowers

    We know that decor and flowers can take a big chunk of our destination wedding budget. Costs swing widely based on where we’re getting hitched and what we like, especially if we’re considering a beach wedding. We’ve learned this firsthand.

    Choosing blooms and decorations gets pricier with more guests and fancier designs. Local vendors are often our go-to for flower arrangements at far-off locations, pushing up the expense.

    Breaking down costs, we’re talking about everything from bouquets to ceremony backdrops to table settings at the reception, and not forgetting the wedding cake. And yes, getting those pretty things to our dream spot might mean extra fees for shipping or travel.

    Working with a planner helps us figure out how to make it all look stunning without spending too much. They find local florals and decor that fit right into what we can afford for our wedding day, making sure every penny counts toward creating the vibe we’re dreaming of—without blowing through our budget.

    Travel Expenses

    After picking the perfect blooms for your big day, let’s shift gears to talk about getting you and your guests to that dreamy destination. Travel expenses can really add up, but knowing what they include might just save you some stress—and cash.

    These costs cover airfare, a place to stay, getting around once you’re there, and sometimes a few extras. For example, flying out abroad might cost $1,000 per couple.

    Many wedding packages at resorts throw in accommodations and sometimes transportation too, offering a per person rate for attending a destination wedding. But keep in mind, not everything is covered in the average destination wedding cost. Extended stays for that extra bit of celebration will run about $2,400 per couple.

    So while some travel costs are part of your package deal at the resort or hotel hosting your wedding event—the special car rides to venues or scenic spots are on you—planning ahead helps manage these extra expenses without breaking the bank.

    Tips for Saving Money on a Destination Wedding

    Trimming your guest list can slash your budget significantly. Picking off-peak times for your big day can also lead to big savings.

    Managing Guest List

    We know you’re dreaming of the perfect destination wedding. Keeping your guest list short is a smart move. It helps save money and makes planning easier. Think about your closest friends and family only.

    This way, everyone enjoys more and you stress less.

    Choosing who gets an invite needs careful thought, especially when considering how much does a destination wedding cost. Ask yourselves, “Who must be there for our day to feel special?” Focusing on folks who mean the most ensures a memorable experience for all attending a destination wedding.

    Plus, with fewer guests, splurging on things like a nicer dinner becomes possible—making your big day even better without breaking the bank.

    Selecting Wedding Date

    Picking the right day for our destination wedding in Mexico is key. We must think about weather, how busy the place will be, and costs. Days during peak season at a beach or mountain spot can be pricey and crowded.

    But, if we choose off-peak times, we might save money and have more places to pick from.

    We also need to look at our calendars and talk with important guests before deciding. It’s smart to avoid big holidays when flights are expensive. Planning ahead helps us get better deals on travel and stay for everyone coming to celebrate with us at our wedding resort.

    Requesting No Gifts

    After picking the perfect date for our wedding, we thought about gifts. We decided to ask our guests not to bring any. This might sound unusual, but it makes sense for a destination wedding.

    Our friends and family are already spending money to travel and stay with us during this special time. We feel their presence is the best gift they can offer.

    Instead of traditional presents, we’ve set up a honeymoon fund. Guests who want to give something can contribute to our first adventure as a married couple. This approach helps us start our new life together with less stuff and more memories.

    And honestly, isn’t that what matters most?

    Most Affordable and Expensive Wedding Destinations in the U. S.

    We’ve all heard the rumors about the staggering costs of weddings, but when we started planning our own, we really saw how the place you choose can make a huge difference. Finding the perfect spot for our big day meant balancing our dreams with our budget. So, we dove into the numbers to share with you the most affordable and expensive wedding destinations in the U.S.


    Location Type Average Cost
    Smoky Mountains, Tennessee Affordable $10,000 can cover a significant portion of an all-inclusive wedding package.
    Outer Banks, North Carolina Affordable $12,500 is the average destination wedding cost.
    Lake Tahoe, Nevada Affordable $15,000
    New York City, New York Expensive $70,000+
    San Francisco, California Expensive $65,000+
    Maui, Hawaii Expensive $50,000+


    Planning our own wedding, we looked into all kinds of places. We thought about beaches, mountains, and even city rooftops. We learned quickly – the location doesn’t just set the scene. It also sets the budget. In our hunt, the Smoky Mountains offered us the picturesque backdrop without breaking the bank. For those dreaming of an ocean view, the Outer Banks provided a stunning yet affordable option. And Lake Tahoe? It’s a nature lover’s paradise, also without an extreme price tag, perfect for a destination wedding package.

    On the flip side, we had friends who tied the knot in New York City. Their celebration in the Big Apple was nothing short of a fairy tale, but it came with a hefty price. San Francisco and Maui were also on our radar as dream destinations. They promised breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences for our wedding day but at a premium cost.

    Choosing the right place for our wedding was a journey. We balanced our dreams with reality and found a perfect middle ground. So, whether you’re envisioning a cozy mountain retreat or a lavish city gala, remember, the right place is out there. It just takes a bit of research and, maybe, a compromise or two.


    Planning our dream destination wedding in 2024 doesn’t have to drain our bank accounts. Keeping an eye on the average cost helps us set realistic budgets. We understand now that choosing a location, whether it’s a beach or mountain spot, plays a big role in the cost of a wedding.

    Opting for an all-inclusive package can simplify things and cut down costs significantly – especially when we think about food, decorations, and entertainment for our special day.

    We’ve seen how factors such as the size of our wedding party and picking the right date can also affect prices. Money-saving tips like trimming our guest list or marrying off-peak could make a huge difference.

    And remember, while some might think we need to cover everyone’s travel expenses, that’s not usually expected.

    So here’s to planning the destination wedding of our dreams without breaking the bank! With smart choices and a bit of savvy planning, we’re all set to celebrate love surrounded by stunning scenery – without sweating over every penny spent.


    Q: How much does a destination wedding typically cost?

    A: The average cost of a destination wedding can range from $20,000 to $80,000, depending on the location, number of guests, and the level of luxury you desire.

    Q: Is booking an all-inclusive wedding package a good idea?

    A: All-inclusive destination wedding packages can be a great option as they often include accommodations, meals, drinks, and some wedding services, which can help simplify the planning process and save you money.

    Q: Do I need a wedding planner for a destination wedding?

    A: Hiring a wedding planner for your destination wedding can be beneficial as they are experienced in coordinating events in unfamiliar locations and can help ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

    Q: How can I create a wedding budget for a destination wedding?

    A: To create a wedding budget for a destination wedding, consider expenses like travel costs, accommodations, venue rental, catering, decor, and any additional activities for you and your guests.

    Q: What should I include on my wedding website for a destination wedding?

    A: Your wedding website for a destination wedding should include details about the location, travel and accommodation information, itinerary for the wedding events, and any registry information.

    Q: How do I estimate the cost of attending a destination wedding?

    A: To estimate the cost of attending a destination wedding, consider factors such as travel expenses, accommodations, meals, gifts, and any additional activities you plan to participate in during your stay.

    Q: Are there affordable options for having a destination wedding?

    A: Yes, there are affordable destination wedding options available, such as choosing a less expensive location, having a smaller guest list, or opting for a package deal that includes wedding services and accommodations.

    Q: How do I plan an all-inclusive destination wedding within budget?

    A: To plan an all-inclusive destination wedding within budget, consider booking package deals, limiting the number of guests, choosing an off-peak season for travel, and being flexible with your wedding date and location.

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