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Lionsgate Event Center: Premier Wedding Venue in Lafayette

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A wedding at The Chandelier Barn at Lionsgate Event Center, beautifully decorated with a bustling atmosphere.
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    Lionsgate Event Center: Premier Wedding Venue Located In Lafayette

    A bride and groom walking through beautiful gardens at Lionsgate Event Center.

    Selecting the perfect spot for your wedding can feel a tad daunting. If you’re caught in the whirlwind of options and minutiae, know that you’re not navigating this alone. Through our own journey, we’ve uncovered some real gems when it comes to venue choices, and Lionsgate Event Center Lionsgate Event Center, located in Lafayette, Colorado, shines particularly bright, often featured in WeddingWire for its charm.

    Our guide here delves into why this spot could very well be the picturesque backdrop you’ve been dreaming of for your special day – offering enchanting spaces like the Gatehouse and Chandelier Barn, all-encompassing services, and consistently positive feedback from many happy couples.

    Eager to learn more? Let’s dive deeper.

    Key Takeaways

    • Lionsgate Event Center offers unique wedding venues like the Dove House, Chandelier Barn, and Gatehouse in Lafayette, Colorado, making every ceremony magical.
    • The staircase at Lionsgate’s Gate House provides an elegant backdrop for any wedding ceremony, becoming a focal point for both memories and photos. center provides all-in-one services including coordination, catering, bar services, and event items like chairs and dance floors to ensure a stress-free wedding day for couples.
    • Couples can expect clear pricing information and a variety of packages to fit their budget for weddings at Lionsgate Event Center, a venue built in 1910 and located in Lafayette, Colorado.
    • The Lionsgate team works closely with preferred vendors to make wedding planning smoother and help bring each couple’s vision to life, ensuring your wedding at the Dove House or any of our spaces is memorable.
    • With over 300 reviews rating it 4.8 out of 5, Lionsgate Event Center is highly recommended by past couples for its beautiful settings and expert event planning.


    Overview of Lionsgate Event Center’s Unique Features

    A wedding at The Chandelier Barn, beautifully decorated with a bustling atmosphere.

    Lionsgate Event Center isn’t your typical wedding spot in Lafayette. With spaces like the Dovehouse and Chandelier Barn, each corner tells a story and adds magic to your big day.

    Dove House

    Dove House at Lionsgate Event Center LionsgateCenter is a jewel among Lafayette’s wedding venues, offering a unique blend of charm and elegance for your big day. It boasts an historic charm with its year of establishment being 1910, making it not just a space but a piece of history where countless couples have started their journey together.

    Walking through its doors, you’ll notice the exquisite stained glass that casts colorful patterns across the rooms, adding to the magic of your big day, held in the lush garden settings of Lionsgate. The lush gardens offer a serene backdrop for ceremonies and photos alike.

    Our team adores every moment spent at Dove House—from witnessing pre-wedding jitters to seeing the joy on everyone’s faces as they dance under the stars. We treasure these moments deeply at the venue built in 1927.


    Seeing our brides glow in the radiance of Dove House is something we never get tired of.


    With room for up to 350 guests, this venue ensures no one has to miss out on your celebration. Your wedding coordinator at Lionsgate works tirelessly behind the scenes so you can focus on what truly matters—making memories that last a lifetime with your wedding party.

    Plus, preferred vendors make planning stress-free; from florists who understand exactly how to bring your vision to life using greenery and blossoms, to caterers who craft menus that delight every palate.

    Chandelier Barn

    The Chandelier Barn at Lionsgate’s Event Center in Lafayette, Colorado, shines as a unique choice for your big day. With room for up to 350 guests, it mixes indoor elegance and outdoor freshness perfectly.

    Imagine saying “I do” under the glow of chandeliers or against the backdrop of the setting sun. This place featured on “Married at First Sight” and earned rave reviews – scoring a proud 4.8 out of 5 from happy couples.

    Our wedding there felt like a fairy tale come true, truly the best wedding experience we could have hoped for at a venue built in 1927. Every corner of the barn was picture-perfect, from its sparkling lights to its spacious dance floor, showcasing the unique ambiance one can only find at a Colorado wedding venue like Lionsgate. The team at Lionsgate made planning easy with their all-inclusive packages and stand-by event coordinators.

    They connected us with top-notch caterers and decorators from their list of preferred vendors, making our dream day stress-free. From first glance to final toast, Chandelier Barn added that special sparkle we were looking for in a wedding venue near Denver.


    We had our wedding at the Gatehouse, part of Lionsgate Event Center in Lafayette, and it was magical. The venue has everything you dream of for your big day—elegance, charm, and a lot of personality.

    For us, having our wedding at the Dove House with its stained glass windows and brick walls created a perfect romantic atmosphere we couldn’t find anywhere else. The space felt both historic and timeless.

    Planning with the Lionsgate Ladies was a breeze—they knew exactly how to bring our vision to life. They provided us with a list of preferred vendors which made everything easier from caterers to decorators.

    We especially loved how they handled every detail; it allowed us to enjoy our celebration without worry. You can really tell they have tons of experience with weddings and events just by seeing how smoothly everything ran on our special day.

    If you’re looking for an event space that offers beauty inside and out plus an expert team in Lafayette, scheduling a tour of the Gatehouse is something I’d recommend 100%.

    Customer Experiences at Lionsgate Event Center

    A newlywed couple dancing under sparkling chandeliers in a historic barn.

    At Lionsgate Event Center, located in Lafayette, Colorado, couples always walk away with smiles and hearts full of joy from their wedding, held in our lush garden settings. They rave about the stunning settings, like the historic dovehouse and the breathtaking chandelier barn, making their wedding unforgettable.

    Real Wedding Experiences

    We’ve seen many couples say “I do” at Lionsgate Event Center. Each wedding shines in its own way. Let’s share some of their stories, focusing on what makes this venue near Denver a top pick.

    • N & J Gutierrez’s Big Day in the Dovehouse: This couple held their ceremony within the historic walls of the Dovehouse. The lush gardens provided a stunning backdrop for photos. They loved how the space felt both grand and intimate.
    • A Rustic Elegance in the Chandelier Barn: Imagine saying your vows under a sea of sparkling lights. That’s exactly what one couple did. The chandelier barn was transformed into a rustic yet elegant setting that was perfect for their style.
    • Gatehouse Gala: Another pair took advantage of the Gatehouse for their reception. They raved about the spacious hall and its beautiful bar area, which kept guests happy all evening long.
    • Outdoor Vows by the Gazebo: For those who dream of an outdoor wedding, one couple chose to have their ceremony by the gazebo. With breathtaking views and a gentle breeze, it was a serene setting they’ll never forget.

    Many couples shared how working with the team at Lionsgate, located in Lafayette, made planning stress-free, as seen on WeddingWire. From choosing preferred vendors to getting ready rooms organized, everything was handled expertly.

    Couples appreciated clear pricing information upfront, often highlighted in WeddingWire reviews. Knowing what to expect with a clear outline of the booking fee helped them budget better and enjoy their day without worrying about hidden costs.

    Finding your perfect wedding venue in Lafayette doesn’t have to be hard. Real weddings at Lionsgate Event Center, located in Lafayette, Colorado, show just how magical your day can be, from gorgeous venues like Dovehouse and Chandelier Barn to supportive services that make planning a breeze.

    Reviews and Feedback

    Brides and grooms rave about their weddings at Lionsgate Event Center. With a stellar 4.8 out of 5 rating from over 300 reviews, it’s clear why 95% of couples would recommend Lionsgate for your big day.

    Our team works hard to make every ceremony and reception unforgettable. From the moment you step into our venue, whether it’s the historic Dovehouse or the sparking Chandelier Barn, our staff welcomes you with open arms.

    We’ve seen tears of joy in the Gatehouse and laughter under the chandeliers, making each event held at Lionsgate, home to three unique venues, memorable. Every review mentions how our team at Lionsgate turned wedding dreams into reality – something we’re incredibly proud of, and why we recommend Lionsgate for an unparalleled experience.

    Madeline, a recent bride, shared her experience: “From planning to execution, everyone at Lionsgate made us feel like family.” And that’s precisely what we aim for; a meticulously planned event that feels like home, ensuring your event time at Lionsgate is unforgettable.


    Lionsgate made my wedding day everything I dreamed of…The grounds are gorgeous—a perfect backdrop.


    Ready to dive deeper? Let’s talk about what makes each space unique—from lush gardens to elegant interiors—and how they can transform your wedding into an enchanting tale.

    Lionsgate Event Center Event Spaces and Services

    At Lionsgate, we know every couple wants their big day to feel special. That’s why we offer a range of event spaces and services at Lionsgate Event Center, located in Lafayette, that make planning your wedding as stress-free as possible.

    Whether you’re dreaming of an elegant affair in the Dovehouse or a rustic gathering in the Chandelier Barn, we have the perfect backdrop for your vows. And with our team handling everything from set-up to catering, you can focus on enjoying your celebration.

    Our preferred vendors list is a treasure trove of top-notch florists, photographers, and entertainers who know how to make a wedding shine. Coupled with our experience at Lionsgate Event Center, this means you get expert advice right when you need it most.

    Looking into pricing information early helps smooth out budget plans—you’ll find our packages are designed to accommodate various needs without sacrificing quality or charm.

    From chiavari chairs to lush linens and centerpieces that catch every eye—our dedication is evident in every detail of your wedding ceremony at Lionsgate.

    Wedding and Event Planning

    Planning your wedding at Lionsgate Event Center means you get more than just a spot to say “I do.” We offer full wedding coordination services. This makes the whole process easy for you, especially with Lionsgate’s online tools to browse venue prices.

    Our team works hard, so every detail matches your vision. From the historic Dove House with its rich heritage to the elegant Chandelier Barn and cozy Gatehouse, each space tells a story.

    We also have customizable packages. These can fit any budget or style, whether it’s a lavish affair or an intimate gathering. With our help, choosing linens, centerpieces, and even your menu becomes simple at the Gate House at Lionsgate.

    Plus, we connect you with preferred vendors in Lafayette and Denver area—everything from photographers to florists who know how to make your day shine. Our goal? To give you peace of mind during planning and pure joy on your big day!

    Catering and Bar Services

    Our team at Lionsgate Event Center knows how crucial good food and drinks are for your big day. We offer a wide range of options, from buffet feasts to elegant plated dinners. Want something lighter for your best wedding event time? Opt for our cocktail reception or tantalizing hors d’oeuvres.

    Sweet tooth for your event held at the best wedding venue? Dive into our dessert selections. And yes, we provide tastings to ensure everything is perfect.

    As for drinks, let’s keep those glasses filled! Our bartenders serve up everything from champagne toasts and house wine to premium liquors and specialty beers. Whether you prefer an open bar or something more limited, we’ve got you covered—making sure your celebration is as lively or relaxed as you wish.

    Event Items Available

    Planning your big day at Lionsgate Event Center? Exciting times ahead! We know you want every detail to be perfect, from the moment you walk down the aisle to the last dance of the evening. That’s why we offer a wide range of event items to make your wedding exactly how you’ve dreamed it.

    Here’s what we have available for your special day:


    1. Aisle Markers – Define your walkway with elegance. You can choose from various styles to match your theme.
    2. Audio Equipment – Crystal-clear sound for vows, speeches, and music, ensuring no one misses those heartfelt moments.
    3. Centerpieces – From classic to modern designs, our centerpieces will be dazzling focal points on your tables.
    4. Chairs and Tables – Comfort meets style with our seating and dining options, accommodating all your guests with ease.
    5. Dance Floors – Sturdy and spacious dance floors that invite everyone to celebrate with you until the end of the night.
    6. Bar Services – Professional bartenders will serve champagne toasts, house beer, specialty wine, and more, keeping spirits high.


    We take pride in offering these essentials because we believe they set the stage for an unforgettable experience at Lionsgate Event Center. From planning stages through the final send-off, we’re here with you every step of the way. So relax – together let’s create those memorable moments that last a lifetime!

    The Lionsgate Event Center Team: Wedding and Event Experts

    Our team loves making weddings unforgettable. We call ourselves the Lionsgate Ladies–experts in turning big day dreams into reality. From the early jitters to the last dance, we’re there, ensuring every moment feels special.

    Our mission is simple: create joy and beauty through our work at Lionsgate, a top wedding spot located in Lafayette.

    We know each couple is unique, so our approach is personalized. Whether it’s helping choose flowers or setting up for the ceremony, we handle details with care and creativity. With years of planning under our belts, trust us to match you with perfect vendors from our list of favorites.

    Your happiness inspires us daily as we craft memorable celebrations in Lafayette’s most beautiful spaces like Dove House and Chandelier Barn.

    Conclusion: Why Choose Lionsgate Event Center for Your Special Day

    Choosing Lionsgate Event Center in Lafayette for your wedding day is a decision you won’t regret. This place isn’t just any event space; it’s where dreams take shape, surrounded by beauty.

    From the rustic charm of the Dove House to the elegant glow of the Chandelier Barn and the inviting warmth of the Gatehouse, every corner tells a story of love and celebration. With our team’s dedication and a hand-picked list of preferred vendors, planning comes easy, ensuring your day unfolds flawlessly, through the experience with Lionsgate Event Center.

    And let’s talk numbers – with clear pricing information upfront, you know exactly what to expect. No surprises, just pure joy on your special day!


    Q: What services does Lionsgate Event Center offer?

    A: Lionsgate Event Center offers premier wedding venues in Lafayette, including the DoveHouse and Gatehouse, as well as preferred vendor recommendations, pricing information, and inclusive packages.

    Q: Can I host my wedding at Lionsgate Event Center?

    A: Yes, many couples have held their weddings at Lionsgate Event Center, with some mentioning how they loved the venue’s landscape and the friendly and efficient waitstaff.

    Q: Where is Lionsgate Event Center located?

    A: Lionsgate Event Center is located in Lafayette, Colorado, just off Highway 287, making it easily accessible to those in Denver and surrounding areas.

    Q: How was the experience of planning a wedding at Lionsgate Event Center?

    A: Couples have raved about their experience planning their weddings at Lionsgate Event Center, with one mentioning that everything flowed perfectly and the staff was exceptional.

    Q: What makes Lionsgate Event Center a preferred wedding venue?

    A: Many couples find the grounds at Lionsgate Event Center to be gorgeous, specifically mentioning Hanna as incredible to work with and the Gatehouse as the perfect addition to their wedding.

    Q: Can I bring my own vendors to Lionsgate Event Center?

    A: While Lionsgate Event Center offers preferred vendor recommendations, couples have also been able to ask if they can bring in their own vendors to find the perfect fit for their wedding.

    Q: Does Lionsgate Event Center offer photography services for weddings?

    A: Lionsgate Event Center does not offer photography services, but the staff is friendly and welcoming to outside photographers who have experience photographing weddings.

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