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Top 10 Best Fort Collins Wedding Photographers in 2024

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a bride and groom touching foreheads with the sun peeking through in estes park, Colorado
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    Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers In Fort Collins 2024

    A rustic wedding ring is placed on a blooming wildflower field in a nature photography setting.

    Searching for that perfect wedding photographer in Fort Collins can feel like a daunting task. We understand the struggle, combing through options in Fort Collins, hoping to find a portrait photographer who not only captures but truly understands the essence of your big day, like a professional wedding photographer would.

    After extensive research, we’ve put together a list highlighting the top 10 best Fort Collins wedding photographers for 2024. Each one brings their own unique flair to your celebration, whether it’s snapping those epic shots against Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes or catching the genuine moments that weave together your personal love story.

    Brace yourselves for some serious inspiration from a top Colorado wedding photographer!

    Key Takeaways

    • Candid Studios offers photography and videography, storing all raw images free in the cloud for life. They are known for their ability to capture emotions vividly at weddings and other events.
    • Megan Simpson Photography is famous in Fort Collins, Colorado, for capturing beautiful wedding and engagement photos by a Colorado wedding photographer. They’re very popular, so you need to book them quickly.
    • Sean Lara uses his photojournalistic style to catch real moments with an artistic twist. He has over 550 weddings and 14 years of experience.
    • Kendelhardt Photography focuses on engagements and weddings, promising memorable images with a deep understanding of local scenic spots perfect for photography.
    • Kimball Nelson Photography, a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Fort Collins, provides packages starting at $2,526 and excels in capturing heartfelt moments and genuine emotions during your big day.

    Candid Studios Photography and Videography

    Our team offers more than just wedding photography; we tell stories through our lens.

    We have won awards and earned praise worldwide for our work at weddings, parties, and even mountain-top elopements.

    Our services go beyond the usual. Want your wedding day captured in both photos and video? We do that. Need pictures that last forever? We give you all raw images free and store them safely in the cloud for life.

    With over 10 years of snapping shots at various venues under different lights, our team, mirroring the expertise of Craig Vollmer Photography, knows how to make every moment shine.

    Plus, hearing back from friends who chose us, everyone raves about our 5-star service they received.

    Each wedding we shoot is as unique as your love story, which is why we offer completely custom editing styles to match your vibe. Best of all our pricing is affordable and it starts at just $250/hr.

    If you are looking for top-notch world-class photography and videography at an affordable rate then we are the team for you. Contact us today to see how we can turn your dream wedding into a reality.

    Mark Creery Photography

    A bride and groom standing beneath a rustic, scenic Colorado mountain backdrop for their wedding photo.

    Mark Creery Photography is a wedding photographer based in Fort Collins, CO. He excels at capturing the true personalities of couples with his true-to-life editing style.

    We have worked with Mark Creery a handful of times and he is always one of our favorite professional photographers to work with.

    If you are looking for a fun, down-to-earth, and creative professional photographer to work with, you should give Mark a call.

    Sean Lara Photography

    Sean Lara, a wedding and portrait photographer, makes your destination wedding day unforgettable with his camera, aligning with the visions offered by PJ Van Schalkwyk Photography for those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Since 2010, he’s been capturing love stories in Fort Collins and beyond, establishing himself as a dedicated wedding photographer based in Fort Collins. His style? Think of a photojournalist catching your real moments and emotions but with an artistic twist.

    This means every laugh, tear, and dance move looks like it belongs in a magazine. Plus, Colorado’s stunning views are often the backdrop.

    We met Sean for our engagement photos. He made us feel at ease right away. Even my fiancé, who usually hates being in front of the camera, had a good time! Sean offers more than just wedding shots; family portraits, senior pictures, business headshots—you name it.

    With over 550 weddings under his belt and 14 years of experience, he knows his stuff. If great photography is what you’re after for your big day or any important event in life, reaching out to Sean Lara Photography is a smart move.

    Kendelhardt Photography

    Shifting gears from Candid Studios Photography and Videography to Mark Creery Photography, we find ourselves at Kendelhardt Photography. This photography outfit shines in the Colorado wedding scene, much like Craig Vollmer Photography known for its exceptional wedding photography services. They capture love stories all over Fort Collins and beyond, positioning themselves among the best wedding photographers in Fort.

    What sets them apart is their focus on weddings, including engagements, showcasing their talent as destination wedding photographers. They know every nook in the area for that perfect shot.

    Kendelhardt not only specializes in capturing your big day but also offers sessions for families and events. They urge future couples to reach out early due to their busy schedule, a common request among renowned wedding photographers in Colorado Springs.

    With a knack for finding ideal photo spots, they promise memorable images from your engagement through to your wedding day.


    Every moment captured tells a story of love – Kendelhardt’s mantra, a testament to their standing as a premier wedding photographer based in Fort Collins.


    Jenna Luna Photo

    Jenna Luna Photo stands out in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. This photographer specializes in wedding and family snapshots. They have a knack for making each photo shoot personal, marking their identity as best wedding photographers in Fort.

    The focus is always on capturing those one-of-a-kind moments that make your day special. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or a more intimate elopement, Jenna Luna Photo tailors their approach to suit your needs.

    Their work shines among the top 10 best wedding photographers for 2024, thanks to their distinct photography experience.

    Are you looking for someone who really gets what makes your relationship tick? Jenna Luna Photo, a Colorado wedding photographer, does just that. They offer tailor-made sessions designed specifically around what’s important to you.

    This means every laugh, tear, and joyous moment gets caught on camera in a way that truly reflects your unique bond. Plus, reaching out to them is easy if you’re considering having them capture the magic of your big day.

    Kimball Nelson Photography

    Moving from the vibrant shots by Jenna Luna Photo, we find ourselves at the doorstep of Kimball Nelson Photography. This team shines in capturing your big day with an eye for those heartfelt moments that you’ll want to relive over and over.

    With a package starting at $2,526, they offer not just photos but a gateway back to the joy and love of your wedding day. Their knack for snagging candid moments and genuine emotions, a hallmark of quality lifestyle photography. Mark Creery Photography makes them stand out as a top pick for couples seeking a Colorado wedding photographer.

    Kimball Nelson Photography has carved out a special place in Fort Collins and beyond – think Estes Park, Denver, Boulder – with their unique approach to wedding snapshots. They’re more than just photographers; they’re memory keepers who know how important it is to freeze time on such a significant day.

    Thanks to years of photography experience behind the lens, this crew, including Mark Creery Photography, can be counted on to deliver stunning results that speak volumes about your love story through every image captured.

    PHOCO Wedding Photography

    After talking about the stunning work of Kimball Nelson Photography, we’re excited to share something special about PHOCO Wedding Photography. This team knows that every wedding is unique.

    They capture moments you’ll cherish forever. From laughter-filled exchanges to tender glances, their cameras catch it all. Their photos tell a story—your love story, captured by a dedicated wedding and portrait photographer based in Fort Collins.

    PHOCO stands out as a top wedding photographer in Fort Collins because they blend into your big day with ease. You hardly notice them, yet they don’t miss a single important moment.

    We’ve seen how they work firsthand at a friend’s wedding and were amazed at their professionalism and skill.


    A photo isn’t just an image; it’s a moment in time captured forever.


    Kristen Rush Photography

    Kristen Rush Photography captures your special day with a mix of charm and skill. This professional in Fort Collins knows just how to tell wedding tales through the lens, excelling as a wedding and portrait photographer. Her photos, reminiscent of the heartfelt captures by PJ Van Schalkwyk Photography, bring out the joy, love, and excitement of weddings.

    She’s great at snapping candid moments as well as posed portraits that feel natural. Brides love her easy-going manner which makes photo sessions fun and stress-free.

    Her studio, based in Fort Collins, offers various photography services for couples planning their big event in Colorado and beyond. Whether you want stunning shots at Rocky Mountain National Park or intimate captures at a local venue, Kristen has you covered.

    She crafts beautiful wedding albums that families treasure for years, showcasing her skill in engagement photography as well, making her akin to a top-tier wedding photography company based in the area. Choosing her means getting a dedicated artist, like Sarah Christine Photography, committed to turning your wedding visions into lasting memories, much like what you would expect from a husband and wife photography team.


    Picking the right camera artist for your Fort Collins wedding in 2024 is a big decision. You have lots of talented people to choose from. From Megan Simpson, who shows off beautiful spots, to Sean Lara and Candid Studios, you can find someone perfect.

    They all bring something special—awesome shots, different styles, and memorable moments, making them a sought-after photography team for weddings. Make sure your big day stays unforgettable with one of these pros behind the lens, perhaps consider Autumn Parry Photography for that unique blend of candid and lifestyle photography.


    Q: Who are the top 10 best Fort Collins wedding photographers in 2024?

    A: The top 10 best Fort Collins wedding photographers in 2024 include Lara Photography, Mark Creery Photography, Craig Vollmer Photography, Autumn Parry Photography, Sarah Christine Photography, PJ Van Schalkwyk Photography, Anthem Fine Art Photography, Ferree Photography, and more.

    Q: What services does a wedding photographer typically offer?

    A: A wedding photographer typically offers wedding photography services, including capturing wedding day moments, portraits, wedding photos, and special day memories.

    Q: Where are most of the wedding photographers based out of in Fort Collins?

    A: Most wedding photographers in Fort Collins are based out of the city itself, offering their services to clients in the area and surrounding areas.

    Q: Which wedding photographer is known for their expertise in Rocky Mountain National Park weddings?

    A: Sarah Christine Photography is known for their expertise in capturing weddings in the scenic Rocky Mountain National Park.

    Q: What are some of the wedding photography packages offered by Fort Collins photographers?

    A: Fort Collins photographers offer a variety of wedding packages, including wedding timeline coverage, wedding images, family photos, and intimate wedding photography.

    Q: Who is a talented photographer specializing in wedding photography in the Fort Collins area?

    A: Ferree Photography is a talented photographer based in Fort Collins specializing in capturing beautiful wedding moments for couples.

    Q: How can I find top wedding photographers for my special day?

    A: You can find top wedding photographers for your special day by searching online, reading reviews on wedding wire platforms, or asking for recommendations from friends and family who have had wedding experiences.

    Q: Are there photographers based in Denver who offer wedding photography services in Fort Collins?

    A: Yes, there are photographers based in Denver who offer wedding photography services in Fort Collins, catering to clients across Colorado.

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