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40 Wedding Venues in Colorado with Mountain Views in 2024

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A bride and groom stand on stage at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, surrounded by scenic mountain landscapes.
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    40 Colorado Wedding Venues In The Colorado Mountains and Outdoor Wedding Venues in The Rocky Mountains

    A bride and groom exchange vows with stunning mountain views in the background.

    A bride and groom exchange vows with stunning mountain views in the background.

    A bride and groom exchange vows with stunning mountain views in the background.

    Choosing the ideal wedding venue in Colorado, with its majestic mountain views, can initially seem like a daunting task. You’re not by yourself; many have tread this path, navigating through options with a mix of excitement and uncertainty.

    After embarking on thorough research that led us to discover 321 venues spanning from the vibrant streets of Denver to the serene landscapes of Aspen and everywhere in between, we’ve distilled our findings into an essential guide.

    This curated list highlights 40 standout locations providing mesmerizing backdrops for your big day, from cozy rustic lodges to sophisticated resorts brimming with elegance. Prepare to be inspired!

    Key Takeaways

    • Colorado is home to over 300 wedding venues, offering a wide range of settings from Denver’s chic lofts to rustic barns in the Rockies.
    • Couples can find their dream venue in cities like Vail, Boulder, Aspen, and Loveland, each providing unique mountain views and elegant spaces for any wedding size or style.
    • Venues offer various styles including luxurious mountain lodges, intimate outdoor terraces, historic buildings with modern elegance, and exclusive resorts nestled in dramatic landscapes.
    • Top venues feature breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and cater to all types of weddings with options for indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions, showcasing why to get married in Colorado.
    • Each location offers something special – from high-altitude resorts with panoramic views to cozy spots near serene lakes or amidst lush gardens.


    Overview of Wedding Venues in Colorado

    A newlywed couple embracing in front of a scenic mountain backdrop.

    A newlywed couple embracing in front of a scenic mountain backdrop.

    A newlywed couple embracing in front of a scenic mountain backdrop.

    Colorado offers a dream setting for your big day, with venues that boast stunning views of the Rockies and settings from cozy lodges to elegant resorts. Cities like Denver, Boulder, and Aspen are home to some of the most picturesque locations—imagine saying “I do” with a backdrop of snow-capped peaks or under a starlit sky.

    Popular cities for wedding venues

    Cities like Vail, Colorado Springs, Durango, Estes Park, Breckenridge, Frisco, and Laporte are gems for couples dreaming of a wedding with the Rockies as their backdrop. These towns offer breathtaking views of mountain ranges and forests that set a picture-perfect scene for any wedding day.

    With venues ranging from luxurious mountain resorts to intimate lodges nestled in the woods, finding the ideal spot for your big day is easy. Each city brings its unique charm and beauty to weddings, making them memorable experiences.

    Imagine exchanging vows with panoramic views at a high-altitude resort or having a cozy ceremony in a forest clearing. From grand ballrooms with sweeping Rocky Mountain vistas to rustic barns surrounded by wildflowers—there’s something magical about these locations.

    They’re not just places but settings where stories begin and memories last forever. And let’s not forget the photo opportunities; spots like Bear Lake and Lookout Mountain offer unforgettable vistas. Trail Ridge Road are perfect for capturing your love against nature’s stunning canvas.

    Your wedding photos here will be nothing short of spectacular.

    Unique styles of Colorado wedding venues

    Colorado’s wedding venues stretch far beyond the ordinary, offering a blend of breathtaking settings from rustic mountain ranches to elegant estates and intimate lodges. Each venue brings its own unique charm, with options that cater to every couple’s dream wedding.

    Imagine tying the knot with the majestic Rocky Mountains as your backdrop or exchanging vows in a historic building that whispers tales of yesteryear. From modern event centers that shine with sophistication to outdoor gardens that burst with colors and life, Colorado has it all.

    The variety doesn’t stop there. Picture your perfect day at an exclusive winery nestled in rolling hills or a chic loft space in the heart of Denver, where urban vibes meet mountain views.

    Gateway Canyons resort stands out, not just for its world-renowned luxury but also for being set in the dramatic landscapes of Unaweep Canyon – proving you can find unparalleled beauty across Colorado’s diverse venues.

    Whether you desire an all-inclusive experience or a more bespoke celebration under open skies, these places offer unforgettable settings for saying “I do.”.

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Denver, Colorado

    A bride and groom stand on stage at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, surrounded by scenic mountain landscapes.

    A bride and groom stand on stage at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, surrounded by scenic mountain landscapes.

    A bride and groom stand on stage at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, surrounded by scenic mountain landscapes.

    Denver, Colorado is a treasure trove for couples dreaming of a mountain wedding. With venues offering breathtaking views and elegant spaces, finding the perfect spot to say “I do” in the Mile High City feels like discovering a hidden gem.

    Features & Description for each Denver Venue

    Finding the perfect place to say “I do” in Denver is exciting. We have explored some of the top venues that offer breathtaking mountain views and unique settings, ensuring your wedding is unforgettable. Let’s share our findings.

    This modern venue stands out with its aesthetic design and rooftop spaces that give a stunning view of the city skyline and mountains, catering to those in search of unique wedding venues with mountain views. They offer all-inclusive packages that make planning easier for couples. The Thompson Denver merges elegance with urban sophistication, offering both indoor and outdoor settings. Their spaces can transform beautifully from a ceremony setup to a reception party.

    A treasure in Denver, Lionsgate mixes vintage charm with modern facilities. This center has various spots for photos, ceremonies, and receptions—each with its own character. The Dove House with its sprawling garden is perfect for outdoor weddings while the Gatehouse offers a grand ballroom adorned with chandeliers for an indoor event. Lionsgate promises an intimate setting regardless of your guest count, making it a cherished wedding destination for many.

    Nestled against a backdrop of majestic mountains, this resort offers the ultimate Colorado experience. With options ranging from a lakeside ceremony to a gala in their grand ballroom, Cheyenne Mountain Resort caters to every style. Their wedding packages include gourmet dining experiences and custom décor options, ensuring your day is as unique as your love story.

    Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by serene water and marine life—it’s possible at the Downtown Aquarium! This unique venue adds an extraordinary touch to weddings with its underwater ceremonies and receptions among exotic aquatic creatures. Their capable team handles everything, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the joy of your special day.

    Set atop a hill, this venue boasts panoramic views of the Denver skyline and Rocky Mountains—perfect for couples dreaming of a picturesque setting. Brittany Hill combines sophistication with Colorado’s natural beauty, providing indoor and outdoor sites that are equally stunning at sunrise or sunset. Their dedication to creating stress-free experiences is evident in their comprehensive wedding packages that cover all essentials.

    Each venue we visited offered something special—whether it was the view, unique features or comprehensive services that make planning smooth sailing. From historic charm to modern elegance or nature-inspired backdrops, these places know how to create beautiful beginnings.

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Boulder, Colorado

    A wide-angle landscape photo of an outdoor wedding venue with a view of the Rocky Mountains.

    A wide-angle landscape photo of an outdoor wedding venue with a view of the Rocky Mountains.

    A wide-angle landscape photo of an outdoor wedding venue with a view of the Rocky Mountains.

    Boulder, Colorado, shines with wedding venues that offer stunning mountain views and elegant spaces. From cozy lodges nestled in the hills to grand ballrooms with panoramic views of the Rockies, Boulder presents a variety of settings for your big day.

    Each venue comes with its charm—think rustic elegance meets modern luxury, all against the backdrop of those incredible peaks.

    For couples dreaming of an outdoor ceremony, imagine saying “I do” as the sun dips behind towering mountains. Indoor options aren’t short on scenery either; large windows bring the outdoors in, ensuring your day is filled with natural beauty regardless of weather.

    Plus, many Boulder venues team up with top-notch local caterers to serve delicious Colorado fare that will delight you and your guests.

    Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering or a lavish affair, Boulder’s top 5 wedding venues promise magical moments framed by majestic landscapes. Ready to explore these breathtaking locations? Let’s take a closer look at what makes each one stand out—your dream wedding awaits.

    Features & Description for each Boulder Venue

    Finding the perfect place to say “I do” in Boulder, Colorado, is a dream for many brides. We’re thrilled to take you through some of the most breathtaking wedding venues Boulder has to offer, all nestled in the stunning landscape of Colorado.


    1. Lionsgate Event Center


    This venue is a true gem. Think vintage charm meets modern elegance. Imagine exchanging vows under twinkling lights with an aesthetic backdrop that combines history with contemporary style. Perfect for both your ceremony and reception, Lionsgate offers diverse indoor and outdoor spaces, including the chance to plan a full wedding weekend. Each spot within this venue promises gorgeous photos with its unique décor and architecture – from lush gardens to chic ballrooms.


    2. The Hay Loft


    Rustic yet polished, The Hay Loft brings the barn wedding concept to a whole new level. Its high ceilings adorned with wooden beams create a spacious yet cozy atmosphere. Ideal for intimate weddings or grand affairs, this venue features stunning mountain views as your backdrop. The outdoor area serves as a serene setting for your ceremony, while inside you can dance the night away on the reclaimed wood floors.


    3. Foot of the Mountain Motel, a quaint mountain venue that promises an intimate setting for your special day.


    For those longing for a more intimate setting with historic vibes, look no further than Foot of the Mountain Motel. Located just minutes from downtown Boulder, it offers an escape into nature without being too far from city comforts, perfect for small wedding venues in Colorado. Your guests can enjoy quaint accommodations, making your wedding not just a day event but a memorable weekend getaway.


    4. Chautauqua Park


    Nothing says Boulder like Chautauqua Park with its direct views of the Flatirons. This venue boasts outdoor splendor ideal for those dreaming of an open-air ceremony amidst nature’s grandeur. As one of Boulder’s most iconic photo spots, it offers incredible opportunities for wedding photography – from Bear Lake to Dream Lake trails perfect for capturing dawn or dusk shots.


    5. Wedgewood Weddings, known for their picturesque event venues and gorgeous views, are ideal for any wedding party. The Greenbriar Inn


    Set against a scenic mountain backdrop, The Greenbriar Inn mixes elegance with country charm seamlessly., It’s known not just for its beautiful location but also its exquisite cuisine and impeccable service – making it ideal if food is a key part of your wedding vision., With options ranging from garden ceremonies to receptions inside their charming dining room or on the terrace overlooking manicured grounds. Every corner here spells romance, perfect for those seeking small wedding venues in Colorado.

    Choosing among these venues isn’t easy — each has something special that could make your wedding day unforgettable., Whether you prefer rustic elegance at The Hay Loft or historical charm at Foot of the Mountain Motel. Boulder provides varied options catering to different tastes and styles., Let these venues serve as inspiration as you plan toward your big day in one of Colorado’s most picturesque cities.

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Aspen, Colorado

    A bride and groom sharing a kiss with a mountain backdrop in a scenic landscape.

    A bride and groom sharing a kiss with a mountain backdrop in a scenic landscape.

    A bride and groom sharing a kiss with a mountain backdrop in a scenic landscape.

    Aspen, Colorado shines bright as a prime spot for saying “I do” with towering peaks in the backdrop. Let’s explore majestic wedding venues that turn dreams into reality, from luxurious lodges to quaint chapels nestled among the aspens.

    Features & Description for each Aspen Venue

    Planning a wedding in Aspen offers breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. Luckily, we’ve explored some of the most stunning venues around this area, each one offering something unique for your big day. Let’s dive into what makes each Aspen venue stand out.


    1. The Gant
    • Nestled against a picturesque mountain backdrop, The Gant provides an idyllic setting for both your ceremony and reception. Starting at $3,383 for 50 guests, it offers a luxurious retreat without breaking the bank, making it an ideal mountain wedding venue. With indoor and outdoor options, you can exchange vows with the stunning Rocky Mountains as your witness. Plus, their experienced staff makes planning your wedding a breeze.
    • Aspen Mountain Lodge
    • For those dreaming of a high-elevation wedding, Aspen Mountain Lodge sits atop beautiful slopes offering panoramic mountain views. The wedding deck here allows couples to tie the knot literally among the clouds, creating an awe-inspiring experience for everyone involved. Ideal for small to medium-sized weddings, their tailored packages ensure every detail is perfect.
    • Shadow Mountain Terrace
    • Imagine saying “I do” with the vast expanse of Shadow Mountain unfolding behind you. This venue combines natural beauty with elegance, featuring outdoor terraces that are perfect for sunset ceremonies, epitomizing the ideal Estes Park wedding. With space for up to 150 guests, it’s great for those looking to blend intimacy with scenic beauty, making it one of our favorite mountain wedding venues.
    • Crested Butte Mountain Resort
    • A bit further away but worth every mile, Crested Butte offers an incredible mountain escape for your wedding day. Known for its wildflowers and rustic charm, it provides a variety of indoor and outdoor venues to suit any style or size of wedding. From chairlift rides to secluded meadows for your ceremony, it truly is a unique Colorado experience.
    • Sprague Lake Event Center


    Exploring these venues made us fall even more in love with Aspen as a destination wedding location—the combination of luxury and nature is hard to beat! Each place has its own charm whether you’re aiming for luxury or seeking simplicity amidst nature’s grandeur.

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Vail, Colorado

    A wedding couple joyfully poses in front of stunning mountain scenery.

    A wedding couple joyfully poses in front of stunning mountain scenery.

    A wedding couple joyfully poses in front of stunning mountain scenery.

    Vail, Colorado offers some truly magical venues for tying the knot amid nature. Imagine saying “I do” with a backdrop of stunning mountains and clear, blue skies.

    Features & Description for each Vail Venue

    We’ve spent countless hours exploring the best wedding venues in Colorado, specifically for those breathtaking mountain views that make your special day unforgettable. Today, we’re focusing on Vail – a place teeming with natural beauty and lavish venues that promise a magical wedding day. Here’s what we found to be the top picks for the best Colorado wedding venues, each offering something unique.


    1. Piney River Ranch


    Nestled not far from the rugged trails of Rocky Mountain National Park, Piney River Ranch stands out as the pearl of Vail for weddings and is considered one of Colorado’s best wedding destinations. With a 4.7 rating and capacity for up to 200 guests, it’s more than just a spot; it’s an experience. Think about exchanging vows with the majestic Gore Range as your backdrop – truly a photographer’s dream! The ranch provides outdoor ceremonies that capture the essence of Colorado’s wild beauty. Plus, their reception venues are so cozy and inviting that your wedding turns into a mini retreat.


    2. The Larkspur


    Imagine saying “I do” as the sun dips behind Vail Mountain, painting the sky in hues you’ll remember forever. The Larkspur offers this very scene – it’s like having your own sunset photo spot right at your reception! Their menus are crafted to perfection, promising a feast as stunning as the views, and their packages make planning your big day effortless. This venue blends elegance with nature effortlessly, showcasing itself as a premier Colorado mountain wedding venue.


    3. Bear Lake Meadows


    Just whispering distance from Bear Lake Trailhead, Bear Lake Meadows is for lovers seeking intimacy amidst nature’s grandeur on their big day. Picture an open-air ceremony surrounded by towering pines with Bear Lake glistening nearby — an intimate wedding venue that feels like stepping into a living postcard of Vail.


    4. Vail Mountain Top Deck


    Rising high above Moraine Park, Vail’s Mountain Top Deck puts you literally on top of the world – or at least it feels that way during your ceremony! Accessible via a scenic gondola ride, guests are treated to panoramic views of Sprague Lake and beyond that turn every photo into the best photo of your life. It’s perfect for couples eager to start their marriage on a high note.


    5. Dream Lake Villa


    Close to Dream Lake Trail lies Dream Lake Villa – where luxury meets wilderness under pacific skies strewn with stars come nightfall. This venue specializes in making every moment magical with its exclusive outdoor wedding venues overlooking vibrant meadows leading towards crystalline waters of Dream Lake itself — ideal for those dreaming of an ethereal mountain lodge setting.

    Each venue around Vail not only promises but delivers enchanting experiences where every detail reflects Colorado’s rugged charm paired with premium comfort and service — ensuring your wedding isn’t just an event but an unforgettable adventure!

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Loveland, Colorado

    A newlywed couple shares a romantic kiss at sunset with a mountain backdrop.

    A newlywed couple shares a romantic kiss at sunset with a mountain backdrop.

    A newlywed couple shares a romantic kiss at sunset with a mountain backdrop.

    Loveland, Colorado, is a hidden gem for weddings with its stunning views and romantic spots. Each venue near Loveland offers something special – from breathtaking mountain backdrops to serene lake settings.

    Imagine saying “I do” with the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park as your witness or capturing your first moments as a married couple by Dream Lake at sunrise. Picture your wedding photos taken by a skilled photographer at iconic locations like Bear Lake or along Trail Ridge Road, showcasing the beauty of RMNP.

    The venues here are not just places; they’re experiences. Whether it’s an intimate gathering by Nymph Lake or a grand celebration at Moraine Park, you’ll find perfect spots for every style and size of wedding.

    The Kawuneeche Valley Overlook provides an exceptional photo spot that captures the essence of Colorado’s natural beauty – making your big day unforgettable.

    For couples who dream of outdoor ceremonies, Sprague Lake offers serene water views framed by

    Features & Description for each Loveland Venue

    We know you’re dreaming of a wedding with breathtaking mountain views. Loveland, Colorado, delivers just that, with venues that blend beauty and charm for your special day. Here’s what makes each Loveland venue stand out:


    1. Rocky Mountain National Park


    A truly unique Colorado backdrop for your wedding ceremonies. Imagine saying “I do” with panoramic views of the Rockies surrounding you and your guests. This natural setting offers several photo spots like Bear Lake and Dream Lake, perfect for capturing those first moments as a married couple.


    2. The Vintage Ballroom


    Combining aesthetic beauty with timeless elegance, the Vintage Ballroom caters to couples looking for an indoor space that still embraces outdoor beauty through large, picturesque windows framing mountain views. Its spacious dance floor invites you and your guests to celebrate into the night.


    3. Garden Vista Banquet Hall – A Favorite Mountain Wedding Venue


    For those who love garden and park views alongside mountainous backdrops, Garden Vista Banquet Hall offers the best of both worlds, particularly for those looking for wedding venues with mountain views. Its sprawling outdoor ceremony space is surrounded by lush gardens, while the banquet hall inside can accommodate your reception with all necessary amenities.


    4. Aspen Meadows Resort, a prime example of Colorado mountain wedding venues, offers both luxury and gorgeous views.


    Not far from Loveland is a venue offering luxury in the midst of nature’s wonder — Aspen Meadows Resort boasts modern architecture that complements its mountain surroundings beautifully. With on-site lodging available, it’s ideal for a full weekend wedding retreat.


    5. Sunset Ridge Outdoor Venue


    Embrace Colorado’s stunning sunsets at Sunset Ridge, an open-air venue designed for an unforgettable outdoor wedding experience. From vantage points near rocky cliffs to intimate wooded areas, this venue provides numerous photo ops against the sun setting over the Rockies.


    6. Loveland Lakeside Terrace


    With breathtaking views of nearby lakes and towering mountains in the background, Loveland Lakeside Terrace presents an idyllic setting for both ceremony and reception outdoors. The adjacent indoor banquet area ensures you’re covered no matter what Colorado’s weather brings.


    7. The Historic Loveland Lodge


    Offering a taste of vintage Colorado with modern touches, this lodge creates a cozy atmosphere for weddings big or small. Its stone fireplaces and wooden interiors provide rustic charm while outside terraces offer scenic looks at Estes Park and beyond.

    Each Loveland venue captures something magical about Colorado’s landscape—making any choice a gateway to an unforgettable mountain wedding experience.

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Estes Park, Colorado

    Estes Park, Colorado, offers some truly stunning venues for tying the knot. From panoramic views of rugged peaks to serene lakeside spots, this town near Rocky Mountain National Park has it all.

    Features & Description for each Estes Park Venue

    Estes Park in Colorado is a dream for couples looking to tie the knot with a stunning mountain backdrop. This magical place offers venues that capture the essence of romance and natural beauty.


    1. Della Terra Mountain Chateau – Nestled near the enchanting Rocky Mountain National Park, this venue brings luxury to the wilderness. Couples can say their vows with panoramic views that stretch for miles. Della Terra boasts private balconies, a bridal loft, and suites designed for pampering, making it a favorite among the best Colorado wedding venues. Imagine a wedding and reception with the park’s towering peaks as your audience.
    2. Black Canyon Inn – This spot is perfect for those who envision an intimate ceremony surrounded by nature’s grandeur, epitomizing the ideal mountain wedding venue. Black Canyon Inn sits amidst lush greenery, with ceremonies often held against a backdrop of rugged rock formations and alpine landscapes. Its secluded cabins offer peace and privacy, while the pavilion hosts receptions under starlit skies.
    3. The Stanley Hotel – Famous for its historic charm and haunting beauty, The Stanley offers couples a chance to step back in time. Ceremonies here are marked by elegance, from its grand staircase to its meticulously landscaped gardens. Picture having your first dance in a ballroom that whispers tales of old-world romance.
    4. YMCA of the Rockies – Perfect for large gatherings or small, cozy weddings alike, this venue emphasizes connection — to each other and to the stunning surroundings. With options for outdoor ceremonies near Bear Lake or inside one of their lodges overlooking Moraine Park, couples have endless possibilities to create their perfect day surrounded by loved ones.
    5. Taharaa Mountain Lodge – For those seeking breathtaking views without venturing too deep into the wilderness, Taharaa offers an ideal mix of comfort and scenic splendor. Say “I do” on their deck facing Twin Sisters Peaks followed by a reception in their wooden-beamed Great Hall that opens up to the outdoors.

    Each Estes Park venue taps into the unique aspects of its location — whether it’s waking up to sunrise over Dream Lake or capturing your moment at one of many iconic photo spots like Sprague Lake or Nymph Lake trailhead. Couples can work hand-in-hand with photographers skilled in capturing every magical moment against RMNP’s diverse landscapes from Trail Ridge Road to Kawuneeche Valley Overlook.

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Fort Collins, Colorado

    Fort Collins, Colorado, is a treasure trove for couples dreaming of saying “I do” with the Rockies as their backdrop. The city offers venues that blend rustic charm with breathtaking views, promising an unforgettable start to marriage.

    Exploring wedding spots near Fort Collins means discovering venues where nature’s beauty plays a key role in your big day. Each location has its unique features – from historic farms that offer both indoor and outdoor spaces to contemporary event centers that provide panoramic mountain vistas.

    These places aren’t just about gorgeous scenery; they also come packed with options to customize your wedding, ensuring it reflects your personal style and love story.

    Imagine exchanging vows as the sun dips behind the mountains at a venue minutes away from downtown Fort Collins or celebrating under twinkling lights at a spot where the foothills meet the plains.

    Local photographers often rave about these locations as top photo spots for capturing those first moments of married life against Colorado’s stunning landscapes.

    Nearby Rocky Mountain National Park becomes more than just a photo spot; it’s an iconic backdrop for your wedding weekend.

    Features & Description for each Fort Collins Venue

    We know how important your wedding day is. That’s why we’ve taken the time to gather all the best locations in Fort Collins, so you can make your dream mountain wedding at Colorado mountain wedding venues a reality. From rustic barns to elegant resorts, let us walk you through some of the top places where you can tie the knot with breathtaking Rocky Mountain views as your backdrop.

    1. The Hay Loft

    • Nestled in Northern Colorado, The Hay Loft offers a mix of country charm and elegance. It’s an ideal venue for those looking for a rustic setting with modern amenities. With space for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, you can exchange vows under the open sky or inside the beautifully restored barn. Their spacious area allows for a grand reception, ensuring your wedding is both beautiful and unforgettable, ideal for Colorado mountain wedding venues.

    2. Longmeadow Event Center

    • This venue stands out with its vast green lawns and majestic view of the mountains. Longmeadow Event Center provides a versatile space that can cater to any wedding size, making it perfect for both intimate gatherings and lavish celebrations. Their professional staff will help customize every detail, from decor to catering options, ensuring your big day is exactly how you envisioned.

    3. Foot of the Mountain Motel

    • For couples envisioning a more intimate setting, Foot of the Mountain Motel captures the heart with its quaint charm and proximity to nature. This venue offers lovely outdoor spaces right at the edge of town, giving you privacy while still being close to Fort Collins’ amenities. It’s also steps away from scenic spots ideal for photographs that capture your love against Colorado’s stunning landscape.

    4. Best Hotel/Resort Wedding Venues

    • If you’re dreaming of luxury amidst natural beauty, Fort Collins’ top hotels and resorts provide exceptional services along with stunning mountain views—think grand ballrooms, gourmet dining, and personalized service that will make your big day as stress-free as it is elegant.

    5. Rustic & Barn Wedding Venues

    • Embrace Colorado’s rustic beauty by choosing one of Fort Collins’ barn venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. These locations combine rural charm with comfort to create a warm atmosphere that celebrates love and community, perfect for a mountain venue setting.

    6. Garden Wedding Venues with gorgeous views of the Colorado mountains.

    • Gardens in this city bloom with possibilities for an outdoor wedding venues in Colorado where flowers frame every moment beautifully—a serene option especially during spring and summer when everything is lush and vibrant.

    7. Outdoor Wedding Venues

    • Opting for an open – air ceremony? Fort Collins’ outdoor spaces range from manicured lawns to wild landscapes near Rocky Mountain National Park—perfect settings if nature plays a big role in your Colorado mountain wedding story.

    Each venue brings something unique to the table—from amazing views to detailed services that take care of everything on your special day. Plus, consider adding local touches like a sunrise photoshoot at Bear Lake or Dream Lake trails or capturing breathtaking moments at Trail Ridge Road or Moraine Park within Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). Not only do these locations offer incredible photo opportunities but they also add that magical mountain essence to your celebration.

    Top 5 Wedding Venues in Colorado Springs, Colorado

    In Colorado Springs, the wedding venues are magical, with stunning views that make your special day unforgettable. Nestled at the foot of the vast Rockies, these venues offer breathtaking backdrops.

    From elegant manors to rustic lodges, each place has its charm and style. Think about exchanging vows with a panoramic view of mountain peaks or hosting your reception under a starlit sky at one of Colorado’s best wedding venues, only hours from Colorado Springs.

    The romance of Colorado Springs can’t be beaten – it’s a dream setting for saying “I do.” Curious? Keep reading for more on these amazing spots!

    Features & Description for each Colorado Springs Venue

    We know how important it is to find the perfect backdrop for your mountain wedding in Colorado. From intimate gatherings to large, festive celebrations, Colorado Springs offers a variety of venues that blend natural beauty with thoughtful amenities. Here’s our firsthand take on some of the best spots where you can tie the knot with majestic mountains as your witness, like the Mountain Lodge at Telluride.


    1. Cheyenne Mountain Resort – Imagine saying your vows with the stunning Cheyenne Mountain as your backdrop, a favorite venue for those looking to get married in Colorado. This venue isn’t just about amazing views; it offers a range of indoor and outdoor spaces to fit any wedding size. Their lakeside terrace provides a serene setting for outdoor ceremonies, while their elegant ballrooms cater to glamorous indoor receptions.
    2. Garden of the Gods Club & Resort – Picture an outdoor ceremony at this iconic spot with panoramic views of the Garden of the Gods Park and Pikes Peak, making it one of the top wedding reception venues in Colorado. It’s not just a photo spot; it’s a place where dreams come true. The resort has luxury accommodations for guests and spa services to pamper yourself before the big day.
    3. Flying Horse Resort & Club – Set against a beautiful mountainous landscape, Flying Horse offers both modern elegance and Colorado charm. Their event spaces include a grand ballroom and an outdoor pavilion that overlooks the golf course and the mountains beyond, making it ideal for both your ceremony and reception.


    Each venue we visited had something unique to offer, from breathtaking photo locations like Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park to intimate sunset ceremonies by Sprague Lake. We’ve walked these grounds, talked to coordinators, and imagined weddings in each space to give you authentic insights.

    Now let’s move on to uncovering hidden gems in Denver for those who dream of urban sophistication meets mountain chic, the ultimate Colorado wedding destination.


    Picking the perfect place for your dream day in 2024? Colorado’s got it all. With over 300 spots boasting breathtaking mountain views, every couple can find their special setting, especially at wedding venues with mountain views. From chic lofts in Denver to rustic barns in the Rockies—options stretch as wide as the vistas themselves.

    Plus, with venues sprinkled from Southern Colorado to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between, saying “I do” with a stunning backdrop has never been easier or more beautiful. Ready to tie the knot surrounded by nature’s best? Your unforgettable mountain wedding awaits in Colorado.


    Q: Can I find affordable wedding venues with mountain views in Colorado?

    A: Yes, there are plenty of affordable options for wedding venues with mountain views in Colorado. You can explore various mountain lodges, resorts, and outdoor venues that offer stunning views without breaking the bank.

    Q: Are there any wedding venues with mountain views near Southern Colorado?

    A: Yes, there are several wedding venues with mountain views near Southern Colorado. You can choose from lodges, resorts, and outdoor venues that showcase the beauty of the southern Colorado mountains.

    Q: What are some popular mountain wedding venues in Northern Colorado?

    A: Some popular mountain wedding venues in Northern Colorado include mountain lodges, ranches, and outdoor venues that offer breathtaking views of the northern Colorado mountains.

    Q: Can I have an intimate wedding with mountain views in Colorado?

    A: Yes, you can definitely have an intimate wedding with mountain views in Colorado. There are several intimate wedding venues in the mountains that provide a romantic and picturesque setting for your special day.

    Q: Do wedding venues in Colorado offer views of the surrounding mountains?

    A: Yes, many wedding venues in Colorado offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Whether you choose a mountain lodge, resort, or outdoor venue, you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery that Colorado has to offer.

    Q: Are there any unique Colorado wedding venues with mountain views?

    A: Yes, there are plenty of unique wedding venues in Colorado that offer spectacular mountain views. From mountain lodges to garden venues, you can find a one-of-a-kind location for your special day.

    Q: Can I have an outdoor wedding with mountain views in Colorado?

    A: Absolutely! Colorado is known for its beautiful outdoor wedding venues with mountain views. You can exchange vows surrounded by nature and the majestic mountains as your backdrop.

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