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Explore Colorado Wedding Venues with Enchanted Forest Views

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Bride and groom holding hands in Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer and videographer session.
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    Explore Outdoor Wedding Venues in Colorado With Black Forest Views For Breathtaking Wedding Photography

    A bride and groom exchange vows in a beautiful forest clearing.

    Choosing the perfect backdrop for your wedding day can feel like a monumental task. It’s a day many dream of imbuing with both unique beauty and an intimate, personal flair, often turning to outdoor wedding venues in Colorado for that perfect setting. Colorado’s enchanting forests have become a sought-after answer to this quest, offering idyllic spots that weave stunning natural scenery with the intangible magic of nature itself.

    These venues don’t just offer a place to exchange vows—they promise an experience that will stick with you and your guests forever.

    Having spent countless hours wandering through Colorado’s varied landscapes and exploring its eclectic array of event spaces, I’ve been privileged to witness how these forested venues carve out unforgettable moments in time.

    Whether it’s an up-close-and-personal ceremony amid the gentle whispers of Aspen pines or a lavish affair nestled beneath Vail’s majestic tree canopy, there’s something incomparably special about committing to forever in these settings.

    Let me help steer you toward some truly awe-inspiring options for your big day. Are you ready to discover the venue of your dreams?

    Key Takeaways

    • Colorado’s forests offer beautiful spots for weddings with options like Black Forest in Colorado Springs, a venue in Silverton, and Eureka Lodge. Each place provides unique settings among trees and mountains.
    • Forest wedding venues bring stunning views for photos and an intimate atmosphere, making them the perfect venue for a destination wedding ceremony. They include outdoor and indoor areas perfect for any size of wedding, from a grand event at a mountain resort to an intimate ceremony at an affordable wedding venue.
    • Planning involves checking availability, understanding pricing which can range from $60 to $150 per guest during off-peak seasons, considering guest capacity which varies by location, and comparing services like catering or event planning.


    Exploring Colorado’s Enchanting Forest Wedding Venues

    A bride and groom exchange vows in a lush forest surrounded by nature.

    Colorado’s forests, including areas near Denver and Vail, offer magical spots for weddings, making them perfect venues for those looking for an enchanting wedding ceremony. We find venues that turn your special day into a fairytale among trees and mountains.

    Black Forest: Woodland Wedding Venue, Colorado Springs

    We chose Black Forest in Colorado Springs for our woodland wedding and it was magical. This venue is nestled among towering trees, which made our special day feel like a fairy tale.

    The scenery provided a stunning backdrop for our photos at the event center, capturing the beauty of Colorado’s nature perfectly and offering an intimate setting for a mountain resort wedding. Walking down the aisle felt like stepping into an enchanted forest, making every moment unforgettable.

    The team at Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings was amazing to work with. They helped us plan every detail, from the outdoor ceremony to the rustic reception under the stars. Our guests still talk about how unique and beautiful the setting was.

    It really was a dream come true for us to start our journey together surrounded by such natural beauty.

    Forest Wedding Venue in Silverton, Colorado

    Silverton, Colorado, hides a magical place for your big day. This town offers a forest wedding venue with views you have to see to believe. Trees reach up to the sky, and the air feels fresh and full of love.

    Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by nature’s beauty. This spot gives couples stunning backdrops for their photos – think mountains, forests, and clear blue skies. You’ll find all the info you need on our website.

    We list the best venues in Silverton by region and view type.


    In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. – John Muir


    Our site helps you explore options without stress. You can search by what’s important to you – like amazing mountain views or being close to water. Each venue has something unique about it; we’re here to help you find the one that speaks to your heart.

    Eureka Lodge for Dreamy Forest Weddings

    Moving from the magical settings of Silverton, we find ourselves at Eureka Lodge, nestled in the heart of Colorado’s enchanting forests. This venue is a gem for couples dreaming of saying their vows surrounded by nature’s beauty.

    We visited Eureka Lodge and were captivated by its serene and romantic atmosphere. Surrounded by towering trees and breathtaking views in Estes Park or Vail, it offers an intimate setting that feels both grand and personal for a destination wedding.

    Planning our wedding in Colorado mountain settings felt like stepping into a storybook, with each detail adding to the magic of our day. The lodge itself, nestled in a perfect venue like Vail or Estes Park, combines rustic charm with modern comforts, making every moment memorable for us and our guests during their wedding ceremony.

    It stands out as one of Colorado’s finest outdoor wedding venues, promising unforgettable experiences among the state’s striking landscapes.

    Benefits of Forest Wedding Venues in Colorado

    A bride and groom standing under a majestic tree in a Colorado forest on their wedding day.

    Forest wedding venues in Colorado offer amazing views and photo spots, ideal for those looking for wedding ideas amidst the beauty of the Colorado mountains. They bring a special, private feel to your big day with nature all around.

    Stunning Views and Scenic Photography Opportunities

    Our trips to Colorado wedding venues, including those in Denver and Vail, showed us breathtaking views perfect for your big day at a mountain resort or event center. Imagine saying “I do” with the Rockies as your backdrop. Every look is a photo waiting to happen, from sunlit forests to majestic mountain peaks.

    Your wedding photos will capture not just the moment, but the magic of Colorado’s nature, perfect for those considering a mountain ranch setting.

    We found spots where light dances through the trees and creates stunning pictures. At places like Garden of the Gods or Pikes Peak, photographers get excited about the natural beauty.

    These outdoor spaces offer amazing light at sunset that makes your wedding album unforgettable. Guests love watching these moments almost as much as being part of them, especially in the unique setting of a mountain wedding.

    Unique, Intimate Settings Amidst Nature

    Choosing a forest venue in Colorado means you get to say your vows surrounded by nature. Imagine standing with your closest friends and family under towering trees. The air is fresh, and the setting feels like a private paradise just for you.

    This kind of venue offers an intimate atmosphere that large, public sites can’t match, perfect for an elopement or a small, intimate mountain wedding.

    Forest venues come with breathtaking views perfect for wedding photos. Your photographer will capture stunning shots with natural light filtering through the leaves. Every corner is a beautiful backdrop, making your special day even more magical.

    These outdoor locations allow guests to enjoy the beauty of Colorado’s landscapes up close, adding an unforgettable touch to your celebration.

    Variety in Venue Styles and Sizes

    Colorado offers a wide range of wedding venues with forest views, each unique in its style and size, including affordable venues around Denver and Vail for your perfect venue choice. Whether you dream of a grand outdoor ceremony site nestled in the Rocky Mountains or a charming intimate setting in the evergreen forests, there’s something for every couple.

    From expansive estates that gaze upon Pikes Peak to cozy mountain lodges perfect for your bridal party, selecting the right venue sets the stage for your unforgettable day.


    Your dream wedding backdrop is out here waiting among Colorado’s diverse landscapes.


    You can find places that host up to 150 guests for those planning a large celebration as well as quaint locations ideal for more private gatherings. The choice between indoor and outdoor areas allows you to customize your wedding to match your vision exactly.

    Consider exploring various options such as garden sites at high Rockies or rustic barns on the western slope to discover what resonates with you and your partner’s wishes.

    Practical Considerations for Selecting a Forest Wedding Venue

    Check the calendar, cost, space size, and what they offer before picking a forest wedding spot, ensuring it’s the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony. Keep exploring for more tips!

    Availability and Pricing

    We know you’re excited to find the perfect spot for your big day, and we’re here to help with details on availability and pricing for Colorado’s enchanting forest wedding venues. With 173 outdoor spots to choose from in Colorado, we’ve picked some amazing ones to give you a head start. Keep in mind, planning a wedding during the off-peak season from December to March can save you money, with costs per guest ranging from $60 to $150, not including taxes and service charges. Here’s a quick look at what you might expect: outdoor wedding venues in Colorado, offering breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere, including affordable wedding venues in Denver and Estes Park perfect for your destination wedding.


    Venue Availability Starting Price Off-Peak Pricing Per Guest
    Black Forest, Colorado Springs Varies, book early! Call for details $60 – $150
    Forest Venue, Silverton Limited, especially summer Call for details $60 – $150
    Eureka Lodge Seasonal, check in advance Call for details $60 – $150


    We’ve shared these numbers to help you make informed choices. Prices can change, so it’s smart to reach out directly to the venues for the most current information. Planning your wedding should be a joy, and knowing these details upfront can ease some stress, making wedding planning in Southern Colorado a breeze. Happy venue hunting!

    Guest Capacity

    Choosing the right forest wedding venue in Colorado also means considering how many guests you can invite. We’ve put together a table to help you compare the guest capacity of several enchanting locations. This guide makes it easier for you to find a spot that fits your guest list perfectly.


    Venue Maximum Guest Capacity
    Black Forest: Woodland Wedding Venue, Colorado Springs 250
    Forest Wedding Venue in Silverton, Colorado 120
    Eureka Lodge for Dreamy Forest Weddings 200


    Each venue offers a different capacity, allowing you to match the size of your wedding to the perfect forest backdrop. Next, we’ll look at venue services and amenities to ensure your big day goes smoothly.

    Venue Services and Amenities

    Selecting the perfect forest wedding venue in Colorado includes considering the services and amenities they offer. We’ve visited several venues and gathered detailed info to help you compare. This will ensure your special day is as magical as the setting.


    Venue Services Offered Amenities Available
    Black Forest, Colorado Springs Full event planning, On-site catering options, Setup and cleanup, Event rentals Chairs and tables, Linens, silverware, Audio equipment, Bridal suite, Parking lot
    Forest Venue, Silverton On-site catering, Event coordination, Setup and cleanup, Lighting/sound Dance floor, Lighting systems, Outdoor ceremony space, Heating options, Restrooms
    Eureka Lodge Event planning, Catering/bar services, Lodging for guests, Shuttle service Cabins for lodging, Outdoor fire pits, Large kitchen and dining hall, Scenic view points, On-site parking


    We’ve discovered that each venue offers unique services to make your wedding day run smoothly. From full event planning at Black Forest to the cozy cabins and fire pits at Eureka Lodge, there’s a fit for every desire, including those dreaming of a mountain wedding. Amenities like audio equipment and dance floors ensure your guests have a memorable experience. Consider these details carefully to choose the venue that aligns with your vision and needs.


    Exploring Colorado opens doors to magical forest venues for weddings. From the dark woods of Black Forest to Silverton’s lush landscapes and Eureka Lodge’s dreamy settings, couples find perfect spots for their special day, including those at event centers and mountain resorts.

    These venues offer stunning backdrops, intimate atmospheres, and a variety of styles. Think about key details like pricing, space, and what each site offers. This journey leads to unforgettable moments amid nature’s beauty.

    Let these enchanted forests inspire your wedding story as you start this new chapter together.


    Q: What are some popular Colorado wedding venues with enchanted forest views?

    A: Some popular Colorado wedding venues with enchanted forest views include venues in Evergreen, Castle Rock, and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

    Q: How can I find affordable wedding venues in Colorado?

    A: To find affordable wedding venues in Colorado, you can explore options in Fort Collins, Northern Colorado, and the Colorado plains.

    Q: Are there outdoor wedding venues in Colorado with views of Pikes Peak?

    A: Yes, there are outdoor wedding venues in Colorado that offer breathtaking views of Pikes Peak, especially in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

    Q: What should I consider when planning a mountain wedding in Colorado?

    A: When planning a mountain wedding in Colorado, consider the weather, altitude, and outdoor activities for you and your guests to enjoy.

    Q: Where can I find wedding photography services in Denver?

    A: There are many talented wedding photographers in Denver who can capture the special moments of your wedding day. You can search online or ask for recommendations from friends and family.

    Q: How can I host my wedding in a unique outdoor area in Colorado?

    A: You can host your wedding in a unique outdoor area in Colorado by choosing venues like a mountain range, forest, or estate with picturesque views and natural beauty.

    Q: What are some tips for planning a romantic wedding in Colorado?

    A: To plan a romantic wedding in Colorado, consider venues with views of Pikes Peak, Maroon Bells, or charming locations like castle ruins or historic estates.

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