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5 Best Off Camera Flash for Sony Mirrorless Cameras in 2024

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A photographer is taking a portrait of a model using a Sony A7III camera with a 50mm lens.
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    5 Best Off Camera Flash For Sony Cameras For Speedlite Flash Photography In 2024

    A photographer is taking a portrait of a model using a Sony A7III camera with a 50mm lens.

    A photographer is taking a portrait of a model using a Sony A7III camera with a 50mm lens.

    A photographer is taking a portrait of a model using a Sony A7III camera with a 50mm lens.

    Searching for that perfect off-camera flash to complement your Sony mirrorless camera can feel like a bit of a journey, especially when exploring the diverse range of options in the Godox and Sony flash system, but following a recommended buying guide can simplify the process. Trust us, we’ve navigated through the maze of options, looking for that sweet spot where compatibility meets power and convenience.

    After diving deep into reviews and testing, we’ve identified five standout flashes for Sony cameras in 2024, including the highly rated Godox AD200. Each one shines for its seamless integration with your gear while bringing out the best in your photographs.

    Stick around as we walk you through finding which one might just be the missing piece in your photography kit.

    Key Takeaways

    • The Godox V860II provides an excellent balance between being lightweight yet powerful, perfect for being mounted on the camera or placed on a light stand for longer events. Its off-camera flash capabilities and HSS feature make it a strong contender in any flash kit. right off – camera flash can make your photos look much better. You have to pick one that works well with your Sony camera and fits how you like to take pictures.
    • Flash options range from beginner-friendly models like the Altura Photo AP-UNV2 to professional gear like the Sony HVL-F60RM2, including strobes and powerful yet portable flashes suitable for both Nikon cameras and full frame setups. They offer different features based on what you need, like quick recharge times or easy-to-use manual settings.
    • Battery life and how heavy a flash is are important too. Lighter flashes, such as the Godox TT600S, are easier to carry all day but they might not have as much power or last as long without needing new batteries, making a balance between portability and performance crucial.
    • Some flashes let you control them wirelessly and adjust their settings right from your camera. This makes it easier to get the lighting just right for each photo.
    • Price can vary a lot among these flashes, from budget-friendly manual flashes to high-end TTL flash models. More expensive ones usually have more features that pros might need, such as advanced flash exposure settings found in models like the Godox TT685S, while cheaper ones still improve your photos without costing a lot of money.


    Key Features to Consider for The Best Off Camera Flashes

    Key features of off-camera flashes: Sony compatibility, high light output, and suitability for Macro Photography.

    Key features of off-camera flashes: Sony compatibility, high light output, and suitability for Macro Photography.

    Key features of off-camera flashes: Sony compatibility, high light output, and suitability for Macro Photography.

    Picking the right off-camera flash means looking at a few key things. First, make sure it works well with your Sony mirrorless camera, preferably a full-frame model like the A7 III. You also want one that has enough light output and doesn’t take too long to be ready again after a shot, criteria that Sony and Godox flashes meet exceptionally well.

    Think about how long the battery will last and if you can easily carry it around, which is crucial when considering an external flash for extended shooting sessions.

    Compatibility with Sony Mirrorless Cameras

    Our flashes work perfectly with Sony mirrorless cameras. We’ve tried them on different models like the Godox TT, Neewer NW, and Sony HVL-F series, all of which offer various camera settings for optimal exposure. They fit just right and talk to the camera without any trouble.

    This means we can control them directly from our camera, making it easy to adjust settings as we shoot.

    These off-camera flashes have high-speed sync capabilities. So, during bright days or when we want to use a wide aperture for soft backgrounds in our photos, these flashes keep up without missing a beat—no more washed-out pictures or harsh shadows.

    Next up is power output and recycle time, crucial for keeping the pace during shoots, a feature where the Godox V1 excels.

    Power Output and Recycle Time

    Power output and recycle times matter a lot for us, especially when capturing those perfect moments on our big day. Our Godox TT350S shines here; it’s light but packs enough power to brighten up our pictures just right.

    We’ve seen the TT685S recharge quickly too, so we never miss a shot and continue to use the flash throughout events. On the other hand, Neewer Z760-S also stands out with its strong flash and swift back-to-action speed. It means less waiting and more photographing, thanks to efficient camera settings and flash head power optimization.

    The Neewer TT560 Speedlite allows us to play with eight levels of brightness control, giving us creative freedom during shoots. We appreciate being able to adjust the intensity for that perfect ambiance in each photo — whether it’s softening shadows or highlighting details without overwhelming the scene with light, a testament to the flexibility of the Godox flash system.

    Fast recycling time across these models ensures our photography flows smoothly, keeping pace with the event without any awkward pauses waiting for the flash to be ready again.

    Battery Life and Portability

    We know you want flashes that last all day and are easy to carry. Godox TT350S is perfect for this. It needs only two batteries, making it light and portable. With such a compact design, carrying it during your big day feels like a breeze, especially when using the flash mounted on the camera for an extended period.

    On the other hand, Neewer TT560 Speedlite might slow you down with frequent battery swaps. But don’t worry; there’s also the Neewer Z1-S, known for its long-lasting battery life and designed with moving around in mind, compatible with Sony devices and perfect for off-camera flash setups.

    These examples show how mixing power with ease of movement can truly enhance your wedding photography experience, particularly when using an off-camera flash for Sony cameras. Flashes like these ensure you capture every moment without being weighed down or running out of power at crucial times.

    They’re small enough to fit anywhere but powerful enough to light up your memories beautifully.

    Godox TT350S

    A portrait of a model holding a Sony mirrorless camera.

    A portrait of a model holding a Sony mirrorless camera.

    A portrait of a model holding a Sony mirrorless camera.

    The Godox TT350S fits Sony mirrorless cameras like a glove, making it an essential part of your on-camera flash setup, particularly suitable for a7 series cameras and compatible with off-camera flash units for Sony. It’s small, yet packs enough power to light up your photos beautifully.

    Compact and versatile for Sony systems

    We’ve used the Godox TT350S on our Sony mirrorless cameras, like the A7III and A7RIII, which showcases the versatility and compatibility of Godox’s flashes with the Sony camera system. This flash is small but mighty. It fits perfectly on our cameras without adding too much weight, making it easy to carry around all day, ideal for full-frame setups and those looking for a compact flash solution.

    Its power surprises us every time, lighting up even the dimmest spaces for those crucial moments.


    The Godox TT350S integrates seamlessly with our gear, ensuring we never miss a beat.


    It works smoothly with Godox wireless systems, which means we can position flashes around the room and control them from our camera. TTL mode gives us perfect exposures without fiddling with settings too much—a godsend during fast-paced wedding shoots.

    Plus, its battery lasts long enough to get us through an entire event without worries, a crucial feature for any external flash.

    Pros & Cons (Godox TT350S)

    We need to talk about the Godox TT350S. It’s a game-changer for your Sony mirrorless camera, especially with its compact size. Let’s dive straight into the pros and cons.



    1. Compact and versatile – This flash, fitting perfectly with your Sony system, may be complemented by adding a Yongnuo speedlite for additional creative exposure options, including off-camera flash units for Sony. It won’t weigh you down, even when adding a Godox flash unit on-camera.
    2. Uses only two batteries – You save money and space in your bag.
    3. Great TTL (Through The Lens) – Your photos will look professional without hard work on settings.
    4. Wireless transmission – You can control the flash from afar, making shots easier.




    1. Short battery life – You might need extra batteries for long events.
    2. Limited range in big places – Not ideal for huge venues or outdoor weddings far from power sources.
    3. Recommended more for receptions – While it’s affordable and reliable, it shines best indoors or at smaller gatherings.


    Choosing this flash means great photos without heavy gear. Plus, you can trust its performance at your wedding receptions and similar events.

    Neewer TT560 Speedlite

    A vibrant still life setup of colorful objects taken with a DSLR camera for product photography.

    A vibrant still life setup of colorful objects taken with a DSLR camera for product photography.

    A vibrant still life setup of colorful objects taken with a DSLR camera for product photography.

    If you’re on a budget and need a flash, Neewer TT560 Speedlite is your go-to. It’s easy to use with manual settings, making it perfect for getting started in photography, and with accessories like the Godox AK-R1, the creative possibilities are endless.

    Budget-friendly with manual settings

    The Neewer TT560 Speedlite shines as a top pick for those of us watching our wallets. It’s all manual, meaning we get to control the flash power the old-school way. This flash fits Sony cameras perfectly and doesn’t break the bank.

    We can change its strength based on what our moment needs, from dim rooms to sunny outdoor spaces.

    This model asks us to swap AA batteries often, but that’s a small trade-off for its price and precision. With this in hand, capturing beautifully lit photos becomes easier and more affordable, thanks to the versatility of the Godox flash system.

    Whether it’s snapping shots of our rings or getting everyone on the dance floor, this flash keeps up without complicating things.

    Pros & Cons (Neewer TT560 Speedlite)

    We all want our wedding photos to look amazing. Finding the right flash for your Sony camera helps a lot.

    **Pros of Neewer TT560 Speedlite:**


    1. Budget-Friendly: It doesn’t break the bank. This makes getting great lighting much easier.
    2. Simple to Use: You don’t need to be a pro. Its manual settings are straightforward, a feature that both novices and professionals appreciate in the Godox and Sony on-camera flash models.
    3. Universal Hot Shoe: Fits not just Sony but other brands too. This means you can use it with different cameras, including Nikon and Sony models, ensuring compatibility across devices through its versatile radio system.
    4. Powerful Output: Bright enough for most needs, this speedlight showcases a high guide number, ensuring quality illumination. This ensures your photos are well lit, thanks to the high-quality output of the Sony Alpha compatible Godox V1.
    5. Built-In Reflector Panel: Adds a nice touch to your photos by softening the light.


    **Cons of Neewer TT560 Speedlite:**


    1. Manual Only: No TTL (Through-The-Lens) metering here. You need to adjust settings yourself, a process made intuitive with the user-friendly interface of the Godox on-camera flash, including models like the TT685S.
    2. Battery Hungry: Expect to change batteries often if you’re using it a lot during the day.
    3. Learning Curve: If you’re new to flash photography, there might be some trial and error involved.


    This Speedlite is a solid choice if you’re looking for something simple, affordable, and effective for your big day’s photography needs!

    Godox V1-S Flash

    A vibrant still life arrangement featuring colorful fruit and flowers captured in nature photography.

    A vibrant still life arrangement featuring colorful fruit and flowers captured in nature photography.

    A vibrant still life arrangement featuring colorful fruit and flowers captured in nature photography.

    The Godox V1-S Flash shines with its round head, giving your photos a natural light feel. It’s perfect for Sony mirrorless cameras, making it a top pick for capturing those special moments, especially when using a Godox or Sony flash to enhance image quality with the V860II-S model specifically designed for Sony users.

    Round head for natural light quality

    Godox V1-S Flash changes how we capture those special moments. Its round head spreads light evenly, making photos look more natural. This feature is a game-changer for wedding photography.

    We’ve seen it in action – the glow on our brides’ faces comes out soft and warm, just like real sunlight.


    We’re amazed at the quality of light from the Godox V1-S; it brings out true beauty in every photo.


    The quick recycling time means we never miss a shot, and its strong battery lets us shoot longer without worrying about power. For any couple looking to keep their big day beautifully lit from start to finish, this flash makes all the difference, especially when equipped with a flash that follows a radio system for reliable off-camera setups.

    Pros & Cons (Godox V1-S Flash)

    We need the best flash for our Sony cameras. Here’s why we love the Godox V1-S Flash but also what to watch out for, especially considering it’s a TTL flash with speedlite capabilities, offering sophisticated flash exposure control.



    1. The round head, similar to the Godox V860II, gives light that looks more natural and can be easily mounted on the camera or a light stand. This means our wedding photos will glow, just like in magazines, especially when using the Godox flash as a key light modifier.
    2. It recycles fast, allowing us to take many pictures quickly. No missing those special moments.
    3. The battery lasts a long time. We can take photos all day without worry, utilizing the long-lasting battery of the Sony flash.
    4. Comes with a magnetic dome diffuser, which softens the light beautifully for those romantic shots, demonstrating the effectiveness of using a modifier with the Godox flash.



    Honestly, we couldn’t find any! This flash just matches well with Sony mirrorless cameras and makes taking great pictures easy, similar to the performance seen with the Godox TT685S when paired with Nikon cameras and lenses.

    So, if you’re picking gear for your big day, the Godox V1-S Flash should be on your list. It’s all about catching those once-in-a-lifetime moments perfectly.

    Sony HVL-F60RM2

    A model holding the Sony HVL-F60RM2 in an outdoor portrait with natural light.

    A model holding the Sony HVL-F60RM2 in an outdoor portrait with natural light.

    A model holding the Sony HVL-F60RM2 in an outdoor portrait with natural light.

    The Sony HVL-F60RM2 is the top pick for those who need pro gear. It comes packed with tech that makes photos look amazing, much like the manual flash options available for precision control.

    High-end option with advanced features

    We love capturing moments, especially during weddings, using the powerful yet easy-to-use Godox V860II mounted on our cameras, a speedlight that’s highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their photography. So, we’re always on the lookout for gear that meets our high standards. That’s where the Sony HVL-F60RM2 comes in. It’s a game-changer for us and other brides planning their big day.

    This flash lights up every smile and dance move with precision.

    This model works seamlessly with our Sony cameras. We get to control it wirelessly, which is fantastic for quick changes between shots. Plus, it supports TTL metering, making sure every photo is just right—even in bright daylight.

    Its high-speed sync feature is perfect for freezing those fast-paced moments, a crucial trait for any flash, be it Godox’s, Yongnuo, or Flashpoint makes.


    After using the Sony HVL-F60RM2 at numerous weddings, we can confidently say it elevates photography to new heights.


    The battery life on this flash keeps us shooting longer without worrying about losing power at crucial moments. It’s not just an investment; it’s essential gear for anyone serious about capturing stunning images.

    Next up – let’s talk about a great option for beginners…

    Pros & Cons (Sony HVL-F60RM2)

    We know how important it is to capture every moment perfectly on your big day. The Sony HVL-F60RM2 flash can make a huge difference in your photos. Here’s why we think it might be the right choice for you:



    1. Advanced Features: This flash, like the TT600S, packs a punch with TTL metering and wireless control, making it perfect for use with Nikon cameras and lenses. You can adjust settings on the go, making it perfect for fast-paced weddings.
    2. High-Speed Sync: Capture every laugh and dance move without missing a beat. This feature lets us shoot at higher shutter speeds, ideal for sunny outdoor ceremonies or lively receptions with a reliable speedlite flash.
    3. Powerful Output: It throws enough light to brighten large spaces or bounce off high ceilings, ensuring beautiful illumination even in challenging conditions.
    4. Quick Recycle Time: Missed shots are a thing of the past, thanks to the efficient radio system in modern flashes. Its quick recharge means we’re always ready for those spontaneous moments.
    5. Solid Battery Life: With this flash, we don’t have to worry about changing batteries constantly throughout the event.




    1. Price Point: Quality comes at a cost. This model sits at the higher end of the budget, which might not work for everyone.
    2. Size and Weight: More features mean it’s heavier than some other flashes, but it remains an optimal off-camera flash for Sony cameras. It might add extra weight to our gear, but we believe it’s worth it for the quality of light it provides.
    3. Complexity: With great power comes a steeper learning curve. It takes time to master all its features, but once you do, the possibilities are endless.


    For couples planning their wedding, choosing the Sony HVL-F60RM2 flash could be a game-changer and improve your photography significantly. Its ability to cast shadows adds depth and dimension to your photos—turning them from simple snapshots into memorable pieces of art that capture the essence of your special day.

    Altura Photo AP-UNV2

    A cheerful family having a picnic in a sunny park.

    A cheerful family having a picnic in a sunny park.

    A cheerful family having a picnic in a sunny park.

    The Altura Photo AP-UNV2 is a perfect match for beginners or casual photographers looking for an introductory speedlite flash. It’s easy to use and gives good results without breaking the bank, much like the Godox V860II, a yet powerful flash.

    Great for beginners and casual use

    We tried the Altura Photo AP-UNV2 for our own wedding photos. It’s simple to use, even if you’ve never touched a flash before. This tool fits most Sony cameras and some other brands too.

    Quick to set up, it lets you take good pictures without fuss.

    This flash won’t break the bank but still improves your photos a lot, and experimenting with Flashpoint products could offer similar benefits at a competitive price point. We used it inside and outside, day and night. Photos looked clearer with better colors than just using the camera’s built-in light.

    For new photographers or casual snaps at events, this flash makes a big difference.

    Pros & Cons (Altura Photo AP-UNV2)

    We found the Altura Photo AP-UNV2 a great flash for beginners and casual pictures. It fits well with Sony gear and is easy to carry.



    1. Good Value: Costs less, but still does a lot. Perfect for those just starting out, especially when looking for a TTL flash that’s easy to use.
    2. Simple Controls: It comes with easy settings. This means less time figuring stuff out.
    3. Light and Portable: It’s not heavy, making it great for all-day shoots or taking on trips.
    4. Compatible with Many Cameras: Works with more than just Sony. You can use it with different brands too, benefiting from the universal compatibility that radio systems offer.
    5. Batteries Last Long: You won’t need to change them often, even at events, particularly with the Godox V860II which is known for its enduring battery life, a feature highly recommended in any flash buying guide.




    1. Manual Only: No TTL mode here. This means you have to adjust settings yourself, which might be tough for some.
    2. Less Power: Not as strong as more expensive flashes. Might not be enough for big spaces or very dark places without a Yongnuo or Godox’s powerful zoom capabilities.
    3. Recycle Time Can Be Slow: When you take lots of photos fast, it may not keep up.
    4. Limited Features: Lacks some advanced options found in higher-end models.


    This flash is a solid choice if you’re keeping an eye on costs and need something straightforward for your camera bag.


    We compared five top off-camera flashes for Sony mirrorless cameras. These include the Godox TT350S, Neewer TT560 Speedlite, Godox V1-S Flash, Sony HVL-F60RM2, and Altura Photo AP-UNV2.

    We looked at key features like compatibility, power output, recycle time, battery life, and portability. Our findings? They highlight the importance of compatibility with Sony cameras and the benefits of both TTL and manual flash options. Each flash has unique strengths. The Godox models work great for events with their TTL and wireless transmission.

    For those on a budget, the Neewer TT560 offers manual settings at a low price, serving as a practical entry point into the world of photography with the support of an optical guide number for a better understanding of flash power. The high-end Sony HVL-F60RM2 brings advanced features for pros, rivaling the best offerings from Yongnuo and Flashpoint. Lastly, the Altura Photo AP-UNV2 suits beginners well, especially those starting to explore the impact of speedlite flashes on their photography.

    Picking the right tool improves your photos – especially in tough lighting or creative shots, and incorporating a Godox’s XPro or similar transmitter can further enhance your camera system. Remember these insights to find a flash that matches your needs perfectly, including considering an adapter for universal compatibility.


    Q: Which are the top 5 off-camera flashes for Sony mirrorless cameras in 2024?

    A: The top 5 off-camera flashes for Sony mirrorless cameras in 2024 are the Godox AD200, Profoto A10, XPro, Flashpoint R2, and Nissin MG10.

    Q: What factors should I consider when buying an off-camera flash for my Sony camera?

    A: When buying an off-camera flash for your Sony camera, consider factors such as compatibility with your camera model, flash power, wireless capabilities, and the ability to adjust settings manually.

    Q: Can you recommend the best Godox off-camera flash for Sony cameras?

    A: We recommend the Godox AD200 as an excellent off-camera flash choice for Sony cameras due to its versatility, power, and features.

    Q: What are the advantages of using an off-camera flash with a Sony camera?

    A: Using an off-camera flash with a Sony camera allows for more creative lighting possibilities, better control over lighting conditions, and helps to avoid harsh direct flash on subjects.

    Q: Do off-camera flashes for Sony cameras come with a wireless feature?

    A: Yes, many off-camera flashes for Sony cameras come with wireless capabilities, allowing for remote manual adjustments and triggering of the flash units.

    Q: What is the significance of a light stand when using an off-camera flash for Sony cameras?

    A: A light stand is essential when using an off-camera flash for Sony cameras as it provides stability and allows you to position the flash at different angles and heights for optimal lighting effects.

    Q: How can I adjust the flash power on an external flash for my Sony mirrorless camera?

    A: You can adjust the flash power on an external flash for your Sony mirrorless camera either manually using the controls on the flash unit or remotely through-the-lens using compatible triggers or controllers.

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