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A newlywed couple kisses in front of a scenic mountain background.

Top 10 Best Colorado Wedding Videographers In Denver, Colorado

Navigating the search for the perfect videographer to capture your big day in Denver, Colorado, can feel overwhelming. Trust me, you’re not alone in this quest for the perfect wedding videography company. With a staggering 185 options for wedding videographers right here in Denver, we took it upon ourselves to sift through and spotlight the top 10 that truly stand out with their unique style and genuine passion.

This guide is tailored to ease your decision-making process because every love story deserves its own beautifully told chapter. Gear up to find your perfect match!

Key Takeaways

  • There are 185 options for wedding videographers in Denver, Colorado. This guide helps narrow down the top 10 based on unique style and passion.
  • Choosing the right videographer involves considering their style, experience, personality fit, reviews, pricing packages, equipment quality, turnaround time, and having a backup plan.
  • Candid Studios Photography & Videography offers over 23 editing styles and uses Artificial Intelligence editing tools for perfect visual details.
  • Denver Video Guy blends seamlessly into your celebration to capture genuine moments with top – notch equipment.
  • Wedding Videos Colorado specializes in destination weddings along with creating love note films and highlight reels that tell your story beautifully.


Choosing a Wedding Videographer in Denver, Colorado

A newlywed couple kisses in front of a scenic mountain background.

Picking the right wedding film creator in Denver, Colorado, is a big deal. You want someone who captures your day in a way that feels true to you.

Importance of a Wedding Videographer

We all want to hold onto our special day forever. Hiring a wedding videographer does just that. They capture all the laughs, tears, and joy so we can relive our wedding day anytime we want, showcasing the quality of a good wedding videography business.

This isn’t something just any friend with a camera can do. It takes a skilled person who knows how to film love stories.

Our big day flies by in the blink of an eye. A professional records every part from morning jitters to late-night dancing. They make sure no meaningful moment is missed. We’ve seen it ourselves – watching our video brings back all the emotions and details we might have forgotten over time.

This makes hiring a videographer for your wedding not just nice to have but essential.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Picking the right wedding videographer is a big step for us. We want someone who captures our day perfectly. Here are some things we keep in mind:


  1. Style matters a lot. Every videographer has their own way of capturing weddings. Some create fun, upbeat videos while others make movies that feel like fairy tales. We watch their past work, produced by a professional wedding videography company, to see what feels right for us.
  2. Experience counts. Someone who’s been filming weddings for years will know how to catch every important moment, from our smiles as we say “I do” to our guests’ dance moves.
  3. Personality fits are key. This person will be with us a lot on our big day. We chat with them first to make sure their vibe matches ours.
  4. Reviews can tell us much. We look for feedback from other couples online. It gives us confidence that they can deliver what we’re dreaming of.
  5. Packages and pricing need clarity. Costs can add up quickly, so we get all the details on prices and what’s included upfront—no surprises later.
  6. Equipment makes a difference but isn’t everything. High – quality cameras and drones make our video look amazing, yet creativity and skill matter more than just having the best gear.
  7. Turnaround time is something we ask about too because waiting forever for our video is hard! We check when we’ll get to watch our wedding film.


8: Backup plans show they’re professional—asking about their plan if it rains or if equipment fails reassures us they’ve got everything under control.

Choosing the right videographer means thinking about these points carefully.

Candid Studios Photography & Videography

A photo of newlywed couple's wedding rings on a rustic wooden table.

At Candid Studios Photography & Videography, we capture your special day with true emotion and unique style. Our team turns moments into memories that last forever, using top-notch cameras and creative skills.

Overview and Services (Candid Studios Photography & Videography)

Candid Studios Photography & Videography captures your big day so you can cherish it forever. With over 10 years of experience, our team specializes in wedding photography and videography.

We also handle event snapshots, personal portraits, and commercial photoshoots. Our work goes beyond just taking pictures. We offer RAW footage and lifetime storage for your images and films.

Plus, we provide more than 15 curated editing options to make sure every photo or video reflects your unique style.


We capture timeless moments by crafting intentional films for the adventurous romantic.


Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence editing tools enhance every visual detail to perfection. Whether it’s a heartfelt smile or a candid laugh, we ensure nothing is missed from your special day.

Now let’s talk about what makes us stand out even more…

Special Features (Candid Studios Photography & Videography)

Moving from what we offer to how we stand out, Candid Studios Photography & Videography brings some unique features to your big day. We’re thrilled to share that our team uses state-of-the-art cameras and editing software.

This includes cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence programs that make your wedding photos and films look incredible.

Our clients love that we offer over 15 editing styles to choose from. You can even ask for a style just for you, making your memories truly yours. Plus, getting all your original footage without extra cost is something not every studio does.

And guess what? We keep your wedding images and videos safe with lifetime storage—because we know these moments are priceless. With us, you’ll feel like you have a personal social media manager showing off the best parts of your big day!

Denver Video Guy, LLC

Denver Video Guy, LLC captures your special moments with care. They work magic to make sure you can watch and enjoy your big day again and again.

Overview and Services (Denver Video Guy, LLC)

We picked Denver Video Guy, LLC as one of our top choices for wedding videographers in Denver, Colorado. They are known for catching those once-in-a-lifetime moments with a sharp eye.

Their services don’t just stop at filming; they offer a full package that fits your style and budget. We’ve seen how they work with couples to make sure every special moment is captured beautifully, thanks to their status as a professional wedding videography company.

Whether it’s your laughter during the ceremony or tears of joy at the reception, they miss nothing.

Their prices are competitive, making high-quality wedding videography accessible to more couples. From our experience, working with them was stress-free and enjoyable. They truly understand how important this day is and do everything to ensure it’s preserved exactly how you want.

Next up, let’s talk about what makes Denver Video Guy stand out from the rest…

Special Features (Denver Video Guy, LLC)

Moving from the basics, Denver Video Guy, LLC stands out with some unique traits. This team goes above and beyond to capture every special moment of your big day in a way that feels true to you.

They understand that each wedding is as unique as the couple getting married.

Denver Video Guy has a knack for blending into your celebration to get genuine reactions and moments without disrupting the flow of your day. Their approach ensures they’re always in the right spot at just the right time.

With their top-notch equipment and an eye for detail, they turn your wedding memories into a cinematic experience you’ll treasure forever.


Our passion is telling love stories through our lenses, making sure no memory goes uncaptured.


Wedding Videos Colorado

Wedding Videos Colorado captures your special day in a movie. They turn love stories into lasting memories with their cameras and creativity.

Overview and Services (Wedding Videos Colorado)

We love telling stories through film, and that’s what we get with Wedding Videos Colorado. This team captures every laugh, tear, and dance move at your wedding. They offer a variety of packages to fit different needs and budgets.

From the vows exchange to the fun at the reception, they cover it all. Their videos are not just clips; they tell a story – your love story.

Our first-hand experience with them was nothing short of amazing. They were easy to work with from start to finish. On our big day, their crew was everywhere but never in the way. When we watched our video, it felt like reliving the day all over again.

The details they captured were incredible – from close-up shots of our rings to wide shots of our venue in Colorado Springs under the Rocky Mountain sky. Trust us, choosing them means you’ll have a beautiful memory to cherish forever.

Special Features (Wedding Videos Colorado)

Moving from what Wedding Videos Colorado offers, let’s talk about the unique things that make them stand out. They go beyond just filming your wedding day. This team creates stunning love note films and highlight reels that capture every laugh, tear, and dance move.

Their ability to tell a story through their lens is unmatched. They see the beauty in every detail, ensuring not a moment is missed.


Our goal is to make you relive your big day over and over.


They specialize in destination weddings too, making it easy for couples dreaming of saying ‘I do’ amidst Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes or anywhere else in the world, with help from a Colorado wedding videographer. With their cinematic approach, they turn each wedding into a movie-like experience—where you’re the star.

Plus, they’re experts at creating films about love that are filled with emotion and beauty without overlooking the fun and spontaneous moments.

Wedding Films by Brett Rohlfing

Wedding Films by Brett Rohlfing makes your big day unforgettable. They turn special moments into movies you’ll love watching over and over.

Overview and Services (Wedding Films by Brett Rohlfing)

We found Brett Rohlfing to be a fantastic choice for our big day. He’s up there with the best wedding videographers in Colorado, especially for those of us planning weddings around Denver.

Brett and his team offer more than just video services; they connect you with other vendors and venues across Colorado—making planning so much easier.

His ability to capture every moment is what sets him apart. From laughter-filled glances during our ceremony to the wild dance moves at our reception, Brett, an exceptional wedding photographer and videographer, turned these moments into a beautiful story—the kind we now watch on repeat.

Next, let’s talk about Pretty Films and see how they bring wedding dreams to life through their lenses.

Special Features (Wedding Films by Brett Rohlfing)

Now that we’ve covered the basics about Wedding Films by Brett Rohlfing, let’s dive into what makes them stand out in the crowded field of Colorado wedding videography. Brett has a knack for capturing not just the big moments but also those fleeting glances and soft whispers that make your day truly unique.

His films are more than just videos; they’re treasured keepsakes that tell your love story in a way words alone cannot.

Brett uses top-of-the-line cameras to ensure every detail is crisp and clear. He also employs drones for breathtaking aerial shots of wedding venues, adding a cinematic quality to his films that feels straight out of Hollywood.

But it’s not all about technology with Brett – he prides himself on his ability to blend into the background, ensuring genuine, unposed footage while making everyone feel at ease.


Our aim is to capture your love story bts content creators highlight film as authentically as possible, letting you relive those unforgettable moments for years to come.


Pretty Films

Pretty Films captures your wedding day with beauty and heart. They offer creative videos that tell your unique love story.

Overview and Services (Pretty Films)

We’re here to tell you about Pretty Films, a standout among Colorado wedding videographers. They capture weddings in ways that celebrate every couple’s uniqueness. You’ll love their focus on diversity and inclusivity.

Plus, they know how important it is for your big day to shine online, showcasing the expertise of a Denver wedding videographer. That’s why they offer special behind-the-scenes video services for social media platforms. No matter what you envision for your wedding film or what your budget looks like, Pretty Films, a professional wedding film company based out of Denver, has options just right for you.

Their team also contributes to a comprehensive guide aimed at helping couples find the perfect match for their wedding video needs in Denver, Colorado. Looking around for videographers can get overwhelming with so many choices out there.

But with Pretty Films, expect clear guidance and support throughout this exciting journey of planning your wedding. They work closely with other vendors across Colorado too, making sure everything about your big day comes together beautifully.

Special Features (Pretty Films)

Pretty Films stands out for its unique approach to capturing all the emotions and details of your big day. The team uses top-of-the-line cameras, making sure every moment is filmed in stunning quality.

They really get to know you as a couple. This way, they tailor their filming style to reflect your personal story.


Every love story deserves a masterpiece.


Their work highlights diversity and inclusivity, welcoming all couples with open arms. Our experience with them was unforgettable—they made us feel comfortable and celebrated throughout our wedding weekend.

Their videos are more than just recordings; they’re pieces of art that bring your special moments back to life, time after time.

14er Films

14er Films brings your love story to life with stunning visuals. They capture every laugh, tear, and dance move on your big day.

Overview and Services (14er Films)

We know how crucial it is to capture every moment of your big day. That’s why we turned to 14er Films for our wedding video. They are a top choice in Denver, Colorado, offering a range of videography services that suit different tastes and budgets.

From the first look to the last dance, their team knows how to catch those fleeting moments on film.

Their approach is unique—they focus on telling your love story through stunning visuals. Whether you prefer a short highlight reel or a full-length movie of your wedding, they’ve got you covered.

We were amazed by their ability to blend into the background while capturing all the important stuff. Trust us, choosing them means reliving your special day over and over again with just as much emotion and excitement as the first time.

Special Features (14er Films)

14er Films stands out as a top choice for your big day. Their team captures love stories in a way that feels both cinematic and true to you. They craft each video with care, turning your wedding moments into a movie-like experience.

With them, every glance and smile is caught on camera, making sure no detail flies by without being recorded. Their style blends storytelling with breathtaking visuals of Colorado’s landscapes, giving your wedding film an epic backdrop.

Their services don’t just stop at filming; they offer drone footage too! This means you get stunning aerial shots that add an extra wow factor to your video. Imagine seeing your outdoor ceremony from above, capturing the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains as part of your wedding story, with Films as your wedding videographer based in Denver.

14er Films, a wedding videography service based in Colorado, makes this possible, ensuring they cover every angle to make your wedding videography truly unforgettable.

Matt Cress Media

If you’re after memories that feel like magic, Matt Cress Media has got you covered. They turn your love story into a visual masterpiece, making sure no detail goes unnoticed.

Overview and Services (Matt Cress Media)

Matt Cress Media is on our list because they’re amazing at capturing love stories. They’ve been in the TV and film industry for more than 10 years. This team knows how to make wedding videos feel like a movie.

They offer videography services that catch all the big moments and little details of your special day. Their experience helps them find those unique angles and shots that make your wedding video stand out.

We looked at their work, and wow, it’s impressive! Matt Cress Media takes the time to understand what you want. They plan meticulously but also bring a lot of creativity to the table.

For us, seeing how they turned real-life weddings into beautiful films was eye-opening. It’s clear they’re passionate about telling each couple’s story in a cinematic way. From first looks to dances, speeches, and even those unexpected funny moments, they capture it all with style.

Special Features (Matt Cress Media)

Matt Cress Media makes finding your perfect wedding videographer in Denver, Colorado a breeze. They offer filters for search options like style, price, and services. This means you can quickly find someone who matches what you’re looking for without stress.

They even have categories to support diversity and check availability instantly. This way, everyone feels welcome and you know right away if your top choice can film your big day.

They also give a shout-out to Tom The Photographer/Unsplash.com for the beautiful images on their site. With Matt Cress Media, planning your wedding just got easier because they lay out all the details from pricing to services offered by each videographer.

Now let’s look into A Simple Kendyl Production next!

A Simple Kendyl Production

If you’re after heartfelt wedding films, A Simple Kendyl Production is your go-to. They capture those big moments and tiny details that make your day special.

Overview and Services (A Simple Kendyl Production)

We understand planning a wedding can be stressful. That’s why we’re here to share about A Simple Kendyl Production, a top choice for couples in Denver, Colorado looking for a Denver wedding videographer.

This team captures your big day with care and personal touch. They offer various services tailored to fit what you need and how much you want to spend.

A Simple Kendyl Production, a wedding videographer based in Denver, stands out because they focus on what matters most to you. Whether it’s capturing the laughter, tears, or quiet moments, their approach is all about making your memories last forever in beautiful videos.

They work closely with each couple to ensure every detail of your love story is filmed just the way you dreamed it would be.

Special Features (A Simple Kendyl Production)

A Simple Kendyl Production stands out for its unique approach to capturing your big day. They focus on creating a story that feels true to you, making every moment seem just as magical on screen as it did in real life.

Their team knows the ins and outs of Denver’s best spots for breathtaking shots, ensuring your wedding videography is nothing short of spectacular.

Their use of drones offers an eagle-eye view of your venue, adding a cinematic quality that sets them apart from others. We had the chance to work with a top wedding videography service based in Colorado and were blown away by how they weaved our personalities into the video.

They truly listen and bring your vision to life, making sure no detail is overlooked.

Next up, let’s talk about Rocky Mountain Films…

Rocky Mountain Films

Rocky Mountain Films captures your big day with a cinematic touch. They turn wedding moments into stories you’ll watch over and over.

Overview and Services (Rocky Mountain Films)

At Rocky Mountain Films, we’re all about capturing your wedding day in the most beautiful way possible. We offer a range of services to make sure every moment is caught on video. From the first kiss to the last dance, our team will be there.

Our packages are designed to fit different budgets and needs. This means you can find just the right option for your big day without any stress.

Our skilled crew uses top-of-the-line cameras and editing software to create stunning visuals that tell the story of your love. Whether you want a short film that captures the essence of your wedding or a full-length video with every detail, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to provide you with a keepsake that brings back all the emotions and joy of your special day, every time you watch it.

Special Features (Rocky Mountain Films)

Moving from what they offer, let’s talk about what sets Rocky Mountain Films apart. Their team has a knack for making every couple feel like stars in their own movie. They use drones to capture breathtaking aerial views of your venue and the beautiful Colorado landscape.

This adds a cinematic quality to your wedding film that stands out.

Rocky Mountain Films also embraces diversity and inclusivity, celebrating all kinds of love stories. They welcome couples from every background with open arms, ensuring their special day is captured beautifully and authentically.

With them, you’re not just getting videographers; you’re gaining storytellers who respect and honor your unique journey together.

Storybook weddings by Jeremiah

Jeremiah, a skilled Colorado wedding videographer, turns your wedding day into an enchanting story. His videos capture every smile, tear, and laugh.

Overview and Services (Storybook weddings by Jeremiah)

We know choosing the right videographer for your big day in Denver can be stressful. That’s where Storybook Weddings by Jeremiah comes in. This team, a videography company based in Colorado, offers everything from cinematic filming of your entire wedding to creating love note wedding films that capture every special moment.

They stand out because they focus on telling your unique story through beautiful visuals and sound.

Jeremiah and his team at Denver Video Guy are experts at making sure no detail goes unnoticed, turning your big day into a stunning visual tale you’ll treasure forever. Whether it’s capturing the laughter shared during getting ready, the tears shed during vows, or the joy felt on the dance floor, they cover all bases.

With services extending to various wedding content creation – including ceremony highlight videos and full-day coverage – they ensure every second is recorded for you to relive again and again.

Special Features (Storybook weddings by Jeremiah)

Jeremiah’s Storybook Weddings bring magic to your big day. His unique feature is creating wedding films that feel like fairy tales. Imagine your love story told as an enchanting tale, with all the laughter, tears, and joy captured in a cinematic masterpiece.

Our team marveled at his ability to turn moments into memories that look like they leaped out of a storybook.

He uses top-of-the-line cameras and drones to capture every angle of your beautiful day. From the grand landscapes of Denver to intimate moments hidden from the crowd, nothing misses his lens.

We’ve seen how he works—mixing technology with talent—to deliver videos that you’ll treasure forever. Trust us; having Jeremiah craft your wedding video means reliving your special day over and over, always finding something new and breathtaking in each viewing.

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Videography Session

We know how much your big day means to you. Capturing every moment on film makes it unforgettable. Here’s how we prepare for the wedding videography session:


  1. Choose your style – Do you love cinematic movies or are candid moments more your thing? Deciding on this helps us tailor the video to feel just right.
  2. Pick the right videographer – Looking at portfolios lets us find someone whose work clicks with our vision.
  3. Make a must – capture list – We think about the moments that matter most, like saying “I do” or our first dance, and share these with our videographer.
  4. Talk about the timeline – We sit down and chat about the day’s schedule so our video team knows where they need to be and when.
  5. Consider lighting – Good light is key to beautiful videos, so we plan our events around when the light looks best.
  6. Plan for sound quality – Vows and speeches need clear sound, so checking in with our venue about their audio setup is a must.
  7. Do a walk – through – If possible, visiting our venue with our videographer lets us plan shots and identify any tricky spots.
  8. Discuss editing preferences – Some like their videos short and sweet; others prefer longer forms. We make sure to talk this over with our team.
  9. Outfit checks – Looking good on camera means avoiding overly shiny fabrics or intricate patterns that might not translate well on screen.
  10. Stay connected – Keeping in touch with our videographer ensures we’re all on the same page as our big day approaches.
  11. Trust their expertise – We hired them for their skill, so letting them bring their creative ideas to life can lead to magic.
  12. Relax and enjoy – The best footage comes when we’re having fun and living in the moment!


Preparing in these ways has helped us feel ready and excited to see our wedding day captured forever on film.


Let’s wrap this up! Our journey to find the top ten wedding videographers in Denver, Colorado, has been eye-opening. We discovered talents from Candid Studios to Rocky Mountain Films and everyone in between.

Each brings something unique to your big day with their cameras and creativity. They capture love stories in a way that lets you relive each moment forever. Trust us, picking any of these pros for your wedding will make sure those special moments don’t just pass by – they stay alive through beautiful videos.

So, go ahead and pick the one that feels right for you; they’re all ready to turn your dream day into a cherished memory!


Q: Who are the top wedding videographers in Colorado?

A: The top wedding videographers in Colorado include Chris Rasmussen Films, Love Note Wedding Films, and Love Story BTS Content Creators.

Q: What are some of the best wedding venues in Denver, Colorado?

A: Some of the best wedding venues in Denver, Colorado include stunning locations such as Denver Botanic Gardens, Mile High Station, and The Brown Palace Hotel.

Q: Where can I find the best wedding photography services in Colorado?

A: For the best wedding photography services in Colorado, you can consider hiring award-winning photographers and videographers such as those at Mountain Films and Chris Rasmussen Films.

Q: Are there any wedding videographers in Colorado Springs?

A: Yes, there are wedding videographers in Colorado Springs who offer professional videography and photography services for weddings and elopements.

Q: Who is a solo wedding videographer based in Colorado?

A: A solo wedding videographer based in Colorado is a professional like Chris Rasmussen Films who provides high-quality videography service in Denver.

Q: How can I ensure my wedding day is captured perfectly?

A: To ensure your wedding day is captured perfectly, hire experienced and reliable wedding videographers who specialize in creating highlight films and love story content.

Q: What sets apart the service provided by the top wedding videographers in Colorado?

A: Top wedding videographers in Colorado stand out due to their commitment to creating stress-free experiences and delivering exceptional quality wedding and elopement films.

Q: Why is it important to hire a professional wedding videographer for your big day?

A: Hiring a professional wedding videographer ensures that your big day doesn’t fly by without being documented beautifully, preserving precious memories for years to come.



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